1st Impression (C.

M) Entertainment
July 3, 2012 To Mr. Dhansukhbhai Shah Goregaon (E) Mumbai. Subject: Budget of Marathi Movie Dear Sir, As Per our discussion with you in respect of Marathi Movie, we are forwarding you the budget of the movie. Also as per your suggestion we have incorporated 25, 00,000/- additional provisional expense towards advertisement and artist replacement to the total expenses Rs 17435000 /- in the said budget. We have to make an advance payment as per the list of payment details mentioned below. Kindly release the 50% Payment i.e Rs 88, 00,000/- of the total payment to commence the Movie activity. Payment details:     Production Artist Technician Directors Screen Play Music Dance Art Location stationery 25% 50% 25%

 

25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%

Thank You Regards For 1St Impression (C.M) Entertainment

Mr. Kaushik Masurkar Partner

Mr. Narendra Masurkar Partner

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