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How To

NOW ! (And never

look again)

How To Find a Job (and never have to look again!) By: Jim Stroud
Copyright 2012 by Jim Stroud. All Rights reserved. You have permission to post this e-book on your blog or website, email this e-book, print this e-book and/or pass it on to anyone you like, as long as you make no changes or edits to its contents or digital format. In fact, I'd love it if you'd make lots and lots of copies and pass them around as well. The right to bind this and sell it as a book, however, is strictly reserved.

I can not do what I do without my wife doing what she does. Thank you dear for all you do. ;-)

*When promoSng my e-book, I gave an opportunity for people to get an advanced copy. There was also an opSon to support at a higher level and get a message of your choice added herein or get a shout-out. The shout-outs and special messages appear on the next couple of pages.

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It is a pleasure knowing you. You are an encouragement to us all! Words can not express how appreciaSve I am for all you have contributed to the growth in my life. I will conSnue to support your eorts! May God Bless and Keep you Prosperous, Always ~Charea Johnson :)

I hope this book helps you with your job search. My approach in writing this book is to write as little as possible. (Crazy right?)

NOTE: Look for a LOT of visuals and very brief data to accompany those images.
Why do it this way?

People have really short a]enSon spans.

Past employers My background

Sourcing RecruiSng CompeSSve Intelligence Social Media RecruiSng Training Video Blogging PodcasSng Publishing Entrepreneur

Microsoe Google Siemens Dot Coms MCI

Need more info than this? Look me up on LinkedIn

Me Me Me Me Me

Oh, brother.
And now, more about me.

I have been involved with sourcing, recruiSng and compeSSve intelligence since 1997. I have been Involved with Social Media since 2002 when I created my rst blog.

Could this be you?

ed? Unemploy

mplo happily - e Un yed

Will work for money.

(Ask me how.)

If you can idenSfy with this picture, this book is for you. ;-)

Okay, lets do this

I was laid o in 2002 and not happy. I was laid o in 2011, but not upset.

What the llll do you mean layos?!! You go4a be XXXX kidding me!!

No problem, mon!

Why was I not upset in 2011? I learned my lessons from the 2002 recession.

How do Recruiters nd candidates?

Employee Referrals Job Boards Career Sites College Direct Sourcing

200 Companies surveyed across various industries.

Employee referrals are a LOT cheaper than hiring a search rm and typically employees know who would be a good t for the company.

This is why networking is important! Direct Sourcing is not the biggest source of hires, but it gets a lot of a]enSon. Why? (Ill explain in a moment.)

Let me share something with you that you probably never think about

Job Boards Cost money

Comparison Chart of big boards and what companies pay

Yikes! The cost of posSng jobs online has steadily increased!

* Data courtesy of

Using Job boards can get to be expensive! Big companies want to save money. So, they go to Google to nd free resumes. Small companies want to save money. So, they go to Google to nd free resumes.

This is where direct sourcing comes in. Recruiters do searches like this to nd free resumes all the Sme. (I should know. I trained a lot of them.)

If you ONLY have your resume on job boards like Monster then, no. Monster charges recruiters to view their resumes. I advise placing your resumes online where all recruiters can access it for free.

Would I nd your resume in a Google search?

Just in case you nod off, this is the crux of what I am going to say.

And when I am done with that, more stuff will be said. But for now

How many resumes can be found on the internet for free? I did the research and found out. 5,000,000 documents are Stled resume on the web.

There are approximately 5,000,000 resumes on the web.

85% of all resumes were on .com domains 05% of all resumes were on .info domains 04% of all resumes were on .org domains 04% of all resumes were on .net domains

23% were technical


3% of resumes 6%
of resumes included the term Soeware Engineer

included the term Soeware Developer

14% of resumes

included the term programmer

*All numbers and percentages are approximate.

I searched resumes based on top level domains to prevent overlap.

In 2002, I made a website for my resume so ALL recruiters can nd it for free. This is what it looked like.

Posted this in 2002

I received a lot of calls and emails. Not because I was more qualied (per se), but due to the fact that my data was easy to nd and free. End result: 2 months to nd a job.

I never did take my resume down, so I was sSll gesng a]enSon. However, my professional interests changed. So I updated my resume and posted a video resume as well. End result: 4 months to nd a job.

Now see what happens when a recruiter does a special kind of Google search.

Page one results!

This screenshot was made on July 19, 2012

Now see what happens when someone does a regular Google search.

Page one results! Result #6

Result #8

Result #9

Result #10

This screenshot was made on July 19, 2012

I dont know how to put up a website! (Thats looks interesSng, but Im just not that technical.)

Is your face looking like this right now?

