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Pack Track

Pack Track

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Published by: SurajAluru on Sep 20, 2012
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Tip Sheet: PackTrack Time Entry

In PackTrack, the new Time Entry tool, you will create and manage timesheets. This will make the timesheet submission and approval process easier as there is now more visibility and communication in the portal.

After logging into the system, the Home Page displays Dashboards representing Approved Hours per Week by Project and Hours per Week.

Business Process To ensure that you are paid on time, all timesheets must be submitted and approved by 11pm ET each Monday. Manage your Timesheet by using Add Row to include Available Task(s), Save Timesheet, or Submit to Manager for Approval.

Determine the week you wish to create or manage the timesheet using the arrows, or use Search Timesheets. If the Status of the Date Range is Initialized, you will have the option to Create Timesheet.

Enter the hours worked during the defined day, and enter notes related to the task selected.

Use Action items to delete a row or create note boxes below the hourly entry.

select the project name and click Go! to check the Status and gain visibility into details. The time approver will have to approve both time sheets. and see the Consultant Tasks and details assigned to you. and Reviewed. then click “Submit”. . Business Process If a week falls between two months.Hints & Tips Use the Timesheet Status tab to filter your timesheets by All. Awaiting Review. Proceed to add a new row. Find and click on the appropriate Timesheet you wish to view or manage. Check the Project Detail. Open. type in your hours for the rest of the week. then click “Submit” again. From the Projects Home page. you will log the hours for the first month. which will take you to the Time Entry page for the Timesheet.

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