POSTCARD FROM POPRAD with Eric Wiltsher in Poprad, Slovakia Leigh Banks, United Kingdom Marc Gander, Paris

, France

Date: 21 September 2012

RTI would like to encourage you, if you are a Slovak family, or any other country for that matter, suffering problems with the UKs Social Services and your children; please contact John Hemming MP via: Email: or Telephone: 00 44 121 722 3417.
TRIBUTES have poured in for the two women police officers murdered in Manchester. Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell apologises to police Microsoft defeats Google over a third patent in Germany News Corporation issued a statement in response to Ofcom’s decision regarding BSkyB’s broadcasting license Bullfighting declared legal in France Czechs ban spirits after bootleg alcohol Alex Thomson's MacKenzie doorstep sparks media debate BT reveals death-threat call centres Stopping your wife having a bank account can be domestic abuse under new guidelines

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