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Designer Quotes: "What is impactful design and how do you create it?"

Designer Quotes: "What is impactful design and how do you create it?"

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Q:What is impactful design and how do you create it?
For our Special Interior Design | Home Furnishings Edition, South Bay Digs reached out to the local interior design community and asked them to answer the above question. And this is what they said…
Q:What is impactful design and how do you create it?
For our Special Interior Design | Home Furnishings Edition, South Bay Digs reached out to the local interior design community and asked them to answer the above question. And this is what they said…

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Published by: South Bay Digs on Sep 21, 2012
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p e r S o n a l S pac e


What is impactful design and how do you create it?

F our Special Interior Design | Home F or urnishings Edition, South Bay Digs reached out to the local interior design community and asked them to answer the above question:
Bernadette Capellaro, Cantoni F urniture in L Angeles os
There is no secret or trick to effective design. It’s a matter of understanding the space and the whims and personality of the client. As the Senior designer at Cantoni furniture in Los Angeles, I meet clients with tastes that vary from the rapper to the real estate developer and everything in between. Our projects run the gamut from designing suites at the W Hotel to helping Justin Bieber pick out the right bed. The key is to understand the client’s lifestyle, know the bones of the room and know where to put the emphasis. At Cantoni furniture our motto is “Great design is a way of life.” Great design has no secrets or tricks; it’s about good listening, experience, and the desire to create a space you could die for! Bernadette capellaro | Design consultant | www.cantoni.com | 323.634.0909

Nadia Elgrably, Nadia Designs in Manhattan Beach
I have always felt that “Good Design” is like a” symphony of elements”. Those Design elements are our orchestra. Like musical notes- they are personalized to the project, space and our clients needs and desires. To me, for design to have impact it must exceed the following criteria. Appeal- what we see, how it feels, and what emotion it stirs for our senses. Luxurious Details- Whether it is the hardware selected on the cabinet door, the fabric on your favorite chair or the extra roomy shower with all the amenities, luxury surrounds us. Function- The functionality of space is critical. Not only to meet the needs of today, but also to forecast and adapt to future needs, surpassing the mediocre. Spacial Harmony- a room full of showy pieces is best in a museum. Less is more. Responsibility- To meet budget and costs, and to operate on time and to schedule whenever possible. In addition, we need to protect our environment by exercising the option to select from responsible manufacturers, products and builders. nadia elgrably | www.nadiaDesigns.org | 310.892.1799

Sarah Barnard, L AP, Sarah Barnard Design in Santa Monica eed
Impactful design is the successful melding of visual beauty and exceptional performance. By planning spaces that are functional, comfortable, beautiful and sustainable we can help our clients live healthier, happier lives.

Nancy Manning, H ornbeck Design P artners in Redondo Beach
Hornbeck Design Partners always works on each project as a unique partnership between the client, the designer and the space. With a clear design objective refined with our clients, we create significant impact using unique and creative combinations of furnishings, color, texture, art and accessories. Sometimes one or more of these elements become dominant, but there must be a sense of balance in a room. Not every piece needs to or should be the “wow” piece. Good design takes a trained editing eye as well as good selection, remembering proportion and context. Impact can be subtle and strong eliciting the desired emotional response. nancy manning | www.hornbeckDesignpartners.com | 310.406.1713

Sarah Barnard, leeD ap | www.SarahBarnard.com | 310.823.7331

T F alia rederick, T Interior Design in Manhattan Beach alia
Impactful design is creating a space that makes a person feel like they are swept away to a personal utopia. Whether it a feeling of being on a luxury vacation or going back to fond memories of the past, that “place” makes one feel happy inside. I create this by listening to what a client really truly wants and implementing a sense of balance and harmony to the space that encompasses all of those things. talia Frederick | www.taliainteriorDesign.com | 310.480.6079

Claudia Edler Kazachinsky, CEK Design, Inc in Redondo Beach
“In art school, one of my teachers used to say, “Color always gets the credit, “ and it is inherently true ,not just in art, but also in interior design. How do I create an impactful design? In my case by doing the unexpected and assembling different textures and colors; crystal and wicker, tangerine and fuchsia, French baroque and modern. As a believer in the adage form follows function, I play by the rules by spending time interviewing the client before creating layouts and selecting the pieces. I believe in proportion, comfort, light and texture, but in the end color always takes center stage.”

claudia edler Kazachinsky | ceK Design, inc. | 310.793.8242


SouthBaydigS.com | 9.21.2012

p e r S o n a l S pac e


What is impactful design and how do you create it?

“Impactful interior design is a design that is created specifically for a client to positively support their lifestyle. The furnishings are creative, reliable in quality, and align with the client’s tastes and preferences. At Caroline Burke Designs Inc. ,it is our philosophy that a well designed home fully supports a happy, healthy lifestyle.“

SANDy KoepKe, SANDy KoepKe iNTeRioR DeSiGN
“Good timeless design feels effortless. the impact is subtle...and not just about how it looks, but also how it FEELS. creating wonderful spaces is about knowing the client, being sensitive to the site and the architecture plus good measures of experience, training, and imagination. A newly done space ought to feel like it has always been there: comfortable and welcoming, but with a little hit of fun and surprise.”

caroline Burke | www.carolineBurkeDesigns.com | 310.345.2824

Sandy Koepke | www.SandyKoepkeinteriorDesign.com | 310.273.1960

JoCeLyNe BoRyS, JoCeLyNe BoRyS DeSiGN
Design should inspire a “Wow!” of unexpected delight. Beautiful colors, seductive textiles, surprising silhouettes and luxurious finishes... but your dog should still be able to curl up on the sofa with you...

Jocelyne Borys | www.JocelyneBorysDesign.com | 818.601.5660

“Impactful design is not so much concerned with the outward appearance rather the inward significance every project has for our clients. Being a good interior designer means having the ability to check your ego at the door and truly listen to their individual dreams. In every project we endeavor to create something poignant and meaningful for our clients.”

The Definition of impactful, is “having a major impact or effect: an eye catching and impactful design”. Impactful design is creating a space that has that “wow factor”. You enter this space, residence, resort, room, restaurant, etc. and immediately feel a sense of comfort, balance, harmony, happiness, which may be subtle or over whelming, but it is an experience sometimes you can’t explain. This effect can bring you motivation and inspiration. You leave the space feeling calm and relaxed. And days, weeks and months after you leave this space, you always remember that feeling you had of what impactful design feels to you.” “I’ve always believed that beautiful design elevates quality of life. We seek out possessions and experiences that enrich us.”

lorren lotesta | www.realestateonline.com | 310.377.7788

christine m. Stahlberg | cmSinteriorDesign.com | 310.889.5259

“Texture is the magical ingredient to creating impact in any room - it is unique in that it can evoke our senses both physically and emotionally. Through the use of different textures; depth, dimension, and layers are added to the space, creating an elevated visual experience. One must call to light the inherent beauty of an individual space and accent it with personal treasures and unique finds, the unification of function and form will impact owners and guest alike.” “Weaving in rare finds with present-day design creates impact in any space. History melded with modern elements, creates balance and harmony that will sooth the soul.”

nicole gillis | www.atmosphereinteriorDesign.com | 424.225.0570


SouthBaydigS.com | 9.21.2012

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