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Published by: Nilesh Singit on Sep 20, 2012
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(1) Appropriate governments and local authorities shall take suitable measures to
promote and protect the right of all persons with disabilities to have a cultural life
and to participate in leisure and recreational activities on an equal basis with

(2) Without prejudice to the general obligation in sub-section (1), such measures
shall include –

a. Providing facilities, support and sponsorships to artists and writers with
disabilities to pursue their interests and talents;

b. Sponsoring of disability film, theatre, music and dance festivals;

c. Establishment of a disability history museum which chronicles and interprets
the historical experiences of persons with disabilities;

d. Making art accessible to persons with disabilities;

e. Promoting the launch of leisure clubs, recreation centers, and other
associational activities;

f. Facilitating participation in scouting, dancing, art classes, outdoor camps and
adventure activities;

g. Redesigning courses in cultural and arts subjects to enable participation and
access of persons with disabilities;

h. Developing technology, assistive devices and equipments to facilitate access
and inclusion for persons with disabilities in recreational activities.

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2012


(3) All Cultural Academies whether of, art, literature, music, or dance shall include
persons with disabilities in their programs and activities, and shall thereby provide
recognition, support, and awards to the cultural contribution of persons with
disabilities on an equal basis with others.

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