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next11 sponsorship kit

next11 sponsorship kit

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The NEXT Conference

2006 !

SinnerSchrader celebrates its tenth anniversary with the first NEXT conference. The NEXT conference is one of the leading Internet conferences in Germany. The NEXT conference is the visionary mastermind for the digital industry.


2011 !


The Perspective

NEXT positions the interactive consumer in the focus point of consideration. Because his behaviour determines who wins, what lasts and what will be sold. NEXT is the place where people discuss and experience how the consumer on the Internet will be evolving. Business developers, marketing experts and agency managers need this knowledge for their daily-business. This is why the NEXT conference is essential for you.

The Programme Developers

Monique van Dusseldorp is our international Programme Director for NEXT11. She is known as curator for seminars and conferences in the design, technology and innovation area. In the past ten years she initiated and organized well known, international events with top class speakers. She was Programme Director PICNIC and at the moment in charge of the TEDxAmsterdam programme as well. Martin Recke is Head of Conference Management and in charge of the national programme management. Matthias Schrader is Chairman of the NEXT Conference.

The Curators
Together with well-known representatives of the international Internet industry our programme developers will appoint six digital industry experts to be curators of our theme tracks.

Commerce_ Marcel Brindöpke Media_ Anitra Eggler Mobile_ Jörg Jelden Social_ Peter Bihr (Third Wave) Branding_ Matthias Schmidt (Scholz & Friends) Technology_ Holger Blank (CEO SinnerSchrader)

The Programme

On two conference days our participants will be able to learn everything about the interactive consumer and his next steps on the web. The participants can pick their individual schedule out of 50 hours of programme and over a 100 speakers. Four parallel tracks will be taking place each day, and will be extended with workshops and special presentations formats.

The Motto of NEXT11

Data Love is the motto of NEXT11.

Data is the resource for the digital value creation and fuel for the economy. Today, data is what electricity has been for the industrial age. Business developers, marketing experts and agency managers are faced with the challenge to create new applications out of the ever-growing data stream with added value for the consumer. In our data-driven economy, the consumer is in the focus point of consideration. Because his behaviour determines who wins, what lasts and what will be sold. Data is the crucial driver to develop relevant products and services for the consumer.

Outline of the Themes

Data Love
May 17, 2011
Commerce Media Mobile

International Keynote Track

Programme Manager International: Monique van Dusseldorp

Programme Manager National: Martin Recke


May 18, 2011
Social Branding Technology

Marcel Brindöpke


Anitra Eggler


Jörg Jelden

4 2

Peter Bihr Third Wave


Matthias Schmidt Scholz & Friends


Holger Blank SinnerSchrader


Workshops, Sponsored Presentations, Meet the Speaker, Side Events


The NEXT11 Party

Data mass has to be celebrated! It kicked off as party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of SinnerSchrader: Today the NEXT conference is the networking platform of the digital scene. The NEXT party will take place on May 17, 2011.

At a Glance
Two-day conference (May 17 & 18, 2011) Party on May 17, 2011 Location STATION-Berlin Motto Data Love 100+ international speakers & 50 hours programme 4 parallel tracks + workshops/special presentation formats 2.000+ participants from the Internet, technology, marketing and advertisement industries Co-produced by SinnerSchrader and STATION-Berlin


The following ticket categories are available: Early Bird 490 € + fee + VAT Regular 790 € + fee + VAT

To our sponsors we exclusively offer price benefits for ticket contingents.




Your Benefits
Use NEXT11 as a networking platform for your business contacts, product presentations, customer loyalty, PR, as motivation for your employees and for your reputation as an employer brand. Create lasting relationships to web innovators, top brands as well as decision makers and investors. Present yourself to business developers and marketing decision makers. Recharge your brand with the sustainable content of NEXT11, we are offering you various opportunities.


