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The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

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Published by: spiritualbeing on Sep 19, 2012
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This Awareness now indicates the Law of Essence.
The Law of Essence states that what is is, and what is, is not
changed by any opinions or beliefs about it, but is what it is,
while it is.

This Law states that actions and motives which are the
highest and the best, the most inclusive and encompassing,
the most appropriate and essential, create those movements
that lead to the Gate of Essence, behind which all things are
exactly as they are, while they are, for Essence is the ever-
changing truth that was, is and forever shall be.

The essence is the is-ness of what is happening at any
moment regardless of the length of time included in that mo-
ment. This Awareness indicates that awareness of what ‘is’ is
total bliss and total union with the Godhead.


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