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August 2012

Volume 1, Issue 6

unProfessional Standards Department
The fruit of the poisoned tree

PSD goes undercover with another cock-up
C/Sup. Ian Whitehouse

On April 18th this year the Yorkshire Post were tipped off by uPSD about a serious incident concerning three West Yorkshire Police officers: C/Supt Whitehouse, C/Insp Belton and Sgt Beddis. The following day a front page story headlined ‘Probe after steam rises at police gym’ shocked and dismayed the Post’s readers. It also remains one of the most visited pages on the newspaper’s website. More shocking is that we can now reveal that none of those three officers face either criminal prosecution or meaningful disciplinary sanction concerning the alleged offences of criminal damage, affray, section 47 assault or discreditable conduct concerning an incident that began in the sauna at Killingbeck police station.
A further altercation concerning Belton and cuckolded spouse Julie Whitehouse followed, during which Belton was assaulted in her own office by Mrs Whitehouse and the incident witnessed by other officers of supervisory/ managerial rank. This assault/trespass was not investigated at all in spite of heightened public interest by the fact that Mrs Whitehouse was able to trick herself past reception at one of the main police stations in the city of Leeds. Another key element in the so-called ‘investigation’ is that it is fairly well known that this was not the first incident involving Belton and Whitehouse. The difference being is that on the first occasion they were actually caught in flagrante by an undercover police officer whilst both on duty. The fact that this was not investigated and that Belton and Whitehouse are still serving officers contrasts sharply with the fate of the Notts officer PC Simon Jones who is suspended and faces criminal charges for having sex while both were on duty. It is believed, however, that the recipient of this special type of police service was not another Notts officer. The bottom line is that Jones broke the law and now faces disposal through the judicial system. He will, however, count himself very unlucky that he was a Notts officer and not in WYP, where he would undoubtedly have got away with it. Postcode lottery, discrimination against the lower ranks or weak and ineffective leadership of a police force in West Yorkshire. Take your pick.

The Killingbeck incident wasn’t the first for Belton and Whitehouse.

Crime file mystery unravels on High Court steps
The unlovely Miss Belton also features strongly in another CID/PSD shambles. Indeed, it was her failure to effectively investigate this matter that led to her exposure as a sex predator whose attention is readily diverted away from police business. In this case the appropriate disposal of a POCA investigation and the managing of a victim/ complainant’s expectations and rights under CJA. She had every opportunity to avoid bringing herself and the police service into D/Supt. Alan Lees disrepute. We can Head of PSD also now go public regarding her other unappealing traits both as a human being and, more particularly, a police officer. Elizabeth Belton is an unutterably rude, arrogant, foul-mouthed bully and has achieved the rank of Chief Inspector on the back of that, which speaks volumes about the values and principles of West Yorkshire Police. It also places into true context the judgement of a Chief Superintendent who is willing to risk his marriage and his career for such an individual. The outcome of the investigation, which began in January

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unProfessional Standards Department

The fruit of the poisoned tree

2011 and involved prima facie evidence of fraud, had still not been communicated to the complainant in June 2011 when a further prima facie fraud by the same perpetrator was discovered. At which point another over-promoted Chief Inspector, Melanie Jones, became involved. 35 emails and letters were exchanged over the course of the month in which Jones twice confirmed she would produce the outcome of the first investigation. Abruptly, she was then instructed by PSD’s Supt Alan Lees not to engage further concerning the original POCA investigation. The PSD aided and abetted by a hapless (or hopeless) Head of Information Management, Mr Steven Harding, then attempted to conceal that same file for a further 13 C/Insp. Melanie Jones months covering a NE Leeds NPT most convoluted path littered with ill-concealed deceit and downright dishonesty. Then, one working day away from High Court papers being filed by the victim/complainant, the file magically re-appears according to Legal Services Manager, Mike Percival. Those papers included the fact that the PSD officer principally charged with locating that crime file – the ‘mind numbingly incompetent and determinedly dishonest DI Andrew Knapton – was actually the NE Leeds POCA Manager at the time of the initial investigation. You just couldn’t make it up. There is, at the time of writing however, still no concrete evidence of its existence or the prosecution of the offender and it is believed that this is merely a further stalling exercise on the part of WYP. The search for the truth and justice will continue relentlessly by uPSD and if that involves the further exposure of police officers unfit for public office then so be it.

