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Reshaping of Middle East and Af-Pak Region

Reshaping of Middle East and Af-Pak Region

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Reshaping of the Muslim World & Pakistan’s
Unique Case Study

Zaid Hamid



BrassTacks Policy Papers

India, a State which is secular on paper only, is led and controlled by idol worshiping Brahmin pagans with
extreme hostility towards Pakistan, hence becoming a natural born collaborator of the Zionist State. The fol-
lowing quote by the founding father of the Jewish State completes this geopolitical and strategic equation in

“The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it.
And Pakistan now should be its frst target, for this ideological State is a threat to our ex-
istence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover
of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is
most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pa-
kistan. “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have
been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us
to work there from against Pakistan. “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike
and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”

David Ben Gurion, the frst Israeli Prime Minister.

His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle, August 1967

The Environment

Present times are witnessing the unraveling of the
most sinister and evil plans devised against humanity
since the last hundred years.

The Soviet Union met their Waterloo in their Afghan
misadventure, the war that triggered the demise of the
Soviet Union and the roll back of the Soviet Empire.
That was the period when the map of the world actu-
ally started to unfold the way we see it today. Since that
time, the strategy of the dominant Neo-con Evan-
gelicals or Zionists has been to dismember the hostile
states into smaller countries we see today.

After nearly 90 years the maps are being re-drawn
once again, marking smaller states. First the Soviet
Union was dismembered, then they came closer to
home, in Europe, and Yugoslavia was made the next
target. Yugoslavia and Soviet Union, as countries,
have been wiped out from the world map. The latter
had the largest, most powerful military in the world

and Yugoslavia possessed the ffth largest army in the

world, but both the countries do not exist today.


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

Yugoslavia was once a country – divided into smaller states in 90’s under 4th generation war doctrine which is
now applied in the greater Middle East on Muslim lands!

After having accomplished this mission in the 1900’s, their attention now focused towards the Middle East.
The Soviet threat being safely eradicated, the American Neo-cons were free to operate in the Middle East and

create the greater Middle East. Subsequently, we fnd them invading Afghanistan and then Iraq.

Their strategy now is to create headless states, dismember them into smaller components and create enough
anarchy in the region, destabilizing these small states so that they are incapable of posing any resistance to the
organized state of Israel. Basically, all the major Muslim countries in the Middle East are being dismembered;
their maps are being re-drawn. As the 21st century unfolds, the contemporary times are witnessing yet another

epic struggle within the Muslim heartland. The Muslim world is desperately fghting an existential war, this time

against two violent ideologies which
have invaded from opposing prongs.
The entire Muslim heartland – from
the Arabian Peninsula to the greater
Middle East including Pakistan - is the
battle ground, and the ultimate prize.
Not just that the heart and soul of the
Muslim world is at stake, even the ge-
ography is once again threatened to be
altered radically.

Somalia – another headless failed
state being dismembered.

Neo-con objective of WOT -- Divi-
sion of large Muslim countries and
making them headless failed states!
Iraq, Sudan down. Libya, Somalia,
Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
Iran and Pakistan are already under at-
tack at various levels!


BrassTacks Policy Papers

In terms of phenomenon and scale, the threat is so severe and unique that it has baffed even the fnest Mus-
lim thinkers, philosophers, Generals and analysts who are desperately trying to understand and then cope with
the staggering emotional turmoil and the ensuing ground violence within the Muslim lands. The ideological,
political and military confusion and chaos is so complete within the Muslim world that mature reason and
sound logic has almost given way to irrational radicalism or defeated resignation to fate, as violence, anarchy
and the dizzying pace of unfortunate events cripple the capacity of the Muslim world to develop even a re-
active response let alone a pro-active one. There is no strategic threat analysis, hence no long term response
strategy. The Muslim political leadership, despite hanging on to power, has crumbled in totality to rise to the
challenges, hence giving a free run to the invaders, leaving the hapless Muslim population to the wolves.

Once again it seems sharply clear that the colonial and anarchic invading forces – operating on external and
internal axis -- will further attempt to divide, conquer and dismember the Muslim countries into smaller ter-

ritories. The 4th Generation war deployed in the greater Middle East today was frst applied, experimented

and perfected upon pro-Soviet Yugoslavia in the last decade of the 20th century, obliterating the country into
history. Now the American wars are being waged right into the Muslim heartland, with genuine threats of
re-drawing of greater Middle Eastern Maps as well. After bringing death and destruction to Afghanistan and
Iraq, Pakistan is now in the eye of the storm, already staggering under the sheer scale of violence, war, chaos
as well as political and economic anarchy.

However, the threat is still manageable, downslide can be checked and rock solid responses can be built but
this remarkable turnaround would need a genuinely great leadership with vision, courage and spiritual prowess
to dream and then achieve the seemingly impossible under these desperate conditions.

The prongs

Today, the Muslim world fnds itself between the two proverbial jaws of an alligator, facing the following

invading prongs from opposing directions:

1. The Western Crusaders, US, NATO, Neo-Cons and the Zionists. Using the full might of the western
military and industrial power, backed by the massive use of information warfare and Psy-ops weapons,
another wave of physical colonization of Muslim lands has begun.

2. The Radically anarchic Takfri Kharjee religious militants. Exploiting the heretical interpretations of

religious ideals, these terrorist gangs have been on the rampage within the Muslim lands, primarily target-
ing Iraq and Pakistan with devastating effects. By declaring war on the Muslim lands from within their

territories, the Kharjees have become the most valuable assets for the Western crusaders to justify their

global wars and colonization.

The War on Terror (WOT) actually means Wars of Crusades by Zionists within the Muslim world for its colo-

nization, using the radical ideology of Kharjees as a justifcation for invading and forcing the Muslim society
to accept this invasion by presenting to them the Kharjee ideology as a bigger threat to the Muslim world. So
even if the Kharjee threat is not real in certain lands, creating, fabricating and promoting the phantom bogey

through orchestrated media campaigns and psy-ops, remains an integral part of the entire Zionist war effort.

While Zionists invade Muslim lands and occupy them, they want the Muslim world to fght and fnish off the
Kharjees frst. On the other hand, it is the ultimate desire of the Kharjees to bring about a massive, high in-


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

tensity confict between the Muslim world and the Crusading Zionists so that a power and leadership vacuum
within the Muslim world would allow Kharjees to break out and grab power, just as the Assassins did in the
past during the Crusades. The Zionists as well as the Kharjees want each other to fnish off the Muslim world,

and one is using the bogey of the other to justify their presence within the Muslim heartland and society. Both
are waging a war against the Muslim world with devastating effects and the battleground is the Muslim urban
societies. In reality, they are often willing partners with the agenda to destroy the status quo within the Muslim
world through violent means. The net result for the Muslim world will be total and complete destruction, if
any or both of the ideologies are successful.

The Great Game

Having understood the ideology of the two invading prongs, we come to the grand strategic objectives of the
Neo-Con foreign policy for the 21st century in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This is the larger game of

the Neo-Cons for which an “enemy” had to be created and the Zionist backed Kharjees played this anarchic

role, within the Muslim world, rather brilliantly.

1. Defense and Security of Israel and to create weak, headless States in the Middle East, even changing
geography to create a new Middle East. Stopping Muslim countries from acquiring nuclear weapons or
destruction of nuclear potential of existing Muslim nations is an integrated part of this objective. The end
objective is the so called “greater Israel”

2. Containment and destruction of political and militant Islam.

3. Control of fuel assets.

4. Control of global trading routes, oil pipelines and strategic water ways like Gulf, Suez, Bosporus, horn
of Africa, Gibraltar, Malacca straits.

Takfri and Western Forces - Both are natural allies in the war which is being waged to re-
draw Middle East by dividing Muslim countires on enthic, linguistic and religious lines!


BrassTacks Policy Papers

5. Encirclement and Containment of Russia.

6. Encirclement and Containment of China.

We emphasize that everything, repeat – everything that is happening in the ME, Africa and Asia has to do with
one or more of these objectives as well as the clash between US foreign policy and the rest of the regional
players who have a stake in preventing the US from achieving these objectives. These world wars and global
agenda have nothing to do with “war on terror”. The “WOT” is the new great game to gain strategic foothold
in the 21st century.

