Bank Of America

Weaknesses Strengths
Diversified range of banking and nonbanking financial services & products Innovations in products and services give it a major strength in attracting customers Convenience (online banking, mobile banking, large retail branch availability)

Weak wholesale banking operations Not as nimble as smaller, regional operators The company has lost the ability to compete head-to-head in an environment where it lacks a size advantage Fails at handling public relations Failing in social media presence Declining net interest margins

Expansion in international markets Further consolidation in the banking industry Merrill Lynch acquisition


Financial economic turmoil Restrictions in capital markets Integration of Merrill Lynch Bad Publicity

S fortune 500 companies Weakness 1.Over 285.Largest bank in the American market 3.Expansion in other countries 2. the largest bank holding company in the United States STP Segment Enterprise and Individuals who are seeking financial help and advice Target Group Large enteprises and rich individual investors Positioning A bank which provides an opportunity to all its customers SWOT Analysis Strength 1.Weak asset position 2.Strong brand name and good financial position 2.Wikileaks controversy Opportunity 1.Bank of America serves clients in more than 150 countries and has a relationship with 99% of the U.000 employee across the world 6.Bank of America Parent Company Bank of America Corporation Category Banking Sector Financial Institutions Tagline/ Slogan Bank of Opportunity USP Bank of America Corporation is an American global financial services company.Excellent service and product innovation 5.Stable and growing banking sector in US 4.Consumer credit controversies 3.Diversifying portfolios for customers .

Citigroup 3. BNP Paribas 2. China Construction Bank Corporation 4.Changing govt regulations and financial crisis like recessions 2. HSBC 6.Royal Bank of Scotland .Growing credit card value for the consumers 4.Standard Chartered Bank 8.3.Competition from other banks Competition Competitors 1. Deutsche Bank 5. National Australia Bank 7.Mergers acquisiitions and JVs Threats 1.