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i, my Yoo and I am currently a sophomore in an international school in Seoul. During my career, I want to invest in others through communication and aid others to have a healthy lifestyle. By doing this, I want to obtain a job that I can use my creative and social skills. I also want to help others while being a role model to living a wholesome life. University My goal is to get into a university in the U.S. I want to go to a university that gives great education and have positive people in it. Another factor is that the university has a comfortable environment. I prefer a school in the Eastern United States because I am comfortable in that area. I want to major psychology and minor human development because these are crucial subjects to counseling. I also want to development maturity during this period.18 High School Degree21 College Degree in Psychology22 First internship in a hospital24 Counselor in schools31 Start my own business for counseling Internship I want to have an internship in counseling at a hospital. By observing the methods of professional psychologists, I'm going to learn more quickly. I am also going to assist doctors as well as personally experience counseling a bit. I believe that since I'm not as too experienced, working with children would be the best. During my internship, I also want to work on my master’s degree. This would be the crucial base that I will development on. Pathway to Idea Job Working at schools or small counseling centers would be my pathway to achieving my ideal job. I'll be able to experience what problems modern society commonly faces. I will have a more tangible experience to plan on how my future career will work. It is a realistic and effective way to gain experience. Also, community service work with orphans or adults can help me development social skills necessary for my job as well as learn to understand others. It will help me become more mature. These vital stages will help me become a successful clinical counselor. Summit of Career Once I have earned enough money, I want to start my own small business. I believe that if I establish my own business, I would be able to know my patients in a more personal level. This is also done to create a comfortable environment for my patients. In my own business, I'm going to counsel anyone and aid him or her to living a



Pathway   to  Ideal   Job  

Summit  of   Career  

healthy lifestyle. I would do this by using my social and creative skills. Because I have no arranged retirement age, I'm going to work for as long as possible while keeping my career efficient. By hard work and persistency, I would make sure I have enough money to provide myself before my retirement.    

18 21 22 24 31

High School Degree College Degree in Psychology First internship in a hospital Counselor in schools Start my own business for counseling

Qualities to be a success o Persistency o Kindness o Passionate

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