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"LastPass Manual" This will help you manage your computer passwords.

"LastPass Manual" This will help you manage your computer passwords.

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This is a FREE password manager for your computer. It is highly recommended.
This is a FREE password manager for your computer. It is highly recommended.

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Published by: angryalbino1 on Sep 21, 2012
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LastPass for iPhone (3+) is an application that will allow you to carry your LastPass data around
with you and easily login to websites from your phone. LastPass for iPhone is a built-in browser
that will automatically fill your login information for each of your stored LastPass sites while
giving you access to most major features.

The iPhone application allows you to download all of your LastPass information from the server
and store it in a secure, encrypted data-store that is saved to your iPhone. As always, this data
can only be unlocked using your email address and Master Password.

As with all smartphone apps, LastPass for iPhone is part of our Premium offering.

Installing LastPass for iPhone

To install LastPass for iPhone open the App Store on your device and search for LastPass.

Logging into LastPass

LastPass for iPhone decrypts your data and displays all of your Secure Notes and Sites in a
searchable interface. It also allows you to add, update, and delete Secure Notes and Sites and
launch a browser to easily login to your sites.

After installing the LastPass browser application on your iPhone, you can launch the application
by tapping on the icon. LastPass will then prompt you to enter your LastPass email and Master

Once you submit your login credentials LastPass will launch your searchable Vault.

The LastPass Vault

From the Vault page you will have access to all major LastPass features and options. The first
thing you will see is your sites tab, and a list of all sites you have in your LastPass account.
Tapping on any of these sites will bring up your site action menu:

'LastPass Manual'


This menu allows you to Delete the entry, Launch your site in the LastPass browser, View the Site
Entry and credentials, Edit the site, or copy the Username or Password from the entry to the
iPhone clipboard, or Show the Password. Launching your site from Vault will AutoFill your login
credentials for the particular site. Look below for more information on web browsing using the
LastPass iPhone app.

The next option in your Vault is the Favorites tab:

Favorites Tab

This tab looks the same as your Vault tab, only in this tab, only the sites and secure notes on this
tab are those specifically designated as favorites. Tapping on an entry will bring up the same
options as the tap menu in the Sites Tab. You can designate a Favorite by editing the individual
site or secure note.

Add New

'LastPass Manual'


The Add New type allows you to easily add new site entries, Fill Form Profiles, and Secure
via your iPhone app. Below is the creation dialog for a new site:

The add new Fill Form dialog can be seen below:

Finally, you can add new Secure Notes from this tab. There are a number of new Secure Note
formats, and users can also add Attachments to Secure Notes. On the main Add New page, you
scroll and choose which Secure note Format you'd like. Below is the Add Secure note page for a
Credit Card.

'LastPass Manual'


After filling out the relevant text information for this card, you could add a picture of the card to
the note by tapping the camera icon in the top of the secure note dialog. You can take a new
picture or take one already in your iPhone Gallery.

By tapping on the microphone, you can add an audio note as well.


The Notes Tab is a separate listing of all the Secure Notes that you have stored in LastPass.

Tapping on a Note here will allow you to view the Note. You can also select Edit and make
changes to existing notes from here as well:

'LastPass Manual'


Settings Tab

The Settings Tab gives you access to a number of LastPass options and settings.


1. Logoff: Logs the current user out of the LastPass iPhone app.

2. Identity: Allows the user to switch in and out of various Identities.

3. Refresh: This forces your LastPass app to 'poll' the server for updates that may have been
made to your account. This will always update the server of any changes you have made
on your iPhone. By default these updates only happen on the iPhone when you use
'Refresh Sites' or when you login to your account.

4. Generate Password: Offers you the option to Generate Passwords on the iPad using
the Generator. See screenshot below.

5. Safari Bookmarklet: Takes you to a page in Safari where you can save a Bookmarklet
that will automatically launch LastPass for you.

6. Browser: Launches the LastPass browser (built into the app).

7. About: Shows you the app version number and build date.

The options you'll find in the LastPass Password Generator are the same options you'll see in the
computer browser extensions.

'LastPass Manual'


The re is another set of options located further down the page:


1. Remember Email: Allows LastPass to keep your e-mail remembered in the login screen
to the app so you no longer have to type it in.

2. Remember Password: Allows LastPass to keep your master password remembered in
the login screen to the app so you longer have to type it in. This is not recommended, as it
greatly decreases security, particularly on easily lost or stolen devices.

3. Logoff on Close: When enabled, this option will log you out of your account when the app
is closed. Please note, closing the app means completely 'killing' the app or turning off
your iPhone.

4. Logoff on Idle: Setting a time limit for this option will log you out of your account when
the app has been idle for "X" minutes. In the screenshot above, the iPhone is set to Never
logoff when idle. Setting some time limit for this, even if extremely high, is a good security
measure in the case your phone is lost or stolen.

5. Use Pin Code: Allows you to set a four digit pin code to be asked for upon re-entry to the
app after an initial login using your master password. We highly recommend you use this if
you leave yourself logged into LastPass Tab when leaving the app to multi-task. See
screenshot below.

6. Require pin after returning from background: Allows you to set a timer so you are
only reprompted for your pin after 'X' minutes. In the screenshot above the app is set to
ask for the PIN after each time you leave the app and return to it from the background.

7. Advanced Settings: Gives you the option of having your username show in the Vault and
install Bookmarklets in Safari for iOS.

Below is a screen shot of what the Pin code re-entry screen looks like:

These are the instructions for the Bookmarklet installation instructions under Advanced Settings:

'LastPass Manual'


By tapping on any of these bookmarklet links, you will be taken to a page in Safari that you can
bookmark. These bookmarklets will allow you to AutoFill, AutoLogin, and Form Fill in the Safari
mobile browser. The LastPass App cannot AutoFill in Safari, but only in the LastPass browser built
into the app. For more information on Bookmarklets, go to our Bookmarlet page.

Using the LastPass Browser on the iPhone

While you can use the LastPass app solely as a repository for your passwords, for the best
experience we recommend that you use the built in browser to view and AutoFill your site logins.
To get to the LastPass browser, you can launch a site from your LastPass Vault, or you can
launch the browser from the Settings Tab under Actions (see directly above).

You can use the "+" symbol in the circle to add new sites to your LastPass Vault from the iPhone
while browsing in the LastPass app.

When you launch a site from the LastPass Vault on your iPhone, it will automatically fill in your
login credentials. If you choose to manually navigate to a site using the browser, you can still
select an AutoFill entry by selecting the LastPass asterisk at the bottom of the app. You will then
be presented with all your existing entries for the current site you are on.

After tapping on an entry, it will AutoFill into the login fields. Tapping on the Form Fill icon
(the silhouettes), will offer the same option with your Form Fill profiles.

'LastPass Manual'


Finally, hitting the curved arrow (on the far right), will take you back to the last tab you were on
(either Vault or More). The two arrows on the left side are forward and backward web navigation

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