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Published by: Ranjeet Singh on Sep 21, 2012
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Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Publicity and advertisement of the institution Affiliating bodies of the institution Professional associations of the institution Geographical location of the institution Brand name of the institution Career growth opportunities with institution Research and Development avenues with institution Training and Development avenues with institution Word-of-mouth of the institution Infrastructure and state-of-art facilities of institution Transparent HR policies of institution Recruitment and selection system of institution Performance appraisal system of institution Pre-service preparation for teaching In-service training for teaching Induction level program in teaching Working Environment for teaching Curricular activities in teaching Co-curricular activities in teaching Extra-curricular activities in teaching Social development activities in teaching Research activities in teaching Administration activities in teaching Awards and recognition in teaching Patents and copyrights in teaching Networking with people in teaching Consultancy with industry in teaching Benchmarking system for improving quality in teaching Feeling of contentment in teaching Salary for teachers Non-monetary benefits/ Fringe benefits for teachers Performance recognition of teachers Learning through collaboration with other teachers Use of ICT in classes Use of audio-visual aids in classes Use of Case-studies in classes Use of out-bound training activities for courses Use of Personality Development classes Use of Industrial Tours Students placement in corporate Salary package offered by recruiters to students Association of alumni with the institution

r satisfaction level with your institution

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