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High Plains Gazette Vol 12

High Plains Gazette Vol 12

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High Plains Modelers

High Plains Gazette
Region X Newsletter of the Year 2011

Volume 1, Issue 12

September 2012

August Meeting Notes
The club agreed on getting flyers out to the hobby stores for the contest. We welcomed a new member, Chip, and hopefully didn’t scare him away. For the monthly contest we had two entries, Gary Moore brought a Panzer IVD and Dave Dardine brought a Messerschmitt. I wonder if the pilot was a Fokker? We discussed going to Wingnutcon and our upcoming annual contest. Other than that not much new business was discussed. There was no clinic this month so we were finished early.
Thermonuclear War!

Inside this issue:
August Meeting Notes

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Contest Theme: Made In America
The special theme is: "Made in America" For more details: The subject that is being modeled has to have been made in America (United States of America). This is regardless of the markings or civilian registration of the model itself. For instance a F-104 in Luftwaffe markings, a Sherman tank in soviet markings, or an American made car with Canadian plates qualify for the special award. However, a Spitfire in USAAF markings would not qualify, as the subject being modeled was made in the UK.

Contest Update The Carpet Monster Wingnutcon 3 Review Book Review October Calendar IPMS Membership App

High Plains Con XXIII Report
The XXIII Annual High Plains Modelers contest is going to be held on Saturday October 13 at The Ranch in Loveland. We have most of the awards sponsored, but donations are always helpful. The theme for the contest is Made In America. Get your kits out and get building. You still have four more weeks to finish something for the contest. This year, weather permitting, we should have a great turnout. Especially since the IPMS National contest is literally right next door to where we hold our contest.

What’s New This Month:
 Kagero Fokker Dr.I  September Model Gallery  Contest Update  Fun at Wingnutcon 3  Photos

High Plains Gazette

The Carpet Monster: Editor’s Opinion
By Jeff Brown (Editor) This month I have started including who wrote each article even if it was me. I was asked by another club “Who writes your articles?” I have always included your name as the author if you wrote an article, but all my articles up until now I have left blank as I assumed it was a given that I wrote the article. As the late Benny Hill used to say, “Never assume things because it makes an Ass out of U and Me.” Well, now you know I write a lot of articles because as an unemployed American I have plenty of time to devote to the newsletter. In fact the main reason I began the newsletter last year, (besides the fact I felt we needed one) was to keep up my MS Office skills during what has now been a three year down period. So where has the newsletter been for the past nine months, well, let’s just say prison doesn’t allow you to attend IPMS meetings. Ha ha ha! Just kidding actually I was working at a job that many of you would consider being in prison a better alternative. So, let’s recap, same great newsletter, same great articles, same great editor, once again unemployed. This month sprinkled throughout the newsletter are pictures of some models from Wingnutcon. The reason for this is we received some articles but not enough pictures. Enjoy this month’s issue!

I accept donations!

“Never assume things because it makes an Ass out of U and Me.”

Wingnutcon 3 Review
By Jeff Brown Nine of us went to Denver for the IPMS Rob Wolf ‘s 3rd Wingnutcon. It was held on September 15th at the Wings Over the Rockies air and space museum. Judging went very quickly and very well. I had fun judging aircraft. There were a lot of nice models to choose from. The awards ceremony was very organized and Jennifer did a great job as the host. In fact, I like how they announced the awards. (We might use that at our show in a few weeks.) I know Pablo, Gary, Michael and myself all won medals. I think Gary and Michael each took home several 1st place awards in fact. Walking around the museum and seeing all the aircraft was really neat. I took pictures of just about every plane there. I stood next to a 50’s era Thermonuclear bomb. That was fun. My only complaint has nothing to do with the contest, but with the vending machine (which by the way stole 50 cents from me), you see I gave up soda on June 1st and the machine was out of water, lemonade and iced tea which forced me to have a soda. Other than that I actually had a good time. All in all a great day.

The Tomcat, my favorite Navy jet of all time.

The X-Wing

We visited the new Colpar location. Still a great selection of items that hobby stores up here don’t have, and a bigger layout than their old store had.

