Division of labour has many advantages like it help to increased efficiency in productivity.

In modern society division of labour had played crucial role and it also Involves proper management and organization as it can be seen in Henry ford’s idea of automobile assembly line. It portraits perfect e.g. of division of labour. Cars were produced by highly skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen and they used to designed car .Henry ford came along with the idea of assembly line in order to build car. He had divide the work into two sections that is one section, which is highly knowledgeable and skilled workers, used to design car and other section which is of unskilled workers also known as assembly line workers were used to build car. Division of labour helps the person to learn specific skill and tasks. It also had brought specialization and increased the productivity. It consumes less time and production takes place faster as result it helps to produce more. Since work is managed by different individuals as a result its saves both time and energy. Division of labour results in good and improved quality of products as products are handled by skilled labour. production. It also generates employment and it had introduced the idea of use of machines in order to carry out different stages of Division of labour also counter its advantages like it makes the life of worker dull and monotonous as he carries out same kind of work in which he is specialized. The introduction of machine reduces the need of workers. There is great degree of interdependence that is different department is interdependent because input of one department will be the output of another department.

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