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Major Products and Brands
Business/ Brand Product Brand End Uses
Refining, power, fertilisers, petrochemicals and other industries Domestic and industrial fuel

Exploration & Crude Oil and Natural Production Gas Refining
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Propylene Naphtha Gasoline Jet / Aviation Turbine Fuel Superior Kerosene Oil High Speed Diesel Sulphur Petroleum Coke

Feedstock for polypropylene Feedstock for petrochemicals such as ethylene, propylene & fertilisers, etc. and as fuel in power plants Transport fuel Aviation fuel Domestic fuel Transport fuel Feedstock for fertilisers and pharmaceuticals Fuel for power plants and cement plants

Petrochemicals - Polymers
Repol Polypropylene (PP) Woven sacks for cement, food-grain, sugar, fertiliser; leno bags for fruits & vegetables, TQ & BOPP films and containers for packaging textiles, processed food, FMCG, office stationery; components for automobile and consumer durables, moulded furniture, luggage, houseware, geo-textiles & fibres for non-woven textiles. Woven sacks, raschel bags for fruits & vegetables, containers for packaging edible oil, processed food, FMCG, lubricants, detergents, chemicals, pesticides, industrial crates & containers, carrier bags, houseware, ropes & twines, pipes for water supply, irrigation, process industry & telecom; films for packaging milk, edible oil, salt, processed food, roto-moulded containers for storage of water, chemical storage and general purpose tanks, protective films and pipes for agriculture, cable sheathing, lids & caps, master batches. Footwear & hotmelt adhesives Pipes & fittings; door & window profiles, insulation & sheathing for wire & cables, rigid bottles & containers for packaging applications, footwear, flooring, partitions, roofing, I.V. fluid & blood bags. Irrigation, water supply, drainage, industrial effluents, telecom cable ducts & gas distribution.


Polyethylene (HDPE, LLDPE & LDPE)

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (EVA) Reon Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Poly-Olefin (HDPE & PP) Pipes


Poly Butadiene Rubber (PBR)

Tyres, tread rubber, conveyor belts, footwear, sports goods, automotive components, rollers, mechanical goods & dock fenders

Relab Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Detergents

swimwear. carpets. sportswear. battery industry. home textile. wipes & hygiene products) Pillows. paper industry (conventional & speciality). furnishing & home textile Active sports and high performance wear Pillows. canvas. shirting. T-shirt. brilliant colours and soft feel.Polyester & Fibre Intermediates Paraxylene (PX) Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) Recron Raw material for PTA Raw material for polyester Raw material for polyester Staple Fibre Filament Yarn Texturised Yarn Twisted / Dyed Yarn Stretch yarns for comfortable fit and freedom of movement Cotton Look. industrial sewing thread. cushions. cushions. pullovers. Cotton Feel Yarns Can dye at boiling water temperature with high colour fastness Dope dyed black with high consistency in shade Bright. decorative fabric & home furnishing Apparel. feather yarn for knitted cardigan. blankets & quilts High-end worsted suitings. quilts. toys & non-wovens Construction industry (concrete/mortar). socks. cement (sheet & pipe). cardigans. filtration. suiting. automotive. low pill Moisture management yarns Hollow fibres with high bounce and resilience Secondary Reinforcement Produts Quality Certified Sleep Products Polyester Tow & Staple Fibre with unique low pill properties Anti microbial fibres & yarns Bi-component filament yarns Hi-bulk fibres for soft-feel & warmth Eco-friendly fibres made from 100% post-consumer polyester waste Speciality polyester fibres Apparel. shirting. wetlaid industry (wall papers. spunlace & non-woven fabrics Blouse material. non-woven & interlining Woven & knitted apparel. mattresses.Reliance Industries Limited 3 Business/ Brand Product Brand End Uses Petrochemicals . furniture. home furnishings & garments used in healthcare industry Super soft and ultra comfortable fabrics Recron Stretch Recron Cotluk Recron Dyefast Recron Superblack Recron Superdye Recron Kooltex Recron Fibrefill Recron 3S Recron Certified Recron Low Pill Recron FeelFresh Recron Micrelle Recron Recrobulk Recron Green Sweaters. luggage. suiting. furnishing fabric. Intimate apparel. automotive upholstery. medical bandages & diapers Dress material. dress material. shawls & jackets Apparel & home textiles Recron Spunlace High quality non-woven products for the healthcare & hygiene industry . upholstery fabrics & socks Active sportswear. curtain & bed sheet Ladies outerwear. denim.

