Emerging Research Group in Science Fiction One-Day Launch Symposium Sponsored by Faculty of Arts and Education Wednesday

7th November, 10-4, The Seminar Room, Waterfront
Drawing on scholars, writers and artists from across the Deakin campuses, this one-day launch symposium will begin to develop the ways in which the ERG will explore, research and share the stories, conversations, constructs, and philosophical enquiries that defines all forms of science fiction. Φ The day will begin with opening presentations by Sean Redmond (on science fiction film and television); Elizabeth Braithwaite (on speculative fiction); Chris Moore (on science fiction new media); and Leon Marvell (on the philosophy of science fiction). The day will then be split into a series of interactive sessions where the pleasures and intricacies of science fiction will be discussed alongside the aims and ambitions of the group. There will be science fiction readings, video clips, and the incorporation of the metallic material out of which a great deal of the genre evolves. Φ Whether you have a passing interest in science fiction, or are passionate about its poetics or politics, you are encouraged to attend the symposium. Join us. Φ

RSVP, for catering purposes, to Sean Redmond s.redmond@deakin.edu.au by Monday 8th October

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