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Matt Harrington, an announced candidate for Alderman in Aurora’s 9th ward, today accused the city of Aurora and its staff of what appears to be selective enforcement of city property guidelines. In today’s political age of social media, TV, radio and other forms of communication are becoming necessary tools to enhance name recognition beyond the local neighborhood, but candidates also still use the old tried and true methods of door to door campaigning and the placement of yard signs to connect a candidate’s name with the voters,” Harrington said. “In Aurora, however, it seems we still find the old political machine and their attack dogs resorting to threats and intimidation against residents that fail to support the status quo or a non-incumbent.” Point in-case, Ms. Karen Watson, a long time resident of Aurora’s 9th ward, received a letter on September 12th from the city of Aurora, informing her that the yard sign she has in her front yard supporting challenger Matt Harrington, a candidate for 9th Ward Alderman, was too large - and that if not corrected by September 27th, 2012 would result in the filing of a court action.

Watson stated, “I find this to be an intrusion of my freedom of expression, and that the hypocrisy of this letter is in line with political harassment.” We whole heartedly agree, as she drove us around to point out a sign that she found in support of the Mayor who has a sign that is just as large located on Farnsworth near Aurora’s Latino Club – and yet, no inspector has ever issued a violation warning to this person.

It does appear that this is a case of do as I say, not as I do,” Watson said. “As a candidate and a resident of this city, I just have to ask ‘why the harassment of a tax paying resident, particularly when that harassment seems discriminatory with the use of two sets of rules?’” Harrington said. “Why do people have to fear who they support? Is it because the incumbent’s know how bad a job they’re doing, or they don’t want anyone else within the 9th ward to know they have a real choice in the next city election? All we demand is an equal playing field, but, as to the inherent unfairness of this situation, we’ll let the people be the judge.”

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