Edexcel A2 Physics

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2.1.1 Electric fields [QB]Questions 1 2 3 What is the force on an electron in an electric field of 300#V#m 1? What is the strength of an electric field that will put a force of 1.28 <mult> 10 15#N on a proton? How much acceleration will an alpha particle undergo whilst in an electric field of 10#kV#m 1?
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4 In the electron beam of a cathode ray oscilloscope, electrons are accelerated through a potential difference of 3000#V which is set up between electrodes which are 3#cm apart. a b c d [/QB] [ST] Answers 1) 4.8 x 10-17 N 2) 8000 V m-1 3) 4.8 x 1011m s-2 4)a) 1 x 105 V m-1 c) Calculate the electric field strength between these electrodes, assuming it is a uniform field. How fast will the electrons be moving when they emerge from this field? Draw a picture to illustrate the field produced by these plates. Describe and explain how the field’s effects would be different if a proton were placed in it.

b) 1.62 x 107 m s-1

+3000 V


d) Acceleration is in the opposite direction because the proton’s charge is the opposite sign to an electron; and the acceleration is less as the proton mass is greater than an electron’s.

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