Project Background To help control full-scale flooding in the Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park neighborhoods, rain barrels and cisterns are effective at capturing localized stormwater runoff. Through the District’s Rain Barrel/Cistern Program, DDOE will offer residents the option of selecting a rain barrel or a cistern to help reduce the stormwater runoff that can flow from their properties into the streets and add to larger flooding problems. Upcoming Action DDOE will meet with homeowners and: • Perform a quick stormwater audit. • Provide instruction on usage. • Ensure that the correct size of rain barrel/cistern is installed. • Provide information on how maximize the performance of your rain barrel/cistern. Maintaining Your Rain Barrel or Cistern Your rain barrel or cistern will be a permanent fixture on your property and will require regular maintenance. Always remember to: • Empty the rain barrel or cistern prior to the onset of a large storm so that it can capture the rain. • Remove and rinse the filter that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the cistern.

Example of a rain barrel

This regular maintenance will allow your rain barrel/ cistern to work more effectively in capturing stormwater and reducing its impact. To sign up Please send an email to or call Jenny Guillaume at (202) 535-2239 to schedule an appointment. DDOE will begin taking applications for rain barrels installed through this program Oct. 1.


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