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August 29 Stamping Lifestyle

August 29 Stamping Lifestyle

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Published by: Lourdes Rivera on Sep 24, 2012
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stamping lifestyle

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August 29, 2009

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It’s Good to Be King!

If the Tiara fits...

Spotlight on Carolyn King

What’s Cammie’s guilty pleasure?

Stamps that raise money for Alzheimers
How you can help

Cammie. She lives with her husband and three children. “It was love at first stamp. she was looking for a way to express her creative side. she hosted a Stampin’ Up! party and says.It’s Good to be King! by Lynn Mercurio …Carolyn King that is.6 1/2 & Lauren. thinking it would be fun to spend time with other scrappers one night a month. Cara. Then. Cammie’s crafting journey began in 2004 when she started scrapbooking after moving away from family. clean and classy lines and a talented illustrator.” That evening she asked a lot of questions about being a demo and signed up the very next week. she and her husband moved to Louisiana where they stayed for only 18 months before relocating to where they currently call home in Georgetown Texas.13. Pennsylvania. Cammie was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia. Finding that she had some extra time on her hands. Cammie has really done an outstanding job learning her craft. Cammie happily gave up her career in public relations to be a stay-at-home mom. as she is known to most. She lived in the same area for 30 years and worked as a public relations director on the east coast before getting married and moving to the southern part of the country. After two years of marriage. Benjamin. uses the nickname that was given her as a child and one we have all grown to associate with brilliant creativity. the 7th of 8 children. She claims to have always loved doing creative things and began scrapbooking. Cammie happily reports that her husband has only two more years of service remaining in the army where he is a physician. Her first published card appeared in the March 2008 issue of Cardmaker Magazine and she has since been published more than 80 times in magazines and books. .4. one fateful evening in 2006.

Before Cammie started stamping. happy and they can pay their bills.Cammie recently finished up serving as one of the pretigious Dirty Dozen design team members for Splitcoaststampers. and design team commitments. but is looking to increase her frequency to 5-6 weekly runs so she can begin training for 5K. Most of Cammie’s time is spent chauffeuring kids around. it’s a good day. Squeezing in a little stamping time isn’t bad either! Be sure to stop by Carolyn’s blog at http://myblogbycammie. Cammie confesses that life is good. she and her husband competed in several road races and ran a marathon together. dinner is made by someone else and Cammie gets time to spend with family. She has great fun checking out celebrity outfits. . she replied.com/ for inspiration that just won’t quit. Cammie said she is working to get back into shape. but now that the kids are a little older.blogspot. but somehow an issue will mysteriously find its way into her shopping cart on occasion. But what makes a good day a great day is when their home is whining-free. When asked about her guilty pleasure. 10K and a half marathon.com and she is currently a senior design team member and illustrator for Gina K Designs. reading the gossip and escaping the stresses of life for a while. but she tries to squeeze in some play time with them as often as possible. it would seem that Cammie doesn’t have much free time. PEOPLE Magazine. but it must be true when they say that busy people get the most done and make time to do what they feel is important. she’s ready to start some serious training. With the kids. Children and a minor surgery put her on the sidelines for a while. She won’t subscribe because that would cut into her crafting budget. illustrating. In addition to her long list of daily duties. She runs 3-4 times a week. She says that if her kids are healthy.

Look for a new stamp set by Carolyn King coming in our September release! Whimsical Autumn by Carolyn King $19. . written last year on September 3. . you know that my grandmother passed away in July. . she moved into my parent