BAYLOR UNIVERSITY: HUMANS VS ZOMBIES RULES 2012 Overview:  "Humans vs. Zombies" is a game of tag.

 All players begin as humans except for one who is randomly chosen to be the unmarked “Original Zombie”. This zombie does not need to wear a bandana for the first 24 hours of the game or after 5% infection, after which they must wear a bandana as would a normal zombie.  The Original Zombie tags human players and turns them into zombies. The zombies must tag and “feed” on a human ever 48 hours or he/she starves to death and is out of the game.  Humans can stun zombies for 15 minutes by tagging them with a foam dart or by throwing a clean pair of socks (or Kwoosh ball) at them. Objectives:  The Zombies win when all human players have been tagged and turned into zombies, by preventing humans from completing the missions, and/or completing the final mission.  The Humans win by surviving long enough for all of the zombies to starve to death, by completing missions, and/or completing the final mission. Safety Rules: These rules are not taken lightly; they are for your safety and the safety of others. o No realistic looking weaponry. o All dart blasters must be blatantly toys. This means bright coloring (custom paint or not) and blaze-orange tips. o Blasters may NOT be used or visible inside of academic buildings, jobs oncampus, residence halls, or libraries. o You cease to play the game once you go off campus. o Players using vehicles (cars, bikes, skateboards, scooter, etc.) are out of play as long as they have one foot within or on the vehicle, respectively. This means that players in or on vehicles may not be tagged or fired upon, but also may not fire or tag from on or within their vehicles. o Players riding bikes are to be given a 15 foot buffer zone at all times. Upon dismounting from a bicycle, the player has a 5 second count (moderate “Mississippi” counting rule - must be spoken aloud) before they are considered back in play. o Cars are to be driven in a safe manner in accordance with all traffic laws and are to be given a 20 foot buffer zone (or simply on sidewalks) while in motion, a 15 foot buffer zone while idle, a 5 foot buffer zone when in park, and no buffer zone when the engine is off. o Jumping off of or out of moving vehicles is illegal, dangerous, and grounds for immediate banning. o Darts must not hurt on impact.

o Players must obey all traffic laws, including (but not limited to) crosswalks, stoplights, stop signs, yield signs, and all speed limit markings. o Where there is a stop sign, stoplight, or traffic involved, players are not allowed to tag or fire upon players crossing a street. o Players can not cause harm to themselves or others in avoidance of zombies or pursuit of humans. o Obey dress code (NO masks, helmets, military gear, ECT). Ask if unsure. o No running in buildings! o Only socks inside of socks are allowed to be thrown. o No tackling. Required Equipment: This gear is required for all players: 1.) Bandana (Preferably HvZ Official or Orange) 2.) Dart Blaster/Socks/Kwoosh Ball products 3.) An HvZ@BU ID Card with your: - NAME - UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER Safe Zones: ALL LISTED BUILDINGS LIMITS ARE SAFE ZONES! o Dorm Rooms, Bathrooms, Academic Buildings, Library, Health Center, and Dining Halls are designated as safe zones. o Maintenance doors and fire exits are not safe zones. o If a door is locked, then there is no safe zone. o Neither zombies nor humans can hold doors shut.

Human Rules: Staying On Campus: You must sleep on campus, in an on-campus apartment or in an apartment within the immediate vicinity of Baylor. If you need to leave campus for longer than 24 hours at a time you may not participate in our game, we apologize, but there are no exceptions. Humans are to attend all missions when possible (academics, jobs, or sports are the only excuse). If you do not attend the final mission, then you are considered to be dead for the purposes of the game. It is not fair if you are off campus for such a long amount of time while other humans live out the plague. Unique Identification Number: Humans must carry their identification card with their Unique Identification Number at all times during game play. When you will need to give the zombie who tagged you your card. Exchanging information - such as names and phone numbers - is encouraged to help facilitate hoard communication.

Stunning a Zombie: o Humans can stun a zombie for 15 minutes by tagging them with a foam dart or by throwing a clean sock at them or Kwoosh ball product (throwing foam darts does not count). o The zombie must take the bandana from their head and place it around their neck to indicate they are stunned. o Humans can RESET a zombie stun time if a stunned zombie stays near them (the zombie’s stun time does not have to be up in order to reset it). o Zombies must leave game play when stunned - this means 50-100 yards away - or head directly to their next class. When Tagged By a Zombie: When tagged by a zombie, a human is required to distribute their ID card. o One hour after being tagged, a human becomes a member of the zombie team. o During the hour you wear your bandana around your neck to indicate you are now a stunned zombie.

Wearing an Armband: o Humans must wear either official or bright orange bandanas around their arm to identify them as players of the game and it can never come off during game play (this means in buildings too)! o Players caught without armbands should be reported and will be removed from the game. o We don’t like posers either! If they are not registered with us and are walking around with dart blasters or bandanas AND participating in the game, contact the moderators immediately with their names. o Players caught allowing unregistered players to play with them will also be removed from game play. Crying: You will probably die at some point and become a zombie. Some people look forward to this. Some people don’t. For those that don’t, you’ll probably have to get over it.

