Mrs. Brinkman’s First Grade September 24, 2012 440.740.


List #1: in, pin, win, fin, pig, wig am, pan,

yes, and

Please add the following words to your child’s 1st grade sight word baggie:

Enrichment List: twin, spin, skin,

thin, twig, giggle, am, pan, yes, and

make, they, walk

This week we’ll work on story retelling. The children will listen to and read the story, and then summarize (retell) the story in their own words. For children who are just starting to develop their reading skills, developing and improving reading comprehension. Our focus skill in writing is to recognize sentences express a complete idea. sentences and develop an understanding that retelling is a meaningful technique for

MATH: The children are learning the

different meanings of subtraction this week: missing part, separating from a whole and comparing quantities. write and solve subtraction number They will

sentences, and act out stories about

taking away to find how many are left.

SPELLING: We will have this week’s
spelling test on Thursday instead of Friday.

Thurs, Sept. 27: PSO Sponsored Assembly “The Bullying Show”

Monday: Phonics Worksheet – return due Thursday.

Simple Solutions – Lesson 8

1st Gr. Open House 6-7pm

Tuesday: Rhyme Time - return Thursday:

Mon, Oct 1: Fundraiser Begins Thurs, Oct. 4: Fall Festival at Pinnacle Sports 5:30-9pm Fri, Oct. 5: Picture Day NEOEA DAY

Wednesday: *Spelling test Thursday

Fri, Oct. 12: NO SCHOOL –

Word Wall words every day for a few minutes

study spelling words and reread