Edexcel A2 Physics

Questions and answers
1.2.1 Angular displacement [QB]Questions 1 Convert: a b 2 a b c 4π radians into degrees 36° into radians. 33 revolutions per minute 45 rpm 78 rpm

Vinyl records could be played at one of three speeds. Calculate the angular velocity of each.

3 What is the angular velocity of an athletics hammer if the athlete spins at a rate of three revolutions per second? 4 A man standing on the equator will be moving due to the rotation of the Earth. What is his angular velocity? What is his instantaneous velocity? [EXT]5 an error. There are 6283 milliradians in a complete circle. The army’s rounding of this to 6400 mils causes

a How far sideways from the target could this rounding cause an artillery shell to be when aimed at a target 20#km away? b [/QB] [ST] Answers 1) 720 º b) π/5 rad; 0.63 rad -1 2) 3.46 rad s b) 4.71 rad s-1 c) 8.2 rad s-1 3) 18.8 rad s-1 4) ω = 7.27 x 10-5 rad s-1; v = 465 m s-1 5)a) 36.6 cm b) The error is proportionately the same Why does the actual bearing to the target not affect your answer to part a?

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