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New firm offers snapshot of Puerto Rico’s ‘Twitterverse’ _ News is my Business

New firm offers snapshot of Puerto Rico’s ‘Twitterverse’ _ News is my Business

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Published by: Julizzette Colon-Bilbraut on Sep 24, 2012
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New firm offers snapshot of Puerto Rico’s ‘Twitterverse’ | News is my Business
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New firm offers snapshot of Puerto Rico’s ‘Twitterverse’
Written by Michelle Kantrow // September 19, 2012 // General Biz News // 1 Comment

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The Twitter social network is abuzz with Puerto Rican members who use it well and often. A sample of 30,000 ‘boricuas’ who enjoy expressing their thoughts in 140 characters showed that for the most part, they are female, employed and are putting their information out in public.

Those were some of the key findings of the first-ever “Snapshot of the Puerto Rican Twitterverse,” revealed by Monitor SN, a newly incorporated firm dedicated to analyzing, gathering and predicting trends on social media use on the island.
Monitor SN founder Juliz z ette Colón-Bilbraut offers details of the s naps hot.

During a news conference Tuesday, Monitor SN founder Julizzette Colón-Bilbraut, an attorney specializing in social media, said the sample was analyzed to show the value of knowing what moves people who follow that microblogging service.
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“Never in history have we had the opportunity to learn so much about people, one status at a time, one tweet at a time, one like at a time,” she said. “This is2k Like Follow @biznew spr vitally important at this historical moment when it is imperative to know how to reach audiences that are already overloaded with information and influences.” Subscribe to our HEADLINE alerts The snapshot shows that 51 percent of the sample are women, 39 percent are men, while the remaining 10 percent is unknown. Furthermore, 21 percent are between the ages of 18 and 24, followed by 14 percent of users who are between 25 and 34.
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“We determined the average of each user based on pure observation of their profile picture and analysis of their most recent tweets,” the findings showed. “Because of that, we limited the sample to 1,625 accounts.”

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Meanwhile, 92 percent of the users did not state their occupation, but the remaining 8 percent stated their occupation as professionals, students, employees and people who are not working or looking for work.

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New firm offers snapshot of Puerto Rico’s ‘Twitterverse’ | News is my Business
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Another interesting finding is that an overwhelming majority, 90 percent, of the users have public accounts, which means that anybody on Twitter can see their bios, the amount of followers they have and how many people they are following.

That finding is particularly important, considering that activity among the sampled group was swift, with 158,000 tweets generated during a seven-day period. One out of every 10 tweets included a link to a story or information of interest.

“Social networks are a valuable source of unpublished opinions that well managed, under the protection of the limits allowed by law, offer new horizons for understanding and predicting audiences and markets,” she said. “This thing called digital intelligence, offers the advertiser, public relations specialist, marketing professional, and ultimately, employers in general, a unique tool to plan their marketing and communication strategies.”

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