Carr is a write-off
PSD long player DI Damian Carr who has featured prominently in the last two editions of uPSD is to face a serious formal complaint citing breaches of Honesty and Integrity, Duties and Responsibilities and Incivility. It will feature CJA similar fact witness statements from two former police officers with 65 years exemplary service between them. Neil Wilby, an investigative journalist, said: “I have had the dubious benefit of seeing Carr operate at close quarters. The course of conduct Carr has engaged in is a shocking affront to the principles which underpin law and order. The offences committed, in a variety of ways over a considerable period are calculated and deceitful. He has contributed substantially to the conviction of Danny Major remaining as a serious miscarriage of justice and caused untold anguish to the surviving family of a man who died following prolonged custody at Wood St police station”. He added: “Carr is in a position of trust. The criminal justice system depends upon police officers acting with honesty and integrity. In acting as he did, he has let himself down, his police colleagues, the CPS, other representatives of the Crown. Most importantly, Mark Camm’s family, Mr Major, Mr Ramsden – and their respective legal representatives – are left with a residual and burning sense of injustice.” D/Supt Lees has refused to confirm or deny whether Carr is currently on garden leave.

Neil Wilby Investigative Journalist

A shocking affront to the principles of law and order.
Neil Wilby

News in Brief
‘Evasive and untruthful’ Karen Wade looking for NPIA exit
Shipped out to National Police Improvement Agency, would you believe, following her incompetent and dishonest role in an aborted criminal trial at Bradford Crown Court, it has come to uPSD’s attention that ex PSD DC, Karen Wade, is seeking a return to WYP. For the public’s sake it is hoped that Wade is never, ever allowed near an evidence chain again. Criticism by HH Judge Benson at Bradford followed earlier destructive remarks by a Tribunal Judge when she failed to successfully sue WYP for discrimination.

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unProfessional Standards Department
The fruit of the poisoned tree

August 2012
Volume 1, Issue 6

The House of Fraser
POLICING Minister Nick Herbert recently insisted that elected Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) would cost no more than the “weak and invisible” police authorities they will replace in November. “The attack that this is a costly reform is quite wrong,” he said. “I believe PCCs will save money because I think they’ll want to prioritise spending Fraser Sampson Chief Exec. WYPA on frontline policing and ensure that crime is fought effectively.” PCCs will be elected every four years and will set the force’s budget and council tax precept and have the power to hire and fire chief constables. West Yorkshire Police chief Sir Norman Bettison has been critical of the reform, fearing it could “unlock corruption” which is laughable given the current state of his own Force. What Sir Norman fears more than anything else is a new face coming in and asking the integrity questions that the current Police Authority scrupulously avoid. Mr Herbert should have had West Yorkshire Police Authority very much in mind as one of the weakest and most invisible of the organisations he is trying to replace. It is effectively a one man show with Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson, running his staff with a grip of iron to the extent that no phone call, letter or email can be answered without reference to Mr Sampson. UPSD calculates that the staff of 26 could probably reduced to 12 at most by appointing staff to key roles capable of making decisions and taking responsibility. Also, being able to count to ten without assistance would be a definite aid to two of his closest little helpers. necessary gravitas – for the role. She also faces an uphill battle against the Labour-backed Mark Burns-Williamson who is a quite disastrous prospect as Police Commissioner given his record in allowing widescale corruption to go unchecked under his stewardship as Chairman of WYPA. Both candidates were asked this week by uPSD to state where police force integrity features in their election manifesto. The truth is – it doesn’t. Contrast this with another PCC in a different force area whom uPSD is assisting: Integrity is absolutely central to his campaign. uPSD endorses neither ‘True Blue’ Mrs Carter or ‘the Devil we know’ Mr BurnsWilliamson and laments the decision of former Chief Constable, Keith Hellawell, not to stand. He would have been an outstanding candidate. There is, however, another former Geraldine Carter police officer PCC candidate waiting in the wings and his candidature will be a body blow to Mrs Carter and BurnsWilliamson. We also remain totally perplexed that Mr Burns-Williamson can be so vehemently opposed to the role of Police Commissioner in one breath and then put himself forward in the next. Like much of what he does (or doesn’t do) it makes no sense. Which brings us to the most recent public issue concerning paedophile police officers, that is now a running sore. Following our expose in the last issue of unProfessional Standards about who owned the computer, further enquiries have been made at WYPA. The answer: ‘Ask West Yorkshire Police’. After that witless response was challenged an alternative response was offered: ’Mr Sampson will ask PSD sometime in September’ Now that is what is meant by ‘weak and invisible’ Police Authorities. If we fob you off long enough, Mr Joe Public, you will get fed up and go away.

Ploughland House

PCC’s will replace ‘weak and invisible’ Police Authorities.
Nick Herbert Policing Minister

The Devil or the deep Blue
Geraldine Carter, a Calderdale councillor has been given the poisoned chalice as Conservative PCC candidate for West Yorkshire. Mrs Carter appears to have no obvious credentials – or the

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