CASD official to travel to China for cultural exchange program – Chambersburg Public Opinion Posted on 10th July 2012

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Chambersburg Area School District Superintendent Joe Padasak is one of eight administrators in Pennsylvania selected to participate in a cultural exchange with China. Padasak will be spending two weeks in China in April as Part of The China Exchange Initiative’s U.S. China Administrator Shadowing Project. “What attracted them to us, as I understand it, is we’re looking at different opportunities for our students in the high school, like the magnet school,” said Padasak. Source: casd-official-to-travel-to-china-for-culturalexchange-program-chambersburg-publicopinion/ Chambersburg board eliminates $1.5 million in programs, positions March 23, 2011 See: 29180517_1_chambersburg-board-b onassociation - 106605099/Chambersburg-BoardEliminates-1-5-Million-in-Programs-Positions

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