Political heavyweight, Zbigniew Brzezinski, clarifed the importance of Central Asia to the US plans for global

dominance in his book, “The Grand Chessboard”:

“Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some 500 years ago, Eurasia has
been the center of world power”…“For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eura-
sia—and America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effec-
tively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained”….“How America man-
ages Eurasia is critical. Eurasia is the globe’s largest continent and is geopolitically axial.
A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world’s three most advanced
and economically productive regions. A mere glance at the map also suggests that con-
trol over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa’s subordination, rendering the
Western Hemisphere and Oceania geopolitically peripheral to the world’s central conti-
nent. About 75% of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s physical
wealth as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for 60%
of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.”

(The Grand Chessboard)

To achieve the above stated six Grand strategic objectives, the Muslim lands need to be further dismembered.
US forces need to be based within Muslim lands. Ethnic and sectarian wars need to be ignited in order to cre-
ate “new blood borders” on ethnic and religious lines. Muslim nuclear potential needs to be blunted. Defense
of Israel is not possible if Pakistan or Iran possess nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. If Pakistan does not

agree to surrender its nuclear weapons and missile program, then TTP Kharjees have to be deployed to create

such mayhem and anarchy within the state that Pakistan becomes a failed and dysfunctional state forcing the
world community to “step in” to prevent the “proliferation” of nuclear weapons into “wrong” hands.

The New Middle East map planned by the US, for which multiple wars would be launched in the region, is

similar to what is shown below. The US government has recently offcially denied any such plans, but the

events on ground and US force positioning in the region, point towards what the US denies.

The modern, easy to understand name for Zionists is Neo-Conservatives Christian Evangelicals and they rule
the United States of America today with their ideological allies in London, Tel-Aviv and Delhi. The Christian

Zionists believe that the State of Israel must be protected at all costs as that is the place where the fnal war


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

with the Anti-Christ, Armageddon, will take place and Christ would return to earth to lead the good Chris-
tians. Hence, their fanatical loyalty to Jewish Zionists and their ideals of creating a greater Israel in the Middle
East at the cost of the Muslim world. The Crusades of the Middle Ages were religious wars; the Crusades of
the 21st century are equally fanatical in religious fervor, driven by the same ideals which drove the frenzy of
earlier Crusades.

For example – today, Pakistan is in a state of war, fghting an asymmetric high intensity war within its own

borders against an Indian backed terrorist insurgency with a religious facade, which is based in the remote
tribal regions bordering Afghanistan but is waging a ruthless decentralized war against the State and the ci-
vilian population in the mainland urban environment. In the last 3 years alone, on the average, Pakistan has
suffered a suicide attack, bomb blast or an attack on the security forces on almost daily basis. Hundreds of

the fnest offcers and soldiers as well as thousands of civilians have given their lives in a war which has drawn
staggering toll on Pakistan’s economy and society. At least 3 serving General offcers, many other Brigadiers
and other senior military offcers have died in ambushes, suicide attacks and assaults by the insurgent militants

on military and civil installations in major cities of Pakistan.

Regional offces of Pakistan’s military led Intelligence agency ISI have been attacked. Even GHQ was targeted

for an audacious attempt at targeting military leadership. At one point in Swat, almost 2.5 million people had
to leave their homes in a mass migration to allow Pakistan army to conduct military operations in an area
bigger than England. Cantonment and sensitive areas of Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Rawalpindi give
the looks of cities under fortress defenses. Universities, hospitals, hotels, bazaars, funerals, Masjids, schools –
none have escaped the most ruthless and bloody war by the TTP terrorists. Till 2007 and 2008, the TTP was

having its reign of terror almost unchecked with large regions of Swat valley and FATA under their infuence.

Know your enemy -- The emergence of Zionist Christian, Evangelical Neo-con thought

in the United States – The Christian Zionists reshaping the entire Muslim world!


BrassTacks Policy Papers

But then the army began to get the grips on this new form of 4th generation war for which Pakistan army was
not initially trained mentally, emotionally, militarily or logistically. Fighting a high intensity counter insurgency
war within its own borders in an urban environment in home cities was not the form of warfare any army

would want to fght.

Despite lack of any previous experience to fght such a war, Pakistan army performed with stunning success,

breaking the back of the insurgency in Swat, capturing the South Waziristan bastion of the terrorists and tak-
ing back almost all regions of FATA which were previously under terrorists’ control. It’s not over yet and the
war continues in remote tribal regions as well as in the cities where insurgents regularly cause chaos, assassina-
tions and bomb attacks.

Pakistan army has given great sacrifces to fght the ruthless
Zionist backed insurgency of religious fanatics and takfris

The centre of gravity of the terrorists is in Afghanistan from where they get their weapons, money and have

sanctuaries – backed by CIA, Afghan regime and Indian RAW. So far, Pakistan has been fghting a reactive war

within its own borders and has left the safe havens of the insurgents untouched inside Afghanistan.

On another axis, on a lesser intensity, CIA, RAW and Afghan RAMA have stirred up another insurgency in
Baluchistan by supporting the Secular Marxist Pakistani Baluch Separatists seeking to break Baluchistan away
from Pakistan. The mode of operations against the State include blowing up gas lines, destroying power cables
and State infrastructures as well as attacking security forces and assassinating non-Baluch settlers from rest
of the country. Baluchistan consists of 42% area of Pakistan but has only 4% of population divided between
Pashtuns, Baluchis, Makranis, Brahwis and Sindhis. With only a small segment of Baluch falling under the spell
of armed insurgency and also due to the remoteness of the region, the situation in Baluchistan due to BLA/
BRA militancy is not as critical as it is due to the TTP insurgency but still, it is a serious menace. Military has
not been used in Baluchistan as yet and only Para military forces, Police and local militias have been doing the
security duties.

Apart from these two above mentioned active armed insurgencies, there are secular political parties which
have armed wings and also have separatists’ agendas and have been involved in urban violence especially in


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

Karachi. Both MQM and ANP maintain armed militias in the city and though they are in the government
also, are waging a ruthless and brutal war of assassinations and counter assassinations on the streets in Ka-
rachi. Both MQM and ANP are fondly close to India and reject the creation of Pakistan as a State and have
dismissed the Islamic ideology of Pakistan. ANP especially had been instrumental since 1947 to dismember
Pakistan on ethnic Pashtun lines. Lately, MQM and its leader Altaf Hussein has also been vocal against the
creation of Pakistan and has even suggested “reunifcation”, basically suggesting that India should take con-
trol of Pakistan! In future, both these parties could become major threat and turn into active insurgencies

especially in Karachi and urban Sindh. For now, while they remain in power politically and are allies of the

PPP government, they are also playing the assassination game in a turf war and are keeping their armed wings
as insurance policy against any government or military operation against them in future.

Anarchy in Karachi – blocking Pakistan’s lifeline and creating environment for US/NATO
invasion with the help of local MQM just as NATO did in BenGhazi port city.

Baluch seperatists backed by CIA.

Also, Jundullah created within
Baluch separatists’ to create

anarchy in Iranian Baluchistan


BrassTacks Policy Papers

The strength of a Muslim society lies in its ideology and morality and once you weaken the Islamic ideology
and the strong moral and social values that knit the Islamic society together into family and social networks,
then that society is ripe for takeover through a foreign invasion.

Pakistan is facing multiple insurgencies; Pakistani media is heavily infuenced by western corrupt pornographic
material and the Indian muck and flth from the Bollywood flm industry. Pakistan’s education system has been

handed over to the western universities; Pakistani text books are being written and designed by the western
universities right now. The education system has polarized the society completely. There are generations who
have been brought up in an education system in a society where they cannot speak the native language. This

is what they have done to Pakistan. There is fnancial corruption and mismanagement. Every day riots erupt

somewhere in the country. People are literally begging for necessities like water, electricity, power, and gas, the
resources that are normally taken for granted. This is what they have reduced Pakistan to today, and this is
what they are going to do to many Muslims lands which they are softening up now for this process.

