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Zwick Resume 09182012 Standard Resume

Zwick Resume 09182012 Standard Resume

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Published by: Austin Zwick on Sep 18, 2012
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Austin Zwick

145 Winona Drive Toronto, ON M6G 3T1 (416) 578-8320 az78@cornell.edu EDUCATION Cornell University; Ithaca, NY; Cornell Institute of Public Affairs. Masters of Public Administration: May 2012. Concentration in Economics and Financial Policy, GPA: 3.7 Pi Alpha Alpha Honors Society Cornell University; Ithaca, New York; School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations: May 2009. Minor in Law and Society. SELECTED COURSEWORK     Public Administration Systems Modeling Statistical & Policy Analysis Operations Management     Managerial & Cost Accounting Nonprofit & Public Finance Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management     Game Theory I & II Micro, Macro, & Labor Economics Employment Law I & II Contract Administration

RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE Jan. 2007 – Dec. 2010 Office of Labor Education Research (Cornell University) Lead Researcher  Performed strategic corporate and market research in order to analyze industries  Analyzed statistics by writing, compiling, and running code in SPSS  Created complex spreadsheets using formulas and functions in Excel  Built and maintained Access databases to organize information  Prepared briefings, reports, and articles for publication  Engaged in survey research by conducting numerous interviews  Obtained information using multiple online and government databases  Assisted in grant writing and fund raising  Designed quantitative and qualitative research methodologies  Provided policy analysis on pending legislation Policy Prospectus Blogger/Owner  Researching, tracking and reviewing developments for inclusion in online content  Writing, editing, and publishing appealing articles and intriguing stories  Utilizing social media marketing on facebook, reddit, Google+, and twitter  Manage domain and business software using Google Webmaster Tools  Optimize profit and maximize page views with keywords and tags using Google Ads Ithaca, NY

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RELEVANT SKILL SETS Policy & Legal Research, Financial & Market Analysis, Labor Relations, Econometrics, Statistics, Writing, and Social Media COMPUTER SKILLS Advanced Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Google Webmaster Tools, SPSS, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, ArcGIS

RESEARCH AND POLICY PROJECTS May 2012 Present Policy Prospectus: Issues Behind the News Writers and artists today are promoters and entrepreneurs for their own work. I read, research, and write about concurrent public policy issues; then maximize my income by increasing followers using social media tools and online advertisements. Subjects of particular interest include financial regulation, monetary policy, labor relations, and health care administration. The goal is to simplify complex concepts and problems into easy and relatable ideas. Please visit at: www.policyprospectus.com Business Plan for a Start-Up Technology Company Constructed the financial model, performed industry and competitor analysis, and wrote the business plan for an entrepreneurial technology start-up that would have built microcomputers designed to simplify in-person file transfer between devices. Deliverables include: SetJet Business Plan. Performance Management System for Tompkins County, New York Lead a team of five student consultants that performed a literature review, evaluated what comparable cities and counties were doing, and then consulted with stakeholders to implement a performance management system for the County. I created an Access database and a dynamic Excel workbook to streamline analysis of performance and budget data. Deliverables include: Tompkins County Performance Measurement Report and Tompkins County Performance Measurement Manual. Economic Implications of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development: Potential Impacts on Tourism, Agriculture, and Housing Determined what local communities ought to plan for when the moratorium in New York State on natural gas drilling expires. Investigated experiences of communities affected by gas drilling in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Found strong evidence for a boom-bust cycle and made recommendations to mitigate adverse social and economic impacts. Deliverables: Report and Presentation to local stakeholders. The Changing Climate for Union Organizing at the Turn of the Millennium Employed on a longitudinal study that performed a comparative analysis of the process and the outcomes of union organizing under various labor laws in the United States. Using various quantitative and qualitative techniques that blended survey, market, and corporate research, we produced evidencebased recommendations on upcoming legislation. Deliverables include: A War Against Organizing, No Holds Barred, Prepared Statement to the NMB, and The Empirical Case for Streamlining the NLRB Certification Process. The Effect of Partial Unemployment Insurance on Total Unemployment Rates My undergraduate thesis used data that was provided by the New York State Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics with the mission of finding a better way to do unemployment insurance. My econometric model provided evidence that a progressive partial unemployment insurance system creates incentives for workers to find part-time employment and therefore brings down the total unemployment rate in some circumstances.

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