1. USB(universal serial bus) Flash Memory: USB flash drives are compact memory devices designed to meet the user needs for portability. They provide a convenient means of transferring data at offices and for sharing photos among friends. A USB flash drive is recognized automatically when you plug it into a USB port on a PC, etc. These devices have high data transfer rates.

2. FlashAir: FlashAir is an SD memory card with embedded wireless LAN functionality. It allows users to receive and transmit image, video and other files wirelessly. This product is launched by Toshiba; having 8GB of data Storage and support HTTP/HTTPS protocols to enable interaction with web applications. It also allows access from PCs and smart phones using server functions.

3. Graphing Calculator: A graphing calculator (also graphics / graphic calculator) typically refers to a class of handheld calculators that are capable of plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations, and performing numerous other tasks with variables. Most popular graphing calculators are also programmable, allowing the user to create customized programs, typically for scientific/engineering and education applications. Due to their large displays intended for graphing, they can also accommodate several lines of text and calculations at a time.