Now, using the pretext of Osama Bin laden, US is threatening Pakistan with anther war. Once again, we see
US using the pretext of terrorism to justify its planned invasion of another Muslim land. Same strategy, differ-

ent theatre of war! The same justifcations they would give to wage wars against Iran, Saudi Arabia and other

Muslim lands. Libya is not already divided into two countries. Sudan is divided. Syria in Turmoil and Yemen at
war. More wars are coming in the Muslim lands and Muslim leadership is frozen in time and fear.

Once the Muslim lands are softened up through 4th generation war and support to insurgencies and politi-
cal/religious violence, they will not be able to resist a nuclear weapon armed state of Israel when it starts to
expand into the Middle East for the Greater Israel. Israel is the only country in the world which does not have
defned boundaries. Since 1948 till today every year the boundaries of Israel change. They annex more settle-
ments, they remove the villages of the Palestinians, they usurp their lands, build walls, re-draw the boundaries.

For the last 62 years the Israeli boundaries have been changing constantly; it has no defned boundaries; any
land which can be grabbed, whether within the defned boundaries today or even beyond, becomes Israel’s

land as per their map. Google the map, search for Greater Israel, and you will see where the Greater Israel
stretches to; which Muslim countries come into those lands and then you will know why they are doing this to
Middle East including Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The Americans have been trying for many years now
to stage some kind of an internal coup in Iran but they
don’t have any assets on ground. Iran is one country that
does not have an American Embassy and an American
Embassy is always the nest of spies. It is always a devil’s
den wherever they are. In Pakistan, they have made the
biggest embassy in the entire region and they’re con-
structing massive blocks inside, giving clear indications
to the Pakistanis that Americans wish to stay here for an

indefnitely long time.

When the Americans have an embassy on ground, they
can do this. In Iran they have a problem; they have to
come through second hand sources. They have been try-


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

ing for many years now and after the recent elections when President Ahmadinejad was elected, they tried

bringing about a revolution even at that time, but that fzzled out. Iranians are pretty tough in this regard and
they hang the protestors if it is confrmed that they are working on behalf of the CIA. In the 50’s there was

an elected popular government of Musaddaq in Iran, he was a nationalist and he had nationalized the entire

oil feld and the entire oil companies, which were primarily British petroleum and western oil companies.

Roosevelt’s grandson was sent by the CIA with suitcases full of dollars to stage a coup against Musaddaq. He
bought off people, groups, gangsters, commoners and even socialists and orchestrated a coup against Mu-
saddaq, consequently dragging him through the streets and hanging him, and then they installed the Shah of
Iran as the state head. That is how the Shah of Iran came into power. So, Iran has been a playground for the
western intelligence agencies for a long time now. It has become especially important because of this particu-
lar government which is maintaining its own independent stance. The Americans are now trying to raise the
wave of emotion in this region to give the perception that there is an indigenous revolt brewing in Iran, which
is totally false. It’s orchestrated just like it was in Egypt, but in Egypt people were fed up of Hosni Mubarak so
they came out in millions. In Iran, they’re not fed up of their leadership that’s why they came out in hundreds.
This is the difference between the two.

Egypt unrest – Hosni was hated by his people. The revolution hijacked by CIA!

The ultimate nightmare for the Americans and NATO is that Pakistan and Iran may form a strategic collec-
tive security arrangement. Then that alliance can expand to include Saudi Arabia and Turkey as well as China
and Russia. It would completely throw the entire American game plan in the region in topsy-turvy because

there are a hundred and ffty thousand American western troops and Blackwater in Afghanistan right now

and their 84% supply-lines, from toilet paper to helicopters, everything goes from Pakistan; 60% fuel that the
Americans and the NATO use in Afghanistan goes from Pakistan as well.

This is no conspiracy theory. These are the hard core grand strategic objectives, strategies, policies and op-
erations of the US foreign policy for the 21st century, already set in motion a decade ago through the or-
chestrated “Pearl Harbor” of 9/11 under the code name War on Terror (WOT). The primary battle grounds
chosen for the invasion, occupation and waging multiple theatre high intensity wars are Afghanistan and Iraq,
with the entire greater middle East being the theatre of war and now Pakistan being the next direct target and
battle ground for the 4th generation war already raging in full intensity with devastating consequences for the


BrassTacks Policy Papers

country. Afghanistan and Iraq are the staging areas for more high intensity wars and for the control of the
global trade routes, natural resource regions and for containing hostile ideologies and civilizations; all under
the façade of WOT.

Hindu Zionists – Hitching the ride with Western Zionists

Hindu Zionists are no different from their Judeo-Christian counterparts in antipathy towards Islamic world,
but suffer from an intrinsic inferiority complex against Muslims due to the fact that the Muslims had ruled
India for a thousand years till 1857 and then India fell into the hands of the British for another 90 years.
Hindu zealots are burning with anger to avenge their 1000 years of shame and subjugation at the hands of
the Muslims, but lack the courage and ferocity to do the job themselves, especially against Pakistan, their arch-
enemy. They need Western Zionists to do the job for them. It is the ultimate dream of their foreign policy and
diplomacy to get the western countries to attack and destroy Pakistan. One can still remember the eagerness
and impatience of the Indian government to offer bases to the US forces after 9/11 to attack and destroy

Pakistan! Just like the Israelis, the Indians also plan to fght Pakistan to the last American!

Regarding Hindu Zionists and their objectives, Vijay Prashad, on August 8th, 2001, in a fascinating and
thought provoking article titled Hindutva and Zionism, writes:

“The fantasy entertained by the Hindu Right government is that an alliance with the world's
lions (USA-Israel) will allow India to sup at High Table, to eat high on the hog. Certainly the
expectation is that trade will follow the military tie-up.For that reason, we see a wholesale
sell-out by the Hindu Right to US-Israeli foreign/military policy objectives. The Hindu Right
recognize the persistence of US imperialism, and Israeli sub-imperialism -- and they want a
piece of the action in South Asia. It appears that the Hindu Right seeks the franchise for US
lackey against what it sees as Islamic fundamentalism and Chinese Communism. But the alli-
ance with Israel is not so strange after all, because at the ideological level, Hindutva is much
like Zionism, for both extol the importance of the Race-State, and both cast aspersions at
the presence of a Muslim minority. An India-born analyst at the Zionist Freeman Center in
Houston, Texas, makes just this connection: "Islamic fascists see Bharat [India] as the soft
spot to propagate their irrational creed and foment violence. India tries to placate them. Isra-
el expels them. This is what Bharat should do. If they hate Hindu Rashtra so much they are

free to leave for dar-ul Islam." At the unoffcial level, the links seem to be growing. Among

semi-fascists the links are deep. The restless lions of west and south Asia join the tigers of
East Asia to encircle China and the predominantly Muslim states of west and central Asia.”

Having seen through the American game, it is time to build the responses. Pakistan is now taking the full brunt
of this massive 4GW. As a softening up operation, a bloody overt as well as covert war has been waged against
Pakistan on all axis –by exploiting internal political instabilities, igniting sectarian wars, supporting insurgen-
cies, staging economic collapse, launching media psy-ops –and to target the country diplomatically under the
pretext of supporting “terrorism”. Creating “terrorist” groups within Pakistan and in other Muslim lands is as
critical a dimension of this war as waging the “pre-emptive war” against them. Though, no Muslim country,


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

from North Africa to the Far East, is safe in this war, Pakistan is the hotly contested battleground now.

These challenges and the crises are also the greatest of opportunities for Pakistan. America’s wars have turned
into military and economic disasters for the occupation forces. Under the staggering burden of two active
wars and global deployments, the US economy at home is collapsing. NATO and US supplies pass through
Pakistan giving incredible leverage to Pakistan to decide the fate of the US war in Afghanistan. Despite fac-
ing the most ruthless wave of terrorism and insurgencies, the Pakistan army has held its ground and emerged
triumphant against overwhelming odds. Pakistan’s strategic and nuclear assets still remain safe.