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High Plains Gazette

Review: Fokker Dr. I: The Aces Aircraft (Legends of Aviation in 3D 1)
By Jeff Brown (This review was made possible by IPMS and Kagero and first appeared on the IPMS website.) I was fortunate enough to review the new Kagero Fokker Dr. I: The Aces Aircraft, Legends of Aviation in 3D book. This is the first book in a series of aviation books they are releasing in 3D. Now don’t get freaked out, the whole book is not in 3D just some prints that show the plane and its components. You get a really nifty 1950’s style pair of 3D glasses too. (The old blue and red kind that some of you might remember from your childhood.) The main reason I asked to review this is because I have six or seven Fokker’s at home that need to be built and I figured this book would not only inspire me but give me some photographic references to build a somewhat accurate model. The book did not disappoint in that regard. There is plenty of information, all in English, which shows the Fokker from so many different angles you can’t go wrong. This book practically shows every part of the Fokker Dr. I. I am not being dishonest when I say that. I was amazed that every angle, every nut, every bolt, every tiny piece of what is included in the real Fokker Dr. I is in this book. If you are looking for a book to build an accurate model this is it. In fact you will be overloaded with information. You also get a whole lot of a few of the graphics were not as 3D as I would like to have seen. The best part of the 3D for me was seeing the rigging pop out and the machine guns. It adds another dimension to the standard 2D graphics. (Yes, I did that on purpose.) Yes, 3D has become a trend, and I am sure this book series is jumping on the 3D bandwagon, but it is a clever perspective. I am just hoping there is somewhere to get a second pair of the glasses since these are not super sturdy and I have a 2 year old who loves to destroy things. All in all a great looking book on the Fokker Dr. I. The price is not bad either which makes this a must buy for Fokker fans, and even those with a few Fokker’s sitting around the house waiting to be built. I am looking forward to more of these 3D books from Kagero, I am hoping they are as well done and contain as much information as this Volume on the Fokker. A great big thank you to IPMS and especially Kagero for the chance to review this great book!

Kagero Fokker Dr.I

“The main reason I asked to review this is because I have six or seven Fokker’s at home that need to be built …”

“Now don’t get freaked out, the whole book is not in 3D just some prints that show the plane and its components.”

data and pictures. The pictures show many famous Fokker Dr. I’s and there are some really good quality color prints of the aircraft as well. In fact some of the nicest color drawings I have seen. There is a nice section that explains the construction of the aircraft, and points out the materials used and the armament. There is a section discussing what different paint schemes were used by the different Jasta’s. The book contains some tables that show the aces and how many planes they shot down with the Dr. I. and also one that shows the pilots who shot down the most Dr. I’s. The 3D part is very neat to look at. Although in my copy

3D Engine renderings.

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Volume 1, Issue 12

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High Plains Gazette

Photo of the Month for September

High Plains Modelers at Wingnutcon!

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Volume 1, Issue 12

Model of the Month for September

A great surprise for me as I won the Theme Award for Star Wars (1977). By the way, Star Wars is a Special Award at next year’s National Contest!

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High Plains Gazette

September Model Gallery Photos by Jeff Brown

WingNutCon Tanker and

WingNutCon P-47

WingNutCon Nimitz

WingNutCon Carrier

WingNutCon F-18 Diorama

WingNutCon Jagdtiger

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IPMS/USA is the United States Branch of the International Plastic Modelers' Society, whose roots can be traced to the startup of the first IPMS National Branch during the 1960's in Great Britain. In 1964 a US-based modeler applied for a charter to start the US Branch. In the ensuing 4 decades, IPMS/USA has become a 5,000 member, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the modeling hobby while providing a venue for modelers to share their skills in a social setting, along with friendly but spirited competition in the form of local, regional, and national contests and conventions. As this is written, there are over 220 active US chapters (including groups in Canada and the Philippines as well as one "cyber-chapter" existing entirely on the internet). These chapters are organized into 13 geographically-determined Regions, overseen by Regional Coordinators. The IPMS/USA Executive Board, made up of elected and appointed members, serves as the overall governing body for IPMS/ USA. IPMS/USA produces the Modelers' Journal, an allcolor magazine supplied to our members 6 times each year. Sample copies of the Journal are available upon request, and you'll find several cover shots elsewhere in this handout. In addition, IPMS/USA maintains one of the largest and most-visited public websites in the modeling community (www.ipmsusa.org). Members and visitors can view product reviews, chapter and contest information, see examples of members' work, and view images of contest, museum walkarounds, and the like. A members-only Forum allows discussion of specific topics of interest amongst our membership. The remainder of the website is open to the modeling public and sees thousands of hits weekly. From: www.ipmsusa.org

Volume 1, Issue 12

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High Plains Gazette

High Plains Modelers
Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month at The Ranch in Loveland. They start at 7pm and end around 9pm. Editor: Jeffrey Brown jgdtiger007@yahoo.com President: Larry Hersh Vice President: Michael Adams Treasurer: Randy Robinson Secretary: Marc Lyons

Our club has plastic modelers from Northern Colorado, mainly from the Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont area. We also have a few members from Wyoming. Honestly, if you need an excuse to get away from the wife an kids a few days a month, join our club. Your skills will improve and you will have a few laughs. Stop by a meeting, the first one is free kid!

Website http://ipmshpm.blogspot.com/

Next Meeting September 25, 2012. 7pm at The Ranch.

Classifieds and other Happenings
For Sale or Trade: . *** Posting Ads are free for High Plains Modelers Members to post items for sale or trade. If you are not a member of the club it cost $2 to post an ad which goes towards our annual club contest.


Trumpeter 1/32 Wildcat F4F-3. These retail for around $75 this one is still sealed in the shrink wrap. I am asking $45 for it. (Shipping is extra for those outside of Northern Colorado.) Will trade for F4F-3 (Late) or F4F-4!

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