The Package Overview
a Av um en bl ila

s nt er


r be c pa of ka

nu m

be r

of pr e


Title Sponsor Keynote Track or 3 presenter



s ge

Av a


Title Sponsor Theme Track or 3 presenter

ila bl e

6 10

Presenter Networking Area

Sponsor Specials

Presenter Expo


Exclusive Partner Sponsoring
STATION-Berlin and SinnerSchrader are joined hosts of the NEXT conference since 2010. They share one vision. With the goal to become one of the leading international digital conferences, we are looking for a further strategic partner. Are you interested in a long-term, futureoriented partnership?

on request

Title Sponsor Keynote Track
As exclusive title sponsor of the international keynote track you are present with your logo on both conference days. Within the framework of the top class, international keynote presentations you will position your topic and speaker. Use your tickets and your personal lounge in the networking area for your individual meet and greet. Branding keynote stage on two days, logo wall, prominent logo placement at nextconf.eu, logo in ads, on programme flyer, in NEXT app Keynote 30 min in international keynote track Presentation area 25 m2 in networking area incl. lounge furniture, branding* Tickets 15

35.000 €
*not including production costs for branding and special furniture


Presenter Keynote Track
As one of three sponsors you present the keynote track on two days. Branding the keynote stage on two days together with two other sponsors (included visibility during the livestream and in the videos), logo wall, prominent logo placement at nextconf.eu, logo on programme flyer Tickets 3, 20% discount code for additional tickets at the current price Press conference 20 min press conference in the press & blogger area, announcement to accredited representatives of the press

9.500 €

Title Sponsor Theme Track Sponsoring
Your are exclusively presenting one of the theme tracks on one conference day. With the opening speech you position your topic and speaker on stage. Use your lounge and tickets for your individual networking. Branding theme track stage on one day, logo wall, prominent logo placement at nextconf.eu, logo in ads, on programme flyer, in NEXT app Opening Speech 20 min in respective theme track Presentation area 12 m2 in networking area incl. lounge furniture, branding* Tickets 10

25.000 €
*not including production costs for branding and special furniture


Presenter Theme Track
As one of three sponsors you present one of the six theme tracks on one day (depends on availability). Branding theme track stage on one day togethter with two other sponsors (additional visibility in the videos), logo wall, prominent logo placement at nextconf.eu, logo on programme flyer Talk 15 min in respective theme track (theme and slot depend on agreement with the curator) Tickets 2 + speaker accreditation, 20% discount code for additional tickets at the current price

6.500 €

Presenter Networking Area
Present yourself in the networking area. The offered spaces are located within the heart of NEXT and are very well-attended. Our catering is taking place here, too. They are equipped with basic lounge furniture.

Lounge_25 m2 25 m2 area incl. lounge furniture, 4 tickets, branding* Lounge_12 m2 12 m2 area incl. lounge furniture, 2 tickets, branding*

12.000 € 7.500 €

starting at 7.500 €
*not including production costs for branding and special furniture






Bags_Co Lanyards Give away Promotion Banner nextconf.eu Recruiting Lounge Blogger Lounge Party Sponsor Co-branding bags Co-branding lanyards Giveaway in bag Promotion/ sampling on site on request on request on request on request 4.000 € 7.000 € 2.500 € 2.500 €


Specials - Bean Bag Promotion
We will provide you with promotion space for your individual visibility with a branded bean bag. You will design the cover* of the Fatboy on both sides in your design and can choose between three different exposed presentation areas (Networking Area, Blogger Area, Keynote Track) which are heavily frequented by participants. After NEXT11 you can take this bean bag with you and use it for further performances. Bean Bag Original Fatboy (1370 x 1800 mm) + individual 990 € cover*, presentation and use at NEXT respectively, larger quantities by individual offer afterwards property of the sponsor
*cover washable at 40°C, b1 certified (hardly inflammable), 6c digital fabric printing 720dp


Specials - Workshops
We provide you with the platform, the location and equipment for your individual workshop within the NEXT theme framework. Invite your own guests and NEXT participants to present your topic. Participants 10 - 200 Duration 30 - 120 min Theme up to you (annoucement in programme)

starting at 5.000 €

Specials - Talks
We provide you with a stage for your presentation. At the heart of the networking area youʻll find the NEXT Stage. Sponsored talks will take place on our NEXT stage side by side to the regular programme. Participants 50 seats Duration 10 - 30 min Theme up to you (annoucement in programme) 10 min talk 20 min talk 30 min talk 1 ticket, 10 % discount code for further tickets 2 tickets, 20 % discount code for further tickets 3 tickets, 30 % discount code for further tickets 2.500 € 5.000 € 7.500 €


Presenter at NEXT Expo
Present your brand, products and services at the NEXT Expo. The areas are along the pathes around the networking area. The equipment varies depending on the expo area size (cube, lounge furniture). Areas starting at 6 m2 can be desigend individually.