Now, following is the brief summary of the ridiculous situation in which Pakistan fnds itself today due to

these US “dirty wars”. It is a masterpiece of Pakistan’s foreign and national security policy blunders, failures

and confusion, fully exploited by the Zionists and Kharjee Fascists.

1. US is threatening to invade Pakistani tribal areas and regularly attack targets of its choice using Drones
and other means. Relations between the US and Pakistan are tense, nervous and based on mistrust and be-
trayal. The US supplies pass through Pakistan, making the US vulnerable to developments in Pakistan. War
in Afghanistan is not going as the US had planned, creating a military and political crisis for the United
States and NATO, making the US even more nervous and jittery regarding Pakistan. The US now want

Pakistan to fght Afghan Taliban and other resistance groups on behalf of the Americans, and is using all

forms of carrots and sticks to push Pakistan into another war in North Waziristan. Now with OBL drama,
another war directly threatening Pakistan is just around the corner.

2. Pakistan is still not sure about its role in Afghanistan and remains clueless regarding an Afghan policy

and has no defned rules of engagement with the US. Even after nearly 10 years of Afghan war, Pakistan
neither has a vision to protect its interests and assets in Afghanistan nor any defned and declared national
security goals. Despite the anarchic chaos and the confict within Pakistan due to US presence in Afghani-
stan, the government and the military is still not sure what is good for Pakistan – American presence in
Afghanistan or their withdrawal from it!!

3. Kabul government remains hostile to Islamabad and is supporting multiple insurgencies, aiding the

Indians to establish bases all along the western border, staging terror campaigns inside Pakistan and pro-

tecting wanted terrorists. Pakistan has not made any signifcant breakthrough in the Northern alliance nor

taken any independent initiative to play an aggressive role as a peacemaker in Afghanistan. Islamabad’s

hesitation and lack of confdence to get involved is fatal.

4. TTP Kharjees, Al-Qaeda and their allied militant gangs have maintained their open war against the State

of Pakistan. Their supplies remain open from Afghanistan making it impossible to eliminate this threat
decisively despite major gains made by the army against these terrorists. The entire judicial system of the

country has failed to respond to the threat. Security forces are fghting a reactive war where the advantage

remains with the terrorists to hit urban soft targets of their choice with surprise and impunity.

5. Afghan Taliban and other Pasthun resistance are still not treated as assets for Pakistan nor are they offer-

ing any direct support to crush the Kharjee insurgency against Pakistan. Although they have not declared

any war against Pakistan, they are extremely unhappy with the way Pakistan has handled the entire crisis.


BrassTacks Policy Papers

6. Indian Zionists continue to work on the plan to get Pakistan beaten up by the Americans. They have
been on this agenda since 9/11, when they had offered bases to the US to attack Pakistan! It is the Indian
desire to create a situation in which an open confrontation is developed between Pakistan and the US
where the US would be doing the dirty job of destroying Pakistan to the utter pleasure and advantage of
India. US and India have now successfully forged an open and aggressive alliance against “Islamic” threat

from Pakistan. Meanwhile Indians are busy trying to crush the Kashmiri uprising and resistance in the

valley, taking advantage of the favorable environment in the region against Islamic militancy and Pakistan.

7. The government in Islamabad remains incapacitated, corrupt and dysfunctional almost turning Paki-
stan into a banana republic if the army and the Supreme Court were not there to salvage some dignity. The
economic and governance collapse is almost total with real possibilities of a street level anarchic chaos

unless the regime is changed urgently. This is what both, the Zionists and Kharjees, had planned to bring

about from the very beginning and is being facilitated by the corrupt regime.

8. The national media remains equally confused and directionless, even hostage to the Kharjee terrorists

and the Neo-Cons. US information warfare has penetrated deep into Pakistani media controlling the di-
rection, content and the perception management of the Pakistani nation. Despite massive devastation and
TTP driven war against the State, the media remains dreadfully silent to nail and name the perpetrators.
The “free” media has willfully surrendered its “freedom” to the dreaded terrorists.

9. Despite having closest and common national security interests, Pakistan has still not used the power and
clout of regional friendly countries like China, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to exert itself in the region
or in Afghanistan to create a favorable space for Muslim countries.

10. Iran remains isolated from Pakistan despite some cooperation on security and economic levels. Both
countries have not yet discussed Afghanistan and American presence seriously nor have forged any com-
mon strategy to secure Afghanistan after the US withdrawal or even to force a US withdrawal. Iran’s

present stance in support of Kashmir and to support Pakistan against American threats is a very positive

welcome development which must be reciprocated by Pakistan in equal warmth.

11. Americans are trying to create another “Gulf War” between Arab and Persian Muslims. Pakistan must
play the role of mediator immediately to bring down the frictions between Muslim nations around gulf
else Muslim world would be doomed.

12. Pakistan has still not built any relations with Russia who has great interest in countering US aggressive
postures in the Eurasian region and is looking for allies in South and West Asia.

The Challenge and the Response

The biggest failure of Pakistani leadership so far is that they have failed to see the threats emerging from the
Neo-Con ideology! The Neo-cons are as sinister an existential threat as the Kharjee terrorists, but in Islama-
bad Neo-Cons are taken as friends and masters. While Kharjee terrorist threat is considered as the biggest

national security risk, the Neo-Con colonial and hostile agenda against Pakistan and in the region is dismissed
as just a conspiracy theory! This sheer lack of political, historic and philosophical vision, touching the limits
of stupidity and insanity by the political leadership, has brought Pakistan to this unprecedented critical stage.


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

Pakistan has still not decided if the US presence in Afghanistan is part of the problem or part of the solution
for Pakistan’s national security challenges. It cannot get more pathetically ironic than this.

It is the US presence in Afghanistan which is causing all the chaos and anarchy in the region: Indians, Kharjees

and the terrorism breed under the US umbrella. When Afghan Taliban were in control in Afghanistan between
1996 to 2001, not a single incident of bombings, terrorism and insurgency was reported in Pakistan. Indians

had been eliminated from Afghanistan and drugs were not fowing into Pakistan. There was no insurgency

in Baluchistan. Pakistan had not lost a single soldier or civilian to political terrorism during that period. TTP
never existed. Even if the so called Al-Qaeda existed in Afghanistan, they were kept in strong check by the
Afghan Taliban, never causing any security hazard to Pakistan.

Even today, a certain mindset exists in the Pakistani government and policy makers that strongly feels that the
US must stay in Afghanistan to bring “stability”. They feel that NATO supplies must pass through Pakistan so
that Pakistan may maintain leverage over US in Afghanistan. It is believed by them that if Pakistan demands
the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, it would make US openly hostile towards the Islamic republic and it
would impose sanctions on Islamabad and the country would collapse under the economic meltdown! They
believe and propagate that Afghans are not capable of managing their own affairs; hence a foreign Western
force is required to eliminate “terrorism” from the region. The Neo-Con perception management and dis-
information teams have done a fantastic job at spreading despondency and strategic confusion within the
Pakistani leadership.

Major segments of the Pakistan government are open collaborators with the Neo-Cons. They are not ex-
pected to protect or understand Pakistan’s security needs. But even a segment of the patriots, for lack of un-
derstanding of the Neo-Con threat and their great game against Pakistan, believe that the US should continue
to stay in Afghanistan and give the above-mentioned reasons as an excuse. This great confusion within the
political leadership is the precise reason why there is still no Afghan policy or vision in Pakistan despite having
suffered so much since the last 10 years.

Let us make it clear frmly and decisively: If Pakistan wants to come out of the crisis, there is no option but

to be ruthless.

1. There can be no peace in Pakistan if the US remains in Afghanistan. It is the US presence which has
brought Pakistan to this brink. The sooner we throw the Americans out, the better. The leverage, which
Pakistan has over US for economic and military aid, due to their supply lines passing through Pakistan, is
nothing compared to the damages, losses and chaos which is created in the country due to the US pres-

2. The US is broken economically as well as militarily. The two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have broken
the back of the Neo-Con war machine. There is no way the US can threaten Pakistan militarily. This major
US vulnerability should be powerfully exploited in strategic negotiations to demand a US withdrawal and

to eliminate Indian infuence from Afghanistan.

