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Ratu Meli School Wish List

Ratu Meli School Wish List

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Published by: Global Vision International Fiji on Sep 19, 2012
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Ratu  Meli  Memorial  School  Wish  List  

We   regularly   receive   emails   here   in   Fiji   from   volunteers   before   they   arrive   asking   for   recommendations  on  school  resources  that  they  could  donate  to  the  program,  so  we  have   compiled  a  list  of  useful  items  that  are  used  regularly  at  the  school  or  are  difficult  to  come   by   in   Fiji.   It   is   also   possible   to   pick   up   educational   resources   if   you   wish   from   Nadi   before   deploying  to  the  island.  

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Book  Wish  List  

Face  Paints   Paints  –  e.g  Poster,  Acrylics,  Watercolours,  Finger   Paint  Brushes   Books  –  see  book  list  below   Educational  CD/DVD’s/Audio  Books   Musical  Instruments  –  e.g  maracas,  symbols,  tambourines,  kazoo   Toys  &  Dressing  up  for  Kindergarten  (Age  3-­‐5)   Stickers   Sports  equipment  –  e.g  balls,  cones,  bats,  skipping  ropes,  ball  pump   Any  resources  for  teaching  maths   Telling  the  time  resources   Play  Doh/Modelling  Clay   Calculators   Chunky  Felt  Tip  Pens   Chunky  Crayons   Colouring  Pencils   Map  Posters   School  Stationary  –  e.g  pencils,  erasers,  sharpeners,  scissors,  chalk,  rulers     Arts  &  Craft  materials  –  e.g  craft  sets,  glitter,  sequins,  paper,  card,  pipe  cleaners,  felt,   foam  board,  balloons,  jewellery  making  materials,  feathers   Mathematics  and  English  Activity  Books  (age  3-­‐14)   Educational  software  for  PC’s    

All  books  are  welcome  but  here  are  a  few  ideas  from  us....   For  Kindi  &  Class  1  -­‐  4   • • • • • • • • • Allan  Ahlberg  books  –  e.g  Burglar  Bill   Antony  Browne  books  –  e.g  Voices  in  the  Park.  Willy  &  Hugh   Eric  Brown  books  –  e.g  The  Very  Hungry  Caterpillar,  Brown  Bear,  Brown  Bear  what   do  you  see?   Julia  Donaldson  books  –  e.g  The  Snail  and  the  Whale,  Room  on  the  Broom,  The   Gruffalo   Mary  Hoffman  books  -­‐  Grace  Books   Dr  Seuss    -­‐  any   David  McKee  -­‐  Elmer  series   Mo  Willems  –  Elephant  &  Piggie  Series  and  the  Pigeon  series   Hairy  McClarey  Series  

Mr  Men  Books   The  Tiger  who  came  to  tea   Dear  Zoo   There  was  an  Old  Lady  that  Swallowed  a  Fly   We’re  Going  on  a  Bear  Hunt   Magic  School  Bus   The  Queens  Knickers   The  Giving  Tree   Cloudy  with  a  Chance  of  Meatballs   The  Rainbow  Fish     For  Class  5  –  8     •  Roald  Dahl  books  –  e.g  The  Twits,  The  BFG,  The  Magic  Finger,  Charlie  and  the   Chocolate  Factory,  Georges  Marvellous  Medicine,  James  and  the  Giant  Peach,  Matilda   • Jacqueline  Wilson  books     • Paul  Jennings  books     • Philip  Pullman  books   • Anthony  Horitz  books   • Narnia  Series   • Horrid  Henry  series   • Lemony  Snicket  –  A  Series  of  Unfortunate  Events   • Harry  Potter  series   • Lord  of  the  Rings  series   • Harry  the  Poisonous  Centipede  series     • The  Iron  Man     • The  Phantom  Tollbooth       • • • • • • • • • •

For  lesson  planning  &  one-­‐on-­‐one  tuition  
• ‘Read  and  Respond’  Books  from  Amazon  –  very  useful  for  lesson  planning  if   volunteers  are  planning  on  teaching  pupils  from  age  9  +  (N.B  these  do  not  include  the   original  text)   For  learning  to  read  -­‐  Bob  books  (US),  Sunshine  books  (NZ/OZ),  Oxford  Reading  Tree   (UK)  


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