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Internal Emotional Investigation - Comic Books

Internal Emotional Investigation - Comic Books

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Published by Carl Jamilkowski
ITP Product Poetry class, assignment A
ITP Product Poetry class, assignment A

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Published by: Carl Jamilkowski on Sep 19, 2012
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Comic Books

Internal Emotional Investigation by Carl Jamilkowski

Since I was a child, I loved comics

Age 2

I would read them, draw them, and aspire to be the superheroes within

Age 10

Collecting them was a tradition I learned from my father and shared with my brother

Unfortunately, as I aged, comics and I drifted apart much like they had for my father

However, with the advent of web comics I was slowly pulled back into the fold

Friends introduced me to new types of comics: complex stories and relationships, and deeply flawed protagonists I was no longer aspiring to be the characters on the page, but instead identified with their struggles

Though, there was still some room for superheroes


more recent

Collecting changed too: I was now completely drawn to the stories and didn’t care about the physical object

Comics offer a very specific way to consume a story: page by page and cell by cell, tying together pictures and text, the placement of any which element can by crucial to telling the story

Finally, the comic book culture provides a sense of community and belonging

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