3. Pakistan must now decisively demand a US withdrawal from the region.

4. A regional political and diplomatic power bloc between Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Turkey and


BrassTacks Policy Papers

Russia can be created which should further bolster Pakistan’s posture in demanding a US withdrawal. All
countries are anti-US and want an exit of the western forces from Afghanistan.

5. Pakistan, in cooperation with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey must aggressively and openly engage with

all factions of the Afghan confict and exert its due role in bringing the warring Afghan factions closer

for peace. Most of the Northern alliance factions are former Afghan Mujahideen parties of the Afghan
Jihad era and can easily be brought back into our fold. So far, no serious attempt has been made to bring
them back.

6. Pakistan should proactively and preemptively hit at TTP and Kharjee bases in Afghanistan and exert

pressure on the US, NATO and Afghan regime to “do more” to check and control the logistics and sup-

plies of the terrorist networks. The war against Kharjees will have to enter Afghanistan by all covert and

overt means.

7. Zero tolerance and no mercy policy towards Kharjee terrorist with special military courts to put to trial

and eliminate the captured militants. Since the civilian courts have totally failed to respond to the threat,
the clauses in the military law should be invoked, which allow for a military court martial for the captured
“civilian” terrorists and insurgents.

8. The Neo-Cons’ infuence on Pakistani media and policy making to be eliminated and replaced with

indigenous, homegrown national security and media policy to revive the national ideology and patriotism.

The crisis is staggering. The challenge remains phenomenal. The stakes are of life and death for this nation.

If it were not for the army, the country would have already disintegrated under the two prong Kharjee and

Zionist threat axis. Pakistan has never faced such monumental existential threats of such staggering intensity
in such a short duration of time. What is cruelly ironic is that this crisis is self created by the leadership since
the past 10 years, and has emerged due to the deliberate blunders of policy, diplomacy, politics, and strategy
and perception management. The solution lies in undoing the damage done on the above -mentioned points.

The crisis is still totally manageable in the shortest possible time. The problem is sharply defned and solutions

clear. Assets are available, resources are at hand, military strength available to enforce political decisions and
the global and regional geo-politics rapidly turning into Pakistan’s favor; the military gaining ground against
internal threats and beginning to hard bargain with the foreign forces, but still we see a complete lack of
coherence in the national policies. The ship remains rudderless and in seriously turbulent waters. The crisis

of leadership is phenomenal, undoing all the sacrifces made and the advantages gained on ground. If saving
Pakistan means bringing a regime change in Islamabad frst, then so be it!

Just imagine that if the supply-route from Pakistan is blocked, due to any reason, either due to anarchy, hostile
public sentiments or due to a strategic alliance between Pakistan and Iran, 150,000 western troops in Afghani-
stan would be dead meat. The entire US game plan of staying in Afghanistan and trying to come down south-
wards through Baluchistan into the Gulf Waters, will end. From one side they’re encircling Iran, and from the
other, they are encircling Pakistan and then they are in the soft belly of China and Central Asia. Afghanistan
is the most strategic location for the entire Asian continent right now.

But the American presence there depends upon Pakistan’s support. And that is why they fear the coming
together of Pakistan and Iran, because Iran already has an ideologically motivated government, though they


Zionists’ “War on Terror” in Middle East

are not a nuclear-weapon state but they are a very strong nation. In Pakistan, we have very organized, much
disciplined armed forces and they are keeping this federation together. They are not secular, they are ideologi-
cally motivated, are pro-Islam, anti-American, anti-Indian and they are the source of stability in the region.
And Pakistan is a still the only nuclear-weapon force in the Muslim world.

The worst fear that the Americans have is of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran getting into a closer
defensive cooperation of the Islamic block in a collective security arrangement. While they have a corrupt
government in Pakistan, they’re working feverishly to dismember the Pakistani state. Insha’Allah they will
never be able to do that because the patriots and the armed forces people have understood the game.

But In Iran, they have to topple that government in quick time because the more they delay the possibility
of Iran becoming a nuclear-weapon state or Pakistan getting rid of its democracy, increases. They are also
worried that a patriotic government may come in Pakistan and form an alliance with Iran and other regional
countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China and Russia. This kind of security block is something they’re trying
to prevent. This region has many nuclear-weapon states in close proximity. Russia is a nuclear-weapon state, so
are China, Pakistan, India, and Iran is becoming one. So this region is the most explosive and volatile and of
course the Americans are sitting in the heart of it: In Afghanistan. While they are reshaping the Middle East,
the actual focus of the Americans would be on Pakistan and on a secondary level, on Iran. In Pakistan, they
have already annihilated the political government. The Pakistani government is totally pro-American, doing
whatever the Americans are telling them to do.

Another point worth mentioning is that often the world media projects Pakistan as the epicenter of terror.
That Pakistan is a failing state and the world should take away the nuclear weapons from Pakistan. This would
be the greatest blunder that humanity would commit if Pakistan is brought under pressure. The civil society,
the patriotic elements, and the people who are seeking the truth- the alternate media, they must see through
this Zionist game.

They must acknowledge the fact that Pakistan remains the last obstacle in the Israel, Zionists and Neo-cons’
expansion plan in the greater Middle East because Pakistani armed forces train the armed forces of the entire
Middle Eastern Muslim countries. Pakistan in the past has always been called for help when Israel had attacked
Egypt and Syria in 1967and 1974. These countries had requested Pakistan and Pakistani Air defense units for

help. Pakistani fghter pilots went to Egypt and Syria and Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world

which shot down Israeli aircraft in an air to air combat. This is a fact that nobody knows in the world. That is
why the Israelis are terribly scared of Pakistan. Pakistanis have a history of shooting them down. They have a
history of defending the Arab lands and that is why they say they need Pakistan. One of the greatest reasons
for bogging down Pakistani forces inside Pakistan was this precise fact that Israel does not want Pakistani forc-
es to be free to defend Arab Muslim lands when Israel starts to change the geography of the Muslim world.

Indians have joined hands with the western Zionists in this evil game against Pakistan. The projection about
Pakistan that The Indians also give in the western media is cunning, evil, and sinister. It is a propaganda dis-
information war against the Pakistani state. They are raising the western emotions against Pakistan and they
want to get Pakistan beaten up from the west.

In reality Pakistan is not just stabilizing Asia but also the Middle East and the Greater Middle East. Pakistan

exists in the eye of the storm. Pakistanis are fghting an existential war not just for their own country but also


BrassTacks Policy Papers

for the entire Ummah. If Pakistan goes down, Allah forbid, there is no power on earth stopping Israeli and
Hindu Zionists’ expanding into Asia and Middle East. The threats of “Islamic” nuclear weapons are the bal-
ancing factor and the protective shield that Muslim world has.

Pakistan nuclear potential – provides security shied to Mus-
lim world and threatens Israeli and Hindu Zionist states

Muslim world has no other option now but to form a united Islamic security block. Either we stand united or
we fall divided! The threat is not just for one nation or a few. The entire Ummah is under attack and on the
verge of being annihilated if we don’t wake up and rise to forge a united, aggressive and pro-active defense of
our faith, ideology, honor and lands. We must resist with dignity! There is no other path of honor and glory!


The OBL drama in Abbottabad, Pakistan, is undoubtedly a precursor to the American invasion of Pakistan.
It is a great insult of the intelligence of the sane people of the world; how can anyone ever believe that a man
that the Americans have supposedly been hunting for twenty years and who has died nine times before, is
ultimately killed in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad. Then they say they dumped his body in the sea, and are
not even releasing the video or the pictures. Secondly, we would never hear in the American media that during
this so-called operation, an American helicopter was also shot down and American troops were killed. The
helicopter wreckage is there and everyone has seen it. If we search on the net for ‘the helicopter shot down

in Abbottabad’, we fnd the images of the wrecked helicopter. We know that it was shot down by Pakistani

Forces because the helicopter had sneaked into Pakistani air space. When the Americans reached that town,

they did not declare their identifcation, so the Pakistani Air defence unit had shot them down. Only then, did

they expose themselves and said that they were their allies on a mission there.

