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Yoga and Raj Yoga Analysis

Vedic astrology has a lot of special areas passed on to us over the ages. Two very distinct areas are: Dasa System - Vimsottari, Ashottari, Yogini etc. This all specific periods and dates for each planet. Yoga - Literally means a combination of planets. The combination of planets when arranged in a peculiar way, create a special energy and magnification of effect which are not usually seen when planet are covered individually. Such a cluster gives result called Yoga. If the yoga is beneficial causing wealth and power it is called a Raj Yoga. We will analysis your birth chart in detail and list out all the yoga present along with the result they bestow. Some common and beneficial yogas are: Gaj Kesari Yoga - This is present when Moon and Jupiter are either placed together, are opposite to each other or in the 4th and 10th place from each other (i.e. in an angle) - the result are financial property, power, status in society and political position in some cases. Panch Maha Purush Yoga - this is usually present when any of the planets out of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn occupy their own sign or are in their exaltation sign (great strength) and at the same time occupy either the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house. This gives a great personality or a special human being (Maha Purush) destined to be good and progress high in life, property, power, status and respect. Adhi Yoga - This is usually counted from the Moon sign. The 3 benefits planet i.e. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, if they are in the 6th, 7th and 8th place from Moon cause this yoga.

Results are life long prosperity, status, political position and long life. There are many such Yoga. We will analysis you chat and send you specific combination and their affects.