Tiltproof Incorporated Document No.

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Credit Card Chargeback Reversals

03/12/2008 SM

1.0 Purpose:

This document establishes how to handle requests to reopen an account after a credit card chargeback reversal.

2.0 Persons Affected:

1) Fraud Analysts

3.0 Forms, Checklists, Flowchart:

1) Printable Version: \\tpfs1nw\workflow$\HANDBOOK-FRAUD\Print Versions\Fraud Handbook\Credit Card Chargeback Reversals.doc

4.0 Policy:

1) Credit card chargeback reversals occur when a player cancels a chargeback they initiated on a deposit to Full Tilt Poker. 2) We cannot collect the funds owed when a credit card chargeback is reversed and have to resolve any disputed charges with players directly. 3) If a player claims they reversed the credit card chargeback and want their Full Tilt Poker account reopened, we need them to reinitiate the chargeback dispute and pay us directly. This is the only situation where we ask a player to initiate or reinitiate a chargeback dispute. 4) If a player claims their financial institution won’t allow them to reinitiate a cancelled chargeback dispute, they must deposit the amount owed into their Full Tilt Poker account before we can reopen their account. 

5.0 Procedure:

1) If the player claims they reversed their chargeback dispute with their financial institution, send them frd.cb.reversal. 2) If the player claims their financial institution won’t allow them to reinitiate their chargeback dispute: a) Send them frd.cb.unreversal. b) Create a new email from your Tiltproof email account.

Tiltproof Incorporated i) To: <dquach@pocketkings.ie> ii) CC: <fraudmgmt@tiltproof.ca> iii) Subject: Player ID – Chargeback reversal  Pokr55 – Chargeback reversal iv) Content:  Player ID  Chargeback amount  Any other pertinent details (if available)  Credit card issuing bank  Reason financial institution won’t allow reversal 3) If the player indicates they want to repay us for the charge, refer to Chargeback Repayment.

6.0 Definitions:

7.0 Revision History:

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