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How to Get Your Ex Back Fast and Keep Them Forever

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast and Keep Them Forever

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Published by: saxco112 on Sep 18, 2012
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How To Get Your Ex Back Fast And Keep Them Forever

You are probably feeling very lost just after a break up. You keep on thinking about how you can get your ex back as soon as possible.

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Because you hope to get back together as soon as possible, you may end up doing a lot of crazy stuff. You may try calling your ex the whole day, from morning to night. You may send your ex hundreds of text messages. This is definitely not the best way to get your ex back fast. You will end up scaring your ex away.

Don't Contact Your Ex For 30 Days - This Will Help You Get Your Ex Back Faster
Believe it or not, the faster way to save your relationship is not to contact them straightaway after the break up. This is because you are simply too emotional to do or say the right things. Instead, you will end up doing all the wrong things such as begging and pleading with your ex. So instead of getting your ex back faster, you lose your ex back faster. When you don't contact your ex for 30 days, you allow the heat of the relationship to cool down. Both of you will have ample time to calm down and recover from the emotional pain caused by the break up. As the saying goes, time heals all wounds. And it is definitely true. Given enough time, you will be able to pick yourself up no matter how painful the break up is. In fact, the faster you allow your emotional wounds to heal, the faster you will be ready to do something to save your relationship.

How To Keep Your Ex Forever - 2 Things You Can Do
As much as you want your ex to take you back, there is no point in doing so if the relationship is not going to last. There are certain things you should do so that you can keep them forever. As mentioned above, you should not contact your ex for 30 days because you want to give yourself time to recover from the breakup. But there is another purpose for not contacting your ex for 30 days. You are also giving yourself the time to analyze this break up.

1. Resolve The Issues That Cause Your Break Up
Why did you break up in the first place? Obviously, there are certain issues that needs to be resolved before getting back together if you are serious about keeping your ex forever.

2. Find Out What Is Important For The Opposite Gender
Men and women are different. This is a fact. The sooner you accept this fact and do something about it, the faster you are going to see improvement in your relationship. We all tend to see the world through our own lenses. That is why most men find it so difficult to understand women and most women are equally puzzled about men. Because of frequent misunderstandings and miscommunications, you often see couples breaking up in frustrations even though they obviously still have deep feelings for each other. They just couldn't figure out what went wrong. As a man, if you start to learn more about women, you will have no problem keeping your girlfriend or wife forever. As a woman, you should start to learn more about men too so that you will be able to keep your boyfriend or husband forever.

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