Expo_6 m2 Expo_+1 m2 Expo_Cube Startup_Cube

6 m2 area incl. furniture, 2 tickets, branding* additional area per m2 cube, 2 tickets, branding* cube, 2 tickets, branding* (for start-ups only)

4.500 € 350 € 3.000 € 1.500 €

*not including production costs for branding and special furniture






Logo wall

Branding cube by sample*

Individual booth branding*

Logo in programme flyer

Logo prominent online

Logo on stage

Logo wall online

Logo in app

Logo in ads

Title Sponsor Keynote Track Title Sponsor Theme Track Lounge_25 Lounge_12 Expo_6 Cube Cube_Startup

x1 x2

x x x x

x x x x

x x x x x x x

x x

x x x

x x

x x x x x x x

Notes 1 two days 2 one day

*not including production costs for branding and special furniture


Location: STATION-Berlin





Facts & Figures 2010
1.300+ participants from the Internet, technology, advertisement and media industry 75% men and 25% women
Transport & Tourismus 2%

Telecommunication & Technology 14%

Agencies & Service Providers 37%

Director/Manager 30%

Freelancer/Other 18%

Entrepreneur/Founder/Partner 6%

Finance 5% Media & Entertainment 32%

Managing Board/CXO 24%

Design/Concept 4% Developer 4% PR 6%

Retail & Consumer Goods 9%

Strategy Consulting 1% 7%

26 34

Broad Reach 2010
1,368 registered participants at NEXT10 3,537 recipients on mailing list 3,736 community members on Twitter, Facebook and Xing 7,890 blog postings about NEXT10 29,249 sent mails to mailing lists 66,954 visits at nextconf.eu 104,000 search results at Google 308,915 page impressions at nextconf.eu
27 35

Sponsors & Partners 2010


International Speakers
100+ Speakers of NEXT, for example:

Rafi Haladjian Violet

Jyri Engeström Google

Maria Sipka Linqia

Matthias Lüfkens World Economic Forum

Jeff Jarvis BuzzMachine

Markus Berger-De León StudiVZ

Brian Solis FutureWorks

Umair Haque Havas Media Lab

Nadja Julich Scout24

Frerk-Malte Feller eBay

Tony Douglas BMW

Pablos Holman Komposite

Simone Brunozzi Amazon

Stowe Boyd /Message

Gunter Dueck IBM

Claudia Helming Karlheinz Brandenburg Matthias Schmidt DaWanda Frauenhofer Institute Scholz & Friends

Geraldine Wilson Yahoo!

Matt Cohler Facebook

Cindy Gallop MakeLoveNotPorn

„Perhaps the only event to bring geeks and investors together in Germany“ Mike Butcher, TechCrunch „One of Europe's leading digital/creative/marketing forums that stands out in the conference circuit because of its unique german-international focus“ Tim Leberecht, frog design „The NEXT Conference is a truly unique platform for networking and creating relationships“ Stefan Groß-Selbeck, XING „They bring relevant people together both technical thought leaders, marketing wizards and interested investors who know the market and the industry“ Peter Wirnsperger, Deloitte & Touche

Media Partners 2010



Christina Stenglein Business Development +49 40 39 88 55-514 +49 176 24 79 98 80 christina@nextconf.eu

Monika Fiedler Sponsoring Scout +49 89 45 16 83 42 +49 176 249 63 45 monika@nextconf.eu

Jörg Bachmann Sponsoring Scout +49 711 24 89 22 60 +49 172 401 98 02 joerg@nextconf.eu

Tobias Kaufmann Sponsoring Scout +49 151 21 27 14 05 tobias@nextconf.eu

Carmen Jentzsch Sponsoring Scout +49 30 30 38 58 95 carmen@nextconf.eu

www.nextconf.eu SinnerSchrader Aktiengesellschaft, Völckersstraße 38, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

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