Dave O'Higgins @ Jazz School UK

Dave O’Higgins @ Jazz School UK

SATURDAY 13th October 2012

The compelling Dave O’Higgins is coming to Jazz School UK on Saturday October 13th with a saxophone workshop and evening concert performance. We welcome saxophone players and jazz lovers alike to the different parts of the day.

saxophone players
This is a great opportunity for players of all levels to meet, learn from, and hear in action one of the finest jazz saxophone exponents in Europe. There will also be a session where you can play with the top professional trio of Nick Weldon (piano) Steve Watts (double bass) and Trevor Tomkins (drums)!

jazz lovers
Please come and support us in our jazz venture at the Shoefactory. The Evening Concert features Dave O’Higgins with the Trio, aided and abetted by the lovely Andra Sparks. You will also gain a fascinating glimpse of the way we put the music together if you come along to the a)ernoon Open Workshop as an observer. Not to be missed!

3. Annual membership (£40) runs from September 1 to August 31.Children under 12 have free admission to to Open Workshops and Evening Concerts when accompanied by a paying adult (maximum two children per adult). under Dave O’Higgins’s supervision. and entrance to the evening concert performance. NN10 9YW MAP Pricing: Workshop £90 (£72) per day . This session is open to observers.30-5.Dave O’Higgins @ Jazz School UK Format: 11am-3pm Instrumental workshop covering technique. Venue: Jazz School UK. The Shoefactory.com 07971 409596 or Andra Sparks andra@andrasparks. We also offer a maximum of two places per workshop at £45. Rushden.com 07790 019534 . 6. Enquiries and bookings: Contact Nick Weldon nickweldon@mac.50 (£10) Prices in brackets show 20% reductions for existing Jazz School UK members.30-9pm Concert performance by Dave O’Higgins with the Nick Weldon Trio and Andra Sparks. accompanied by the Nick Weldon Trio. repertoire. improvising skills and theory. 23b Fitzwilliam St. and is available only for Ensemble players or those taking a course of regular individual lessons.the price for playing participants includes all tuition. for students who could not otherwise afford to attend. and any players aged under 18. Open Workshop (audience) £5 Evening Concert £10 (£8) Open Workshop + Evening Concert £12. student players take it live. food and refreshments.30pm Open Workshop in which.

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