Zombie Rules: Feeding: The human you tag will also record your name and phone number. Report the kill ASAP so that human can go and eat brains with you! That human is unable to report kills until you report their death, so make sure you report your kills ASAP! Also, if you were tagged and the kill was not reported within twelve hours, notify a moderator. Wearing Your Headband: The Zombie team must wear a bandana around their head at all times. The bandana must not be covered by hats, hoods, or hair. The Original Zombie does not need to wear a headband until after the first 24 hours or 5% infection. When stunned, the headband must be moved to the neck for the ENTIRE 15 MINUTES of stun time. Zombies can NOT carry dart blasters or of the other defensive items allowed and can NOT wear bandanas around their arms! Getting Shot: o When stunned with a foam dart or hit with a sock a zombie is stunned for 15 minutes. o A stunned zombie may not interact with the game in any way. o This includes shielding other zombies from darts, continuing to run toward a human, calling other zombies on a cell phone/walkie-talkie, yelling or interacting in the game in any way. o The stunned zombie must clear the area of game play for 50 yards (half a football field) to 100 yards (full football field) away. If you are in the middle of switching classes then the zombie must go straight to their next class. Multiple shots will reset the zombie’s stun time! Zombies should avoid getting stunned multiple times. Strategy for Zombies: You must track down every human player without starving to death. It is easier to feed on weekdays because there are classes (i.e. reasons for the humans to leave their hiding places). Consider that you must feed at least once each weekend due to your lifespan of 48 hours. Feeding multiple times in one day can be fun, and it might get you on the Top Zombies list, but think of your dwindling food supply. It's better to save the easy to kill humans for "hard times". Camping: This means that zombies may not follow humans into safe zones, but they are allowed to wait outside the safe zones at the entrances. Tagging: When a zombie tags a blaster it does not count as tagging the human. Bags do! Do not tackle! Do not grab inappropriate places! Do not rip or hold onto clothes.

Other Rules: o Firing upon non-players with foam darts is a bannable offense. o Firing foam darts in buildings is a bannable offense! (Into your hand is OK). o People who are not registered participants may not directly interact with the game. This includes bringing food/drink/supplies to players, spying for either team, or finding special items and giving them to either side. o Do not ask them for information about either team, if they tell you at random thank them and kindly ask them to refrain from pointing out other members of the game as it is a violation of our rules. o Athletes are safe during official practices, but not on the way to or from practice. Students at required academic events are safe for the duration of the event (even if this event is in a free-play zone), but they are not safe on the way to or from this event. Same applies to jobs (fair game on way to and from)! o Zombies can NOT take human items (including thrown socks and fired darts). Socks and foam darts may only be picked up and returned when the battle is over. o All human items and darts should be marked so that they will recognize them (initials, last name, nickname, etc). o THERE WILL BE NO CROSS COMMUNICATION BETWEEN HUMANS AND ZOMBIES. PLAY YOUR SIDE TO ITS FULL EXTENT! o If a player is marked “deceased” on the website this means they are no longer playing the game and you must treat them as you would a non-player.

Normal Missions: o Humans and zombies are required to check their e-mails for mission updates. o Missions allow the opportunity for either the zombies or the humans to gain points which will ultimately affect the outcome of the game. o Rewards for missions may include (but are not limited to): cure potions, stun timer alterations, safe zone additions/subtractions, points, and ultimate game win. Epic Missions: Given to the highest ranking humans and the highest ranking zombies. You will not know what the mission is unless you accept. Day 3 at the earliest. Cure potions and buffs are rewards. The mission will be far more difficult than a regular mission. And In Comes The Military: During certain missions, a group of non-playable characters representing the military will show up, requesting that the humans do certain tasks or jobs that may or may not jeopardize the human’s success. (The Military may be the key to success or the downfall of the mission. Choose wisely.) Not all humans will agree on whether or not the Military

is the key or the hindrance to a mission, and will therefore become divided. If the Military complete the mission, neither the humans nor the zombies win. The Military will be identified by special bandanas on both arms. o Deceased players may be called back to fill this role. o If a human interferes with the Military or refuses to follow the orders given to them they may (and probably will) be fired upon. o The Military may be tagged by zombies. o The Military may be fired upon by humans. o The Military may fire upon humans and will fire upon zombies. o When tagged, the Military will have a 3 minute stun time. o When fired upon, the Military will have a 5 minute stun time. o If a zombie is hit by the Military, stun times go to default. o If a human is hit by the Military, they are stunned for 10 minutes (they cannot be tagged by a zombie, they cannot fire upon a zombie, they cannot interfere with game play in any manner). o A stunned human will move their bandana around their wrist and follow all non-interference rules as applies to stunned zombies.

Cure Potions: There are over a dozen Cure Potions scattered throughout campus. They are represented by small yellow squares with an identification number on them. Upon finding a Cure Potion, the one who finds said potion will be required to call or text a moderator immediately and report the ID number of the Cure Potion, location, and your Unique Identification Number. Cure Potions can be given to zombies instead of ID Cards, preventing the owner of the Potion from becoming a zombie. If you forget to use a Cure Potion while in the presence of the zombie that tagged you, it is too late to use it; however, it may be given to another human before your hour is up. After using a Cure Potion, the human who used it will be stunned for thirty minutes and unable to participate in the game. Upon receiving a Cure Potion from a human, the zombie who received the Potion will contact a moderator and report the ID number. This will render the Potion useless from future uses.

Reporting to Moderators: This is more of a request than a rule. We would love to hear about your reactions, experiences, and any information on anything that happens during the game. This could include, but is not limited to: o o o o o o o o o o o o Formal Reports Informal Reports General blogs Video blogs In-character video blogs E-mails Texts Word-of-mouth Videos of missions Pictures Videos Etc.

We would love to put together a comprehensive account of how and when everything happened, and we’d love to have your help with that.   If you have questions/problems, contact the moderators via HvZ Source! By signing up for Humans vs. Zombies, you agree to adhere to these Rules, the Hold Harmless Agreement, and Safety Contract provided in the Facebook group.


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