Who knows what happened in that compound? For my money, they could have killed Afghan families there or
cows or sheep, who knows? All information that is coming out is controlled and released by the CIA. There is
absolutely no corroboration of anything. The fact of the matter is that we know that Osama never lived there.
But that is immaterial now; whether he was there or not there; whether they killed Afghan family or someone
else’s family; but what matters is what is going to happen after that; the fall out. Immediately after that we saw
that the American regime, the Zionists, who are compulsive liars, lied; just like they lied about Iraq’s weapons
of mass destruction; Colin Powell bluffed the world. They released pictures and slides that were all fakes,
and were created and orchestrated, photoshopped by the CIA, to fool the world into believing that Iraq had
biological, nuclear and chemical weapons; they declared a war on Iraq on these allegations. Just imagine this

fgure; over 1.5 million Iraqis have been killed and 4 million Muslims of Iraq had to migrate to other countries.

They have not broken down Iraq supposedly into 3 or 4 different countries; though within Iraq there are

regions which are totally autonomous like Kurdistan and southern Shia state. But they have decapitated Iraq;

they have destroyed its military potential. They do not care for the insurgency, violence, riot, unrest, kidnap-
ping going on, because it is not a threat to the state of Israel. This is their plan for the Middle East; breaking
down huge Muslim countries either into smaller countries, like they have done in Sudan or creating enough

Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn
on Osam Bin Laden “Killing”



BrassTacks Policy Papers

anarchy so that the country remains embroiled in its own civil war, confict and unrest and is unable to pose

any threat to any neighbouring adventures by the Zionists.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, for many years we knew that eventually they will come after Pakistan because
of the nuclear weapons. Not only we have nuclear weapons, we also have the delivery mechanism; we also
have an ideology which is seriously passionate about its history, identity and faith. A nation built on ideology,
a nation strong enough to defend itself and defend the people of its own faith and other good human beings
of the world; these are dangerous nations. There are two countries in the world which want to expand their
borders. One of them is India which wants to expand to the entire Indian subcontinent. Other country is
Israel, but they cannot expand as long as Pakistan offers a nuclear umbrella to the Muslim world. Pakistan has
defence mechanism and arrangements for the neighbouring countries, particularly Arabs, and especially the
Saudis, because we have religious and emotional attachment to these places of Muslim holy lands. Pakistanis
have intense attachment for the rest of the Muslim world; that is why David Gorian, the founding father of
Israel had told the Israeli nation in 1948 that they were not afraid of Arabs but of the friends of the Arabs;
they were afraid of Pakistan. They said they could deal with the Arabs, they could over-run them; but the na-
tion of Israel had to be conscious of the threats posed by the state of Pakistan. And Pakistan has proven their
fears to be well-founded because in the Arab wars of 1967 and 1973, when the Arab forces were decimated, it
was Pakistani armed forces which had been deployed in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan, and Pakistani Air Force

shot down Israeli aircraft in air to air combat. If we look at the statistics, we fnd that the Pakistani air force is

the only air force in the world, which has actually shot down Israel aircraft in air to air combat.

The state of Pakistan is an ideological state which came into being because of its devotion to religion. The
reason why Israel and America feel threatened by Pakistan is the fact that it is the most Islamic country in the
world. This, along with the fact that it is a nuclear state; it stands as a serious threat to their expansion of Zi-
onist and imperialistic projects in that part of the world. When Richard Holbrooke became the representative
of Obama regime in the region, he developed the Af-Pak doctrine. It meant that now not only Afghanistan

but Pakistan would also be considered a battlefeld. This was a part of Obama’s doctrine ever since he came

into power. We knew back then that the Americans were going to extend the war into Pakistan sooner or later.
We are nuclear armed, very disciplined and organized army. The only way to soften up Pakistan, to weaken


Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn

Pakistani armed forces, was to support multiple insurgencies inside Pakistan; terrorist groups and gangs which
would wage a massive suicide and terrorist campaign, bombing, deploying explosive devices and attacking

Pakistani state and forces. In the last fve years, 35,000 Pakistanis have died. There is almost one attack every

day on Pakistani state, on security forces, on children, on schools, on hospitals and markets; they have almost
turned Pakistan into Baghdad, Iraq.

This softening up process has been going on for the last fve – six years. In the modern terms, this war that

they have imposed on Pakistan is called the fourth generation war. These wars are not fought by the armies on
the borders; but these are fought by irregular forces in the urban environment. They are fought by militia, by
the terrorist gangs. And they weaken the state from within to that extent where external forces can move in, to
break the country into smaller countries. There is the example of Yugoslavia; it was a huge country, ffth larg-
est in the world and the strongest country in Europe; when NATO decided to break it down, they instigated
civil war in it. Bosnians fought with the Serbs, Serbs with Croatians and Bosnians; with Macedonians, Albani-
ans, and Montenegrins; and when the country was on the verge of implosion, Dayton Peace Agreement was
signed by the NATO and the Americans. Richard Holbrooke was the envoy, interestingly, even at that time.
He signed the Dayton Peace Agreement; six countries were created out of one land.

This is precisely what they plan to do with Pakistan. The problem with Yugoslavia was that NATO supplies
did not go through Yugoslavia and Yugoslavia was not a nuclear-armed state. In order to dismember Pakistan,

they have to bog down Pakistani armed forces so much that the Pakistan army would have to fght a war for

its own survival, and they would not be able to pose any threat to Israel, when Israel starts to expand. So either
they take away the Nuclear assets, which is ideal for them; or they embroil Pakistan into a massive civil war, so
that Pakistan’s command and control centre breaks down. If that happens, the power structure breaks down,
resources and communication systems break down, the leadership is killed and decapitated, and Pakistan army

is left distributed into small pockets fghting reactive war on borders. In that case, even the nuclear armed

Pakistan Army, having the nuclear weapons, will not have the capability to launch them and pose any threat to


BrassTacks Policy Papers

Israel. To launch a nuclear weapon means to have an elaborate satellite communication system network, codes,

GPS, defned coordinates; this is elaborate technology. You do not launch nuclear weapons like catapults. If

you take down the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence network, the Pakistan army will be

The moment Osama bin Laden drama was created; we found the language of NATO and UN changing
towards Pakistan. On the other hand, all the militant and terrorist groups that were supposedly allied with
the Al-Qaida, threatened to wage a massive war in Pakistan against the Pakistani Armed Forces, not against
the Americans, interestingly. Even if it is true, whatever happened in Abbottabad, Pakistani forces were not
involved; it is the Americans who were involved! Technically any group that is supporting Osama should be

waging a war against the Americans, not against the Pakistanis! And immediately we also fnd the language of
the Indians changing as well, because the Indians want to fght to the last American; they are so smart that

they do not want to wage a war against Pakistan using their own troops and resources. They want the NATO
and the Americans to beat Pakistan up. That is why, the Indians are always saying to the Americans that Af-
ghanistan or Iran is not the problem; Indians are willing to give bases to the Americans. They say that Pakistan
is the epicentre of terror so let’s join hands and beat Pakistan up because taking out Pakistan’s nuclear assets

is the ultimate goal of the Indians and the Israelis. That is why, we fnd Indian, Israeli, Zionist American axis,

as well as the axis of the terrorist groups that are waging a war, insurgencies and terrorism inside Pakistan.

