3/ a/ The plot for total acceleration vs time


The plot for total velocity vs time:

The plot for the trajectory y vs x: The plot for the horizontal velocity vs time: .

The plot for the vertical velocity vs time: The plot for height vs total velocity: .

The MatLab code for this part of the PSet: The last plot: Mach number vs Height: .

60. 72. c/ Use ballistic coefficient equal to 70 to calculate the mass: So the weight we should choose must be smaller than ~ 2335 kg. we might want to open the parachute earlier (example.5.Note that. b/ Let’s draw the Mach number vs altitude for the ballistic coefficient equal to 50. we use the model with only drag force. and there are no lift force. around 500m above the ground). .5.5 and 100. the ballistic coefficient must be around 70. 70. for some safety reason. in this part. we get the following plot: So the parachute can only be used if the ballistic coefficient is smaller than 71. in order to use the parachute effectively. 71.

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