1.) Colors - My Teeth are White 2.) Hop a Little; Jump a Little 3.

) After a Bath I try try try; I wipe myself I am dry; 4.) We Little Bakers - having fun; Baking muffin cake and bun; 5.) Shapes - A ring is a circle; A circle is a round; http://www.whoawee.com/e learning/nursery_rhymes/ 6.) My pigeon house - I open wide and set out all the pigeons free; http://w ww.mamalisa.com/?t=es&p=2656&c=23 7.) Just me - If I were a butterfly; I did thank you for my wings; 8.) Fruits - Apple and Orange; Peaches and Grapes all kind of fruits; 9.) Yellow is mine - Yellow for melons; Yellow for sun; 10.) Out in the garden - Each fine day with my ball I like to play; 11.) I am a chinese doll; I am a little chinese doll from across the sea; 12.) 10 little firemen - 10 little firemen sleeping in a row; ding - dong goes t he bell 13.) Raise the Flag - Raise the Flag at sunrise; Raise it to the blue skies; 14.) Sing a song of 6 pennies - Sing a song of 6 pennies; a pocket full of rye; 15.) Tall 3 - With feet on the earth and heads in the sky; 16.) Good Morning - Good Morning Bright Sun Shine; We all Glad you are here;

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