CHAPTER : THEME : TOPIC: OBJECTIVE: CHAPTER 5 – FLOOD WOES Environment Newspaper Report on Flood 2.0 Language for informational use 2.2 vi. Identifying main ideas in simple texts vii. Identifying supporting details or ideas in simple texts xi. Making a simple prediction of outcomes giving reasons Strategy: Skill: Activity: Vocabulary Reading 1) Students read the text and identify the main ideas and supporting 2) They predict the correct word from the list to be written in the blanks. 3) They give reasons for their choice. Teaching Aids: Exercises: Moral Value: 1) Newspaper report (handout) Gap-filler exercise Gratitude

details in each sentence.

ESSAY: Newspaper report Fill in the blanks with the correct words or phrases:
low-lying areas floodwaters continuous rain relief centres after cut off swept away evacuated

FLOODS WRECK HAVOC KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Two people have been killed and tens of thousands _______________________ in floods that have hit parts of Malaysia _____________ several days of ___________________________, reports said Monday. Two women were killed in separate incidents when their cars were ________________________ by ________________________ in southern Johor state on Sunday, according to state news agency Bernama. The Star newspaper said that more than 37,000 people living in ____________________had been evacuated to 200 _____________________________ in Johor. Several main roads are not passable and electricity supplies have been ___________________________. Several train services were cancelled in central Malaysia, forcing travellers to switch to buses just as the country prepares for the long Lunar New Year holiday celebrated by the Chinese. Bernama said an additional 1,921 people had been evacuated from _______________________________ in central Negeri Sembilan state.

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