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Education 450 Course Design based on A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning Initial Phase: Build

Strong Primary Components Step 2: Learning Goals Guiding Principle for this course: This course seeks to prepare students to be teachers who can plan, create, and manage an effective learning environment that meets the needs of all students. Course Focus Areas: Based on the guiding principle this course has two focus areas. Planning and Implementing: This area includes both short and long range planning as well as general instructional strategies used by all teachers. The idea of differentiated instruction will also be a part of this course focus area. In addition the course seeks to foster reflection and professional development in planning. Goals in this area are numbered with a P, e.g. P1, P2 Classroom Management: This area includes understanding the elements that make up classroom management including the physical setting, communicating, and classroom discipline. In addition the course seeks to foster reflection and professional development in classroom management. Goals in this area are numbered with a CM, e.g. CM1, CM2 Goal Type Planning and Implementing The student will: Foundational P1 - Know models of short and long Knowledge range educational planning. Foundational P2 - Know general teaching strategies Knowledge to involve all students in learning. Application P3 - Use a planning model to create a curriculum for a whole course or year of study based on state standards. Application P4 - Develop a process for planning lessons that effectively aligns all parts (objectives, procedures, assessments) of an instructional experience and use the process to create lesson plans. Integration P5 - Plan and teach a lesson to a whole class in a practicum setting. Human P6 - Be able to reflect and self-assess Dimension his or her strengths and weakness in a lesson taught in the practicum setting. Caring P7 - Value the importance of long and short range planning in effective teaching. Learning P8 - Learn to use a journal as an aid to How to learn about and improve teaching. Learn Classroom Management The student will: CM1 Know the tenets of major models of discipline in common use today.

CM2 - Select ideas and strategies from discipline models to develop a personal classroom management plan.

CM3 - Effectively manage a classroom during the teaching of a lesson in a practicum setting. CM4 - Become a teacher who is responsive to his or her own culture as well as the culture of the school, community, and students. CM5 - Value reflection as a key element of professional development. CM6 Use technology for professional growth and communication.