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MSEA Letter to Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

MSEA Letter to Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

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Published by David Moon

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Published by: David Moon on Sep 19, 2012
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MEMORANDUM TO: FR: DATE: RE: Members of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee Betty Weller, President, Maryland State Education

Association Tuesday, September 18, 2012 State Ballot Questions

I understand that you will soon be deciding the Party’s positions on the many state ballot questions. I am writing to urge your strong support for Question 4 (the DREAM Act) and Question 6 (the Civil Marriage Protection Act). Both the Maryland State Education Association and our Montgomery County affiliate, the Montgomery County Education Association, support these two laws and we hope you will make their passage a priority. Interest among our members in the DREAM Act is so strong, that a group in Montgomery County has organized as Teachers for the DREAM Act. As they say in the attached flyer: for us as teachers, the DREAM Act is an education issue. These students are in our classrooms. We teach them and care for them, and we want all of our students to have the opportunity to go to college. We also place a priority on passage of the Civil Marriage Protection Act, Question 6. Affirmation of this law will demonstrate that our state is committed to treating all families – and every child’s home – equally under the law. As educators, we see too many children struggling to come to terms with their own sexual orientation. The Civil Marriage Protection Act will prove that no one is a second-class citizen in our state, while protecting religious freedom at the same time. While MSEA has not taken a position on the other state ballot questions, we believe our best chance of being successful in passing Questions 4 and 6 is not to confuse county voters by supporting these state ballot questions while opposing others. We believe that speaking with a united voice gives us the best chance of passing our most critical priorities for 2012. Thank you for all you do. We are counting on very strong support from Montgomery County voters for the DREAM Act and the Civil Marriage Protection Act. We hope you will join us in sending the clearest possible message to voters in the county.

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