No problem. I got you. Check out the following websites and use them to post your data online.

Give Google something to work with!

Quick and easy way to get your info out there.

Quick and easy way to get your info out.

Create a homepage for your resume here:

Post your resume as a blog post here:

Camera shy? Upload pictures and make a 30-second video resume in minutes. Google Docs

DocStoc Edocr

Slideboom Slideshare

Before you upload your resume and other documents online, do the research rst!

Make a list of keywords to add to your resume. It will increase the chances of your resume being found. How will recruiters search for my resume?

Job Titles Skill Keywords Company Names LocaSon Keywords (area codes, ciSes)

LinkedIn Skills keeps data on what terms are most popular on LinkedIn. Use it to gure out the most popular keywords to add to your resume.

Hmm Jobseekers should spend some quality Sme here.

Forgive me a moment as I go on a quick tangent.

Before a company hires you they will do a background check. This background check will include the things you have said or done online.

A year-old start-up, Social Intelligence, scrapes the Internet for everything prospective employees may have said or done online in the past seven years. Then it assembles a dossier with examples of professional honors and charitable work, along with negative information that meets specific criteria: online evidence of racist remarks; references to drugs; sexually explicit photos, text messages or videos; flagrant displays of weapons or bombs and clearly identifiable violent activity. Source:


2. 3.

You Google yourself to see what is out there. Remove negaSve data about you, if you can. If you cannot remove it, at least you can tell your potenSal employer That aint me. Set up a phone number and email specically for your resume.* Use to see what sites you may have joined and forgo]en about.

* When they track that phone number and email there will be nothing to be found since you just set it up. ;-)

Use this to redirect calls to your cellphone.

These tools will help you short and long-term.

Create a new email just for your resume!

Do you remember everywhere youve been? (And what you shared?)

OMG! This really works my nerves. Why is it that people do not know how to manage their Facebook privacy sesngs?

Recruiters WILL SEE the informaSon that you allow to be public. Do yourself a favor and protect your online anScs. Sigh

Please, please, please master your privacy sesngs!

Set permissions on each post! What gets seen by the public, select individuals or your friends only.

I HIGHLY suggest that you spend quality Sme with your privacy sesngs.
1. Let Everyone send you Facebook messages so recruiters can reach out to you if they so choose. (You can then ask them to connect with you on LinkedIn.) 2. Be selective on who sees what your friends post on Facebook so that a recruiter does not get the wrong impression of you.

Put your friends posts on review before they hit your Smeline.

You can also make the sweeping change of all your old posts available to only friends and friends of friends, but not public. Be]er safe than sorry.

Be sure to fill out the Work and Education and About You section of your profile. Companies are using that data to find candidates.

Y o u s h o u l d g e t involved with social n e t w o r k s i n addiSon to posSng your resume. And this is why

You may be thinking, Gee Jim, thats all well and good and something I will keep in mind. However, I need some money now! What can you do about that?

You can start this immediately without spending any money!

Is she at home or at the oce?

What is her job?

Web Designer Programmer Photographer ArSst Writer Paralegal Graphic Designer Data Entry Translator Tech Support Admin The answer to both is it doesnt ma]er.

How do freelance sites work?
1. Create a prole 2. Connect with customers via the website protocols 3. Customers are billed per minute or per project 4. Once engagement is over, customer rates your services 5. You set your prices and website takes a percentage of the fees

Here are some freelance sites to consider

How do I find freelance projects?
Seek out people who are asking quesSons that you can answer Network with people who will eventually need your services Freelance Job Sites

If you answered that quesSon, then you are an obvious expert. Why not use the opportunity to upsell your consulSng services?

This is LinkedIn Answers!

Find more sites like this here: Top 10 Q & A Sites -

Use to do speed networking from your telephone!


How do I price my freelance services?
Charge according to the market* Set payment terms upfront Get it in wriSng Consider various pricing models. For example, charge one price for virtual consultaSons and much more for in-person engagements. As you gain posiSve feedback on freelance sites, start raising your rates.

1. Research the average salary for your services 2. Divide it by 120,000 to get your per-minute wage

Flexible work hours Flexible work locaSon Choice of projects Wide variety of projects Work naked if you want

Financial insecurity Loneliness Blurring of home and work Wearing mulSple hats Loss of salaried benets

Half empty or half-full?

PosiSon your resume where it can be found online for free by any and all recruiters. Add the right keywords to your resume and social network proles so that you will be found for the right reasons.
Get acSve on Social Networks because recruiters nd people there.

Take care to manage your online reputaSon! You do not want to be d i s q u a l i e d f r o m opportuniSes you do not know about.

Sell your advice online in order to supplement your income and share y o u r e x p e r S s e t o a]ract recruiters.

