Conglomeration of urban areas simply refers to them merging together; as metropolitan areas have expanded in India we have seen them begin to form a megalopolis. An example of this conglomeration can be seen in the merging of the Delhi and NCR areas. What used to be open grasslands between the two cities twentyforty years ago is now filled with suburban development. On this similar track other Indian cities are also getting more crowded as people continue to migrate in search of better prospects.

1) Migration related problems

a) Human trafficking b) Slums c) Social /political issues, which can be used to exploit the local population 2) Environmental issues a) Growing of technological hazards (e.g. nuclear waste facilities, chemical spills) are both on rise b) Over usage of natural resource of area 3) Law and order Crime rate are much higher in big cities than in either small cities or rural areas and this situation has been a matter of serious concerning to the administrators 4) Urban poverty Over the last few decades, cities in both developing and developed countries have emerged as the major form of human settlement. India is no exception to this, Concentration of economic, social, political and administrative organs of cities has made it a magnet for rich as well as poor households. Such urban conglomerations in the country showcasing ripple effects on a variety of sectors: education, health,

all this factors tend to compound into the urban poverty. both directly and indirectly. .labor/job markets. and economic activities.

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