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Dear Student Welcome to Dip TEFL programme. We are sure you have gone through the prospectus in detail while applying for this programme and you must be aware of the changes that have been brought about recently in the courses and their respective components including assignments, presentation etc. To recap, all the courses of Dip TEFL programme have been reduced to 9 units instead of 18 giving them 3 credit hours. Three credit hour courses in the system of AIOU carry 100 marks and require the students to write two assignments instead of four (the previous practice). Now, you would go through those 9 units that have been identified for your and attempt one written assignment of 100 marks that covers all 9 units, along with one project, likewise the previous practice. The project too carries 100 marks. Further details will be given in the student letter. Good luck

Course Coordinator


You will then have to submit one copy of the report to the tutor within the scheduled period and at the same time present the report/project in one of the tutorials (the schedule/plan of the tutorials for the presentation will be intimated by the Tutor concerned or the Regional Director). Middle English and Modern English. (20) Q.ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY. Course: Sociolinguistics (5656) Level: Diplomat TEFL Pass Marks: 40 Semester: Spring.5 Describe and account for. 2 . (20) Q. 2 The 2nd assignment is based on a research-oriented activity. the major characteristics of Old English. The compulsory presentation carries 100 marks.3 How language and culture can be linked together? What do you think about their relation with community? Discuss with examples. 2. SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS BORROWED OR STOLEN FROM OTHER(S) AS ONE’S OWN WILL BE PENALIZED AS DEFINED IN “AIOU PLAGIARISM POLICY”. ISLAMABAD (Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics) WARNING 1. IF FOUND AT ANY STAGE. 1 Q.2 What relation is there between language and identity? How language can be used as a tool of nationalism? Discuss from the point of view of your own national language. (20) Q. You are required to study the relevant area/ conduct research and prepare a brief report on your findings in the area given.4 Discuss bilingualism and multilingualism in detail by giving examples. (20) ASSIGNMENT No. (20) Q. PLAGIARISM OR HIRING OF GHOST WRITER(S) FOR SOLVING THE ASSIGNMENT(S) WILL DEBAR THE STUDENT FROM AWARD OF DEGREE/CERTIFICATE.1 What are different factors that govern language variation? Discuss in detail by giving examples from real life. 40 marks for the written report and 60 for the presentations. 2012 Total Marks: 100 ASSIGNMENT No.

3. try to figure out the possible reasons of code switching in that particular situation. What is Code switching? How often an individual in possession of two languages code switches? Take any situation from your surroundings and collect reasonable examples of code switching. Discuss in detail and come up with some innovative insights about non-linguistic communication. Also.A few guidelines for the written report and the presentation: a) b) c) The written report should have an introduction. Attempt one of the following activities: 1. – Contents of the assignment/report – Communication skills – Language accuracy – Language fluency – Presentation style You may use transparencies. How does language relate to the culture? Discuss with arguments by taking any language as a case study. The presentation is to be assessed and evaluated mainly in. charts or any other relevant material for impressive presentation with the permission of your tutor. Go in the field and collect data to discuss different varieties of non-linguistic communication. body and conclusion. It should be written in clear concise and correct English. 2. It should be 5-8 double spaced typed/handwritten pages. 3 . Communication takes place both linguistically and non-linguistically.