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The Chan HandBook (Talks About Meditation by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua)

The Chan HandBook (Talks About Meditation by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua)

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Published by Wojtek Xters
Talks about Meditation by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua
Talks about Meditation by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

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Published by: Wojtek Xters on Sep 20, 2012
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Concentrating on a focal point is the
keytosuccess in everything.

The method of sitting in meditation is essential to learn in
cultivation. What does the word Chan mean? Chan is a
Chinese abbreviation for the Sanskrit word, Dhyana. Dhyana
means thought cultivation that leads to stilling our thoughts.
Chan meditation is the method used to reach Dhyana, a
stilling of our thoughts.

Normally, when we sit, our minds wanders. Where do our
minds go? They indulge in false thinking, which sends us
anywhere our thoughts take us. Without having to pay for
traveling, we can take a rocket trip. The false thoughts fly
everywhere without restraint. Why is it people do not have
wisdom? It is because the mind wanders about. Why do we
age day-by-day? It is because the mind rushes to all sorts of

Suppose someone drives a new car recklessly and
aimlessly. Doing that will definitely consume and waste a lot


of fuel. Eventually, the car and its parts will be damaged and
mechanical difficulties will result. This analogy applies to the
human body as well. If we do not know how to take good care
of it, if we endulge it without restraint, it will definitely
consume a lot of ‘fuel’. What ‘fuel’ would that be? That fuel
is our precious mental energy. No matter how many times we
refuel, we keep using it up.

Take for example people who consume tonics everyday,
thinking that they are replenishing their bodies with nutrients.
If people do not treasure their mental energy and are self-
indulgent, then no matter how much tonic they consume, they
will never replenish the wasted energy. As a proverb says,
“Concentrating on a focal point is the key to success in

We have to gather our thoughts and concentrate on a focal
point. Then we will not deplete our mental energy. In other
words, if we know how to drive well, we will not drive
around recklessly and meet with an accident. Our car will also
last longer. Similarly, if we know how to take care of
ourselves, then it is possible to neither age nor die.


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