Interestingly, all these terrorist groups who are waging a massive war in Pakistan are based in Afghanistan right
under the patronage of Indian RAW and American CIA. So, on one hand, Pakistan is stuck between prover-
bial jaws of an alligator; on one hand you have terrorist groups on the other hand, you have state terrorist
groups, like CIA, RAW and Mossad, and Israeli government and the Neocons. This is where Pakistan stands
today; and in the coming months the entire world community will go to the UN. They are going to wage a war
of terror in Pakistan; they want to turn Pakistan into Iraq. The most incompetent, treacherous, ruthless and
sold-out government is in place in Islamabad at the moment and it has sold the country to the IMF, World
Bank and Neocons. They have almost spent 50 million dollars this year buying out Pakistani media. The entire


Pakistani media cartels have been bought; they have penetrated the anchors, the analysts, everybody is mas-
sively bought. There are massive psy ops which are promoting the concept of Pakistan falling apart; promot-
ing the concept that Osama bin Laden was actually found here, and Pakistan is at fault and Pakistan Army and
ISI should be put under embargo and Pakistani Nuclear assets should be taken away.

Pakistan’s own media is doing this because they are paid by the CIA. On one hand, we have psy ops going,
on the other hand, we have terrorists and insurgencies. On the third axis, we have the international diplomacy
and politics, which is now going to encircle Pakistan using the so-called world community; the same world
community which authorized NATO raids on Libya. These are kangroo courts where they all sit together and
decide which country is a terrorist and which country should be bombed. The coalition of the Neocons will
gather in the same way they gathered and passed a winning resolution against Iraq. In a couple of months,
they will create a global environment against Pakistan, and try to put an embargo on Pakistan. Already the
Congress is saying that they should stop the money they are giving to Pakistan. And on the other hand, they
will put pressure on Pakistan saying that since Pakistan is facing insurgencies and terrorism; Pakistani nuclear
assets are not safe and can fall in the hands of terrorists, so international coalition must move in to secure
Pakistan’s nuclear assets; and since Pakistani Armed Forces are not going to hand over the nuclear weapons;
that is why the world community should bomb Pakistan. The moment they are going to bomb Pakistan, the
terrorist and insurgent groups from Afghanistan are going to move in, India is also going to move their forces
and Pakistanis would be caught in a three prong attack from all axes.

This is the war that is building up, and by the end of the year, we will actually see it happening. God forbid,
unless we have a patriotic government in Islamabad, that can use and mobilize the political and diplomatic

cloud, our next interview may be through a war zone. I will be fghting for survival for my country, for myself,

for my nation; because we know it is coming. This is exactly the way the Iraqis were surrounded. They saw it
coming but they could not do anything to prevent it. Pakistan still can prevent it, provided, Pakistani armed
forces, overthrow this government, bring in a regime change and take a stand. The Army is stuck between the
Devil and the deep blue sea; if they take over the government, the world community will say that the economy
is already bankrupt and now the Pakistan Army will not be able to run the country. The Army is seeing the
country falling apart right in front of their eyes. This is really a crisis situation for Pakistan right now.

Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn


BrassTacks Policy Papers

One very fascinating thing about Pakistan’s geo-
politics is the fact that Pakistan is a strongest
Muslim ally of China as well. In terms of de-
fence, Pakistan has two parallel programs going;
one, Pakistan’s defence cooperation with the West,
where Pakistan is taking the F-16s and the western
equipment. On the other hand, Pakistan is simul-
taneously developing Joint Strike Fighters with the
Chinese Air Force. And Pakistan’s entire nuclear
program is actually built with the help of Chinese.

We use Chinese satellites, communication equip-
ment, air craft, and radars. So basically Pakistan is
a strong ally of Chinese military establishment as
well. This is where the insurance policy of Paki-
stan is; secondly, Pakistan Army still knows that
NATO’s 150,000 troops are in Afghanistan. If there is turmoil in Pakistan, the supply lines of these troops
will be cut because 80% of their supplies and 64% of fuel goes through Pakistan. If NATO pushes Pakistan
beyond a certain limit, or if there is chaos and unrest which is not in control of Pakistani establishment, that
chaos can block the NATO supplies which can choke the Americans into Afghanistan where they will be sit-
ting ducks for the rising insurgencies of Taliban. So it is a tricky situation for the Americans and the NATO as
well. These are the advantages that Pakistan has which Yugoslavia did not have. Yugoslavia was an ally of the
Soviets but at that time even the Soviet Union had broken down and could not come to help Yugoslavia; but
China is a strongest rising power, looking the Americans into the eyes and standing behind Pakistan.

We are a 170 million people in Pakistan and we are martial races. In the entire north western region of Paki-

stan, there are 5 million Pashtun tribes, and every house has got an AK47, or a rocket launcher or a machine

gun or even an anti-air-craft gun. Pakistan Army is about 3 quarters of a million, about 700,000 men and along
with them we have about 500,000 paramilitary forces, and few hundred thousand police, but every household
in Pakistani rural area has some form of weapon or another. So the paramilitary, the militia, the local volun-

teers of Pakistan actually liberated Kashmir; today the Kashmir that we have was liberated by the tribal groups

from the Pashtun region, not by the Pakistan Army. It was the tribal groups that fought against the Indian

Army in 1948 to liberate the Kashmir that we have today. And the people who are resisting the Americans,

and the NATO and before that who resisted the Soviets in Afghanistan, are not the Afghan National Army;
they were the

farmers, the shepherds, the poorest people of the Afghan and Pashtun society who fought with the Soviets

and sacrifced their homes and families. Since they are used to living on bear minimum life style, on less than a

dollar a day is their normal life, so you cannot really destroy their home, you cannot really take anything away

from them because they do not have anything in the frst place. The Americans and NATO are forced to say
that AK47 rife is defeating the entire might of the American and NATO forces. Therefore, if you are actually
talking about the armed men that can be raised in Pakistan who can fght against the enemy, that number can
actually run to 5 million fghting, fully armed men. They are not only armed but also fully trained. This is our
culture. Almost everyone knows how to use AK47.


We see all these ridiculous stories circulating about Osama bin Laden now. Way back in 2003, Madeleine
Albright, actually said on record that Osama bin Laden had died but the news was not being broken until
the very last part of the presidency of Bush, in order to help him out for his next elections. Since Madeleine
Albright had broken this news, Osama bin Laden’s news was not used at that time. But when Bush was leav-
ing, he had handed over an unfnished job in this region to Obama. That unfnished job was to denuclear-
ize Pakistan. Bush started this war, Obama had to fnish it; but after three years, the American economy is

burning itself away. American dollar is now no more the reserve currency in so many state banks. Dollar has
been taking many hits. Obama’s own ratings were less than 20 %, and the presidential elections are coming

next year. All these things; the unfnished job of denuclearizing Pakistan, combined with the fact that they

could not win in Afghanistan, Obama was in a hurry to deliver something for his next candidacy and also to
mobilize the public opinion before he leaves. Whether he wins or not, he wanted to put Pakistan in a position

where this president, if he is re-elected or the next president would come and fnish the job. So the rabbit

was taken out of the hat now. After this drama, dollar strengthened, the prices of gold and oil came down,
Obama’s rating went up, Pakistan was nailed, Pakistan became known as the epicentre of terror, the terrorist
organizations vowed revenge against Pakistan, Indians became aggressive; Congress wanted to stop Pakistan’s
support; Pakistan went into defensive; psy ops was launched in Pakistan; so many objectives were achieved by
one bloody drama.

Already, they are asking for the accountability of Pakistani security forces. Already the CIA is saying that
Pakistani ISI was hands in glove with Osama to protect him. Supposedly, they pulled the rabbit out from a
military town, a military training academy and now they are blaming the ISI for protecting him. ISI becomes a
rogue organization. In that case, if these kinds of pressures continue to build on Pakistan internationally, the
Americans would go to the UN to declare ISI a rogue organization.

If you take away the eyes and ears of a country, the country becomes blind despite its huge size and weapons.
There focus now would be to nail Pakistani security establishment. This is a real thorn in their eyes; their last
obstacle. For they have over-run the politics, they have over-run the economy, they control the media and the
energy infrastructure, but they do not control the Pakistani security forces. And to destroy Pakistani security
forces, they are going to support more terrorists and insurgent groups, just like they have been doing for the

Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn


BrassTacks Policy Papers

last fve years. Imagine you are on the road with your family and suddenly there is a bomb explosion; this

is a horrible way of living. The number of suicide bombings that have taken place in Pakistan is more than

Baghdad. If you go to Peshawar, it is a barricaded city and looks like a green zone. If you go to Karachi, it is

anarchic, like Beirut in the early 70s. This is what they have reduced Pakistan to and this is what they are going
to do more in the coming days.

