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49758861 40599871 2 Strategic Human Resource Management Book

49758861 40599871 2 Strategic Human Resource Management Book

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Published by: Kc Sandesh on Sep 19, 2012
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Doesn't the flexible firm lead on to strategic questions about the sorts of
people an organisation aims to employ?

Be clear about the sorts of people your organisation should recruit: a high number of low
competence, low pay and high turnover people or a small number of highly competent, high
pay, low turnover people with a long-term career in your sector. Do you need multi-skilled or
specialist people? Does the board agree on this? Do your employment terms support what
you are trying to achieve? For most organisations the answers to these questions will vary
slightly across functions and from one level of hierarchy to another. Nevertheless, a
coherent employer brand usually demands a common stance. Ahigh pay city bank will
demand quality catering and good office cleaners.
Armstrong suggests that the components of employee resourcing strategy should include:
Human resource planning: An assessment of future business needs and deciding on
the numbers and types of people required
Resourcing plans: Preparing plans for finding people from within the organisation
and/or for training programmes to help people learn new skills. If needs cannot be
satisfied from within the organisation, preparing longer-term plans for ensuring that
recruitment and selection processes will satisfy them.
Retention strategy: Preparing plans for retaining the people the organisation needs,


Flexibility strategy: Planning for increased flexibility in the use of human resources to
enable the organisation to make the best use of people and adapt swiftly to changing
Let us now look at each of these in turn:

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