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Published by: Angita Kumari on Sep 24, 2012
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 These  These students have worked under the guidance of Rajesh Gangar. the chief inventor at M/s. Creative Concepts. As part of their summer internship project five students of IIT. products are all the handiwork of second year electronic.Bombay have come up with innovative products which will make daily commuting more effective. Mumbai . mechanical and computer science and engineering students.

THE FIVE WONDER PRODUCTS ARE:  Pregnant belly protection shield. Prototype developed by Harsh Sharma  Seat occupancy & validation reporting system Prototype developed by Vivek Kumar  Without wearing helmet. two wheeler won’t start-version 2 Prototype developed by Rohan Pillai  Mobile camera to file complaints Prototype developed by Nilesh Jagnik  Portable water carrier trolley Prototype developed by Bharat Monga .


 Relief valve to pre-defined pressure so that impact beyond it deflates inner layer.  It is made of suitable shock absorbing inflatable material to absorb the impact. . jerks and backache.  It supports the weight of the belly and is adapted to envelope the belly of a pregnant woman from its operative front side to move around freely. inflatable material which is light weight and easy to wear. It is developed with shock absorbing.  It protects against sharp and sudden impacts.

 It comprises assembly of sensors located on each seat adapted to sense occupancy and provide corresponding sensed signal in correlation to each seat. .  This information is stored through various GPS mechanism and GPRS helps the owners to know real time information on utility of their seats.  Not only seats but tickets are issued with barcode and barcode readers are located at every seat or section which validates the correct seat.

 Automated control of ignition start in accordance with wearing helmet is done with the use of certain sensors & controllers.  Sensors would check the helmet position and send the signal to the two wheeler which would help start the vehicle. .

 Complainant receives the complaint acknowledgment from the relevant authority. then sending to the authorized website.  Central computation engine collects the complaint from the complainant and disburse to relevant authority.Nilesh Jagnik developed a software to help in egovernance. on resolving the issues feedback is also sent back to the authorities.  The system comprises complaint registration mechanism for allowing everyone to register complaint by taking a photograph/video/ audio/images. saving as a file through mobile.  .

motorcycle without effecting the balance of the vehicle.  This trolley would shift.It is a foldable four-wheel trolley so that efforts required to carry the load on shoulder or head reduces totally. drag and glide 40 liters of water.  . By placing 4 cans of 10 liters each. It overcomes the traditional hassles of the falling water from pot while transporting.  It can be placed on a bicycle.  Wheels of the trolley are designed in such a way that they are over sized to ride on rough rural roads. the load is distributed such that it can be easily picked and placed.

 The products can be taken up by companies which have more resources to make them into commodities.Rajesh Gangar said  The water trolley was a complete product and the others needed fine tuning.  The food and drugs administration may insist on clinical trials for products like pregnant belly protection shield. .

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