My pet

My pet is a rabbit, He eats a lot of carrot, He talks like a parrot, He loves to knit, He is always fit, He does not like to hit, His name is Donothit, He is blue, He always finds a clue, It is always tree, He knows how to paste everything with glue His age is six He plays my car racing game on the grand prix Water is his favourite shower is best, Shampoo makes his shiny shower get takes out his pest jumping in the grass at a cricket match he looked at a player taking a catch He loves to play He loves to jump He fills my cycles air with my cycle pump He hates hitting He hates sighting He only loves knitting He sits near the phone Waiting for the calling tone when the tone comes He picks it up and starts talking on the phone He walks in the town He moves his own pawn He loves dawn He switches the fights on He hates sweeping He hates weeping He loves peeping He loves creeping He loves walking He loves talking He loves kites He knows what are bytes

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