Once you have found work:

Keep networking with people in your industry. Why? No one can refer potenSal opportuniSes to you if they do not know you. Share your experSse in social networks, write blogs and/or white papers. Give Google (and recruiters) something to nd when they are looking for people with your skillset. Share your experSse by speaking at events. It looks good on a resume and keeps your name out there. ;-)

As you get referrals:

Tell them no thanks, Im already working, but keep their info handy for future use. Refer the opportuniSes you do not want to people in your network. That will make them remember you should recruiters ask them for a referral. (Plus, it makes you look like a good guy.)

But wait! Thats not all! Actually, Im just gesng warmed up. ;-)

Since its the most popular social network with recruiters, let me give you some Sps on LinkedIn.

Lets connect on LinkedIn! h]p://

On your prole is a link called Whos viewed your prole?

Be a detecSve and see who has been looking over your LinkedIn prole.

Why do this?
Follow-up with people who have visited your prole. Are any of them recruiters? What companies are showing an interest? Is there a possible job for you there?

If you are not gesng a lot of trac to your prole, consider ediSng your prole with be]er keywords that may a]ract recruiters to your prole.

Is your prole coming up when recruiters search LinkedIn?

Just as a reminder, use LinkedIn Skills to research the most popular keywords.

Get insight into a companys hiring pracSces. 1. Do a search for a company. (a) 2. Click the Insights link on the company page. (b)

On the Insights page you can see where a company recruits from, the most common skills the employees have and where the employees tend to live. Use this data (and other info available) to get a feel for the company you are interested in and the people they tend to hire.

Reach out and connect to recruiters who focus on your industry. Why? They get what you do and they have the connections.

Did you know that you could monitor real-Sme tweets for jobs?

Follow me on Twi]er @jimstroud

Do yourself a favor and search on these terms.

I need to hire I need to interview send me your resume My company needs anybody know a

Use to nd recruiters on Twi]er. Connect and network!

17,000+ Recruiters on Twi]er

I know you may be thinking, seriously, another social network?!! But trust me, you want to set up a prole on Google Plus.

Look me up on Google Plus! h]p://

Google Plus is growing like gangbusters!

This is what a prole page looks like on Google Plus. NoSce that it reads like a resume?

Wow. Look at all these Admin Assistants I found for free! Companies that want to save money on job boards will love this. But they will not nd you if you do not set up a prole on Google Plus. Just sayin

Who doesnt have a Facebook prole?

Lets connect on Facebook. h]ps://

Remember when I suggested these searches for Twi]er? Works the same on Facebook as well.

I need to hire I need to interview send me your resume My company needs anybody know a I need an accountant

Do you visit c o m p a n y pages? If not, I suggest that you do.

Get acSve on company pages and get noSced!

When was the last time a recruiter gave you feedback after applying?

I just looked at your resume and.

NETWORK WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE! l Find events related to your eld. l Network with those who have an interest in the event. l Connect with the event manager for more leads

Who do you know works for the company that you want to work for?

Oookay, I just discussed social networks. What next? Hmm

C o n n e c t w i t h 5 people who work in your industry. Make sure that none of you are compeSng for the same job.

Together, all of you c r e a t e a l i s t o f companies you want to work for, networking groups in your city, careerfairs, industry events and online job Divide the work up 5 boards. ways. Some call into companies, others go to networking groups, et cetera.

At the end of a job interview, menSon your other teammates. When recruiter agrees to check out their resume, do a le]er of introducSon bringing your teammate and recruiter together. S e t u p w e e k l y meeSngs to share the intelligence you gathered.

Keep sharing intelligence and assisSng each other unSl all are working. Once all are working, keep networking. You now have your own good ol boy network.

If you need help nding people for your job search team, contact career ministries and job s e e k e r n e t w o r k i n g groups and ask the person in charge to oat this email around to their group. (Of course, adapt it to t your specic need.)

But if you need more, I got you covered. On the following pages are links to arScles I wrote. Knock yourself out.

If you want to stop now, thats cool. You should have more than enough data to get you started.

Click here to learn:

Advice on how to cold-call into a company for people who absolutely HATE cold- calling into companies.

How To Find Hidden Jobs

Click here to watch a video of me giving job search advice! (Its over an hour, so pack a lunch.)

Hmm I think my advice is good, but Im not the only game in town. Maybe I should recommend a few job search resources that may help them as well?

Yeah, Ill do that on the next few pages.

I recommend these books. They are denitely worth a read!

I have nothing but love for CAREER Magazine!

Need help with your resume? If so, you will like this free video tutorial on resume building. Click here to get access.

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You just punched unemployment in the face!

Take that recession!