toys and gifting merchandise . shirts & trousers Fabrics V2 Fabrics Retail Reliance Retail Food & Grocery Specialty Store Mini Hypermarket Hypermarket Electronics Specialty Store Exclusive Apple Store Apparel Specialty Health. nutrition. home merchandise. grocery. clothing. music. home textiles & institutional products requiring high washing. suits. jackets. Business/ Brand Product Brand End Uses Petrochemicals . ladies. furniture and jewellery Computers.proof qualities Structurally modified polyester fibre with antimicrobial and antifungal properties surgical dressings Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Apparel. sublimation & rubbing colour fastness. Readymade Garments Ready-to-stitch. Also used in home textiles. New Partnerships. Toys & Gifts Specialty Store Organised retail Fresh vegetables. gaming merchandise Range of Apple products like IPod and IMac Men. natural remedies. stationery. agro-chemical and food products Textiles Vimal Vimal Gifting Suitings. electronics. beauty and style.4 New Businesses. tear proof and fade. ladies. clothing. general and convenience merchandise Grocery. children footwear. Shirtings. Wellness & Pharma Specialty Store Footwear Specialty Store Jewellery Specialty Store Books. handbags and accessories Fine jewellery Books. Tarpaulin. beverages. transport. skin and personal care merchandise Men. New Technologies. sports. opticals. entertainment. leisure. Tents & Awnings Recron Safeband Crepe and Rolled Bandages Safeband Relpet Packaged-water. beauty and style. electronics and home merchandise Grocery. leisure. safety etc. entertainment. pharmaceutical. take away fabric in gift packs Ready-to-stitch. Institutional textiles for hospitality.Polyester & Fibre Intermediates Recron Swarang Recron FR Recron Duratarp Pre-coloured yarns based on chromopohoresmolecular technology Flame retardant Fibres & Yarns Polyester Fibres with increased abrasion resistance for better water proof. mobiles. fitness. fill & comfort products. children clothing and accessories Pharma. confectionary. Take away fabric Fabrics. Music.

Sunglasses. footwear and accessories Footwear and apparel Men’s apparel. batteries & other automotive accessories Apparel. footwear and accessories Men’s apparel. footwear and accessories Footwear and accessories Toys Office and Personal Stationery Spectacles. Furnishing & Homeware Specialty Store Automotive Services & Products Specialty Store Iconic Italian Lifestyle Brand Authentic Outdoor Foot wear and Apparel Brand Luxury Sportswear Brand Italian Luxury Men’s clothing Outdoor Sports Lifestyle Brand Fashion Forward Footwear and Accessories Brand for Women The Finest Toys in the World Office Needs. wide range of tyres. footwear and accessories Apparel. clothing & accessories GAPCO Petroleum Retail Lubricants . Contact Lenses Apparel for Women. crockery. Ladies Sports footwear. Men and Children.Reliance Industries Limited 5 Business/ Brand Product Furniture. Office Supplies and Stationery Store Optical Specialty Store International Apparel. cookware and kitchen aids Repair & maintenance services for 2 & 4 wheelers. home furnishings. home decor. Beauty and Home Décor Men. Lingerie. Accessories & Home Products Store Iconic Japanese Sports Performance brand Transportation fuels Fleet Management Services Highway Hospitality Services Vehicle Care Services Convenience Shopping Foods Auto LPG Brand End Uses Design-led furniture sets for the home & home-office. cutlery. glassware.