Edexcel A2 Physics

Questions and answers
1.1.4 Real collisions [QB]Questions 1 An alpha particle moving at 3% of the speed of light collides elastically with a stationary aluminium nucleus (atomic number 13 and mass number 27). If the alpha particle bounces backwards at 0.1% of the speed of light, what is the velocity of the aluminium nucleus after the collision? 2 In a pool shot, the cue ball of mass 0.17#kg travels at 6#m#s−1 and hits the stationary black ball in the middle of the table. The black ball, also of mass 0.17#kg, travels away at 45º with a speed of 4.24#m#s−1, ending up in the corner pocket. By resolving the components of the black ball’s momentum, find out what happens to the cue ball. [aw 1.1.22 here] [FCAP]fig. 1.1.22 2D momentum calculations can be very important in winning at pool. [/QB] [ST] Answers 1) 0.46% of the speed of light; 1.38 x 106 m s-1 2) It ends up in the other corner pocket, moving at 4.24 m s-1 at 45º to the original line.

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