In the next 3 to 4 months two axes are going to be very active; one is political and diplomatic axis, where the
Globalists are going to mobilize international media, the congress, the UN to declare Pakistan a terrorist state,
to put embargoes and pressure on Pakistan so that Pakistani government succumbs more. Second axis would
be to support the insurgencies even more so that the Pakistan Army gets so bogged that the Americans are
able to create an international case that Pakistan is a dysfunctional and a failed state, and does not deserve to
have nuclear weapons. That is the objective and they would go to any limit to achieve this. When the insur-
gencies and anarchy would get too strong, they would themselves move in saying, that since Pakistan Army
is already bogged and already under pressure and threat, ideally they would like the Pakistan Army to request
them to come and help them.

There are two power centres in Pakistan; one is the political government and other is the military leadership.
In Egypt, we saw that when the public wanted to remove Hosni Mubarak, a million people gathered in Tahrir
Square, protesting aggressively, demanding to remove Hosni Mubarak. Military took over and there is military

rule in Egypt right now. We do not even know the name of the ruler of Egypt. Egypt has offcially become a

headless state now. The Americans had seen that Hosni Mubarak was an unpopular man so they replaced one
man with a military dictatorship of few generals, as they had already bought off the generals of the Egyptian
army. Similarly in Iraq, Saddam Hussein had a very strong army; they had republican guards and almost half a
million more army men. The Americans had bought the entire leadership of Saddam Hussein’s army. So when

the Americans moved in, the generals were not there. The army simply disintegrated, there was no fght. This

is what the Americans would want to do with Pakistan too.

Right now, the Pakistan Army leadership is patriotic; it is holding its ground and it is trying to resist the Ameri-


can expansion into the region. That is why we fnd NATO supplies being blocked sometimes and Pakistan’s

ISI protesting strongly with the CIA; there is an actual war going on between the CIA and ISI right now.
Chinese deal with the Pakistan’s political government as well as the military leadership. Even if the political
government is compromised, the Pakistani military has always kept its relation intact with the Chinese military.
If through this insurgency and terrorism, the CIA and Americans are able to eliminate Pakistan Army’s lead-
ership, and are able to compromise any of them, then Chinese would also be affected. That would be a very
dangerous situation for Pakistan. But right now, Pakistan Army’s leadership is solid, intact and is holding out,
it is protecting Pakistan’s interest; it is maintaining independent relationship with China as well. For now, we
are safe. The temper of terror is going to be unleashed in next few months; it is going to get up the ante now.
What happens then? We will have to wait and see what kind of anarchy and civil war takes place on the streets.

If the Pakistani military leadership is eliminated, it will create a case for the West to say that even Pakistan’s
military leadership is not safe, so how can they protect their nuclear assets. That is one axis. Militaries cannot
run diplomacy and politics, so the only option which Pakistan Army has now is to overthrow this govern-
ment, and then take over and bring in the government of patriotic civilian Pakistanis. Then create a collective
block with Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and Turkey because Pakistan alone cannot handle it because for the last
ten years, the war on terror which has been fought inside Pakistan has literally broken the back of Pakistani

Chinese have proven to be true friends of Pakistanis; they are just waiting for some kind of signal from Pa-
kistan to move in and physically help Pakistan. They have a strategic interest in Pakistan and they know that
we are their soft belly. If anything happens to Pakistan, the entire hope of Chinese of getting to the Indian
Ocean would collapse. Pakistan is their strategic life line and the Chinese are counting the shortest possible
route from China to the Indian Ocean, from China to the markets of Middle East, which is through Paki-
stan, through port of Gwader. The Chinese also know the stakes they have in Pakistan, so they will not allow
Americans to overrun it. This would never happen, inshAllah. But the fact of the matter is, Pakistan would
not break down, nuclear assets would not be taken away. I am only afraid of the Iraq like anarchy; that they
would be able to create, because sooner or later this government would have to be over-thrown; whether it is
over-thrown through chaos and riots or by the military, that we need to see. When the military would start to
take hits, men would start to die, and insurgency would break out on the streets then the military would have
no choice but to take over. Tough times are ahead, but tough times do not last, tough nations do. Everybody

Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn


BrassTacks Policy Papers

knows a war is going on. It is going to be an urban war just like Iraq, fought in the streets, in the urban environ-
ment. Every thinking Pakistani knows that a war is ahead. But you see that the Pakistani media is not talking
about it because they have been bought off. It’s like so many thinking Americans in America know that their
government is lying and is involved in an illegitimate war, but they cannot do anything about it because their
voice is not projected on the mainstream media, as it is controlled by the Neocons and Zionists. We know
for sure that the leadership of the Army is under severe stress right now, because every day Pakistan is losing

offcers and men in an on-going war. I am in contact with hundreds of men in the Armed Forces and I send

messages to them every day about the security updates. So we have access right under the skin of the Armed
Forces; and we have access to the youth of this country; millions of youth in the Muslim countries in the Pa-
kistani diaspora listen to us; they trust what we say, and the patriots in Pakistan know, that this voice whatever
it speaks, speaks the truth.

We know what is coming. As I said I don’t have the power in my hand except to convince and convey the mes-
sage. The physical administration of the military power remains in the hands of the military and I am trying
to convince the military to do their constitutional duty of over-throwing the treacherous government. We live
dangerously every day because of the kind of the work that we do. We are banned on the state TV; even the
private TV channels do not give us a programme. If I appear on a TV channel, that channel gets so much of
hammering from the government and CIA that they dare not call us again. And we know for sure that all kinds
of terrorist assets have been launched to eliminate us, but we also know that Death is our biggest protector.

We believe that our time of death is defned. Our motto that we also tell our youth is, we will live with dignity

and when the time comes, we will die with honour. We know we live a dangerous life but we have accepted
this path. If we do not speak now, if we do not spread this knowledge now, then the cost that our nation will
pay will be a million times more staggering.


Environment and History

The Middle East is being re-shaped; not just the politics but also the geography of the Muslim world is chang-
ing according to the Neo-cons’ vision for the 21st century. Multiple Muslim governments are in the process of
being systematically dismantled and state failures are being created in many Muslim lands. Iraq, Afghanistan,
Sudan, Somalia are already either failed states, under occupation or dismembered. At present the US/NATO
are busy ruining Libya and Syria and in destabilizing Egypt. Israel is already planning to expand into the Sinai
desert taking advantage of the chaos in Egypt. Once those theatres are contained, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi
Arabia would be targeted more aggressively. Pakistan is already under an imposed war.

Pakistan is under a vicious 4th generation, high intensity decentralized, urban war designed to disintegrate the
state. The US and India are waging this war jointly primarily from Afghanistan. Multiple insurgencies, corrupt
CIA planted government, economic collapse, sectarian and religious violence and a hostile media has isolated

the country’s armed forces who are desperately fghting to keep the nation intact. Pakistan’s army remains a

strong federating unit and all nuclear weapons are safe and under control. Pakistani patriots have started a
counter attack in the civil society, media and armed forces to re-group, re-organize and defend the country
with the support of the armed forces. The situation is being brought under control but the biggest hurdle
remains the present corrupt PPP regime. The Army does not want to impose a martial law and is alone in

fghting the anti-State elements on ground and in the society.

For Pakistan, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia remain the most critical allies and regional nations. Iran has re-
cently been engaged by the Pakistani patriots and now the Iranian policy to a great extent has been brought
in line with Pakistan’s national security needs. Iran is a stable state with a powerful government and a strong
army. The Neo-cons would target Iran later. But Saudi Arabia is a matter of great concern for Pakistan.

Historically, Saudi Arabia has been the strongest ally and a brotherly nation for Pakistan. The land of Hijaz
and Haramain of Makkah and Medina are in Saudi Arabia making the country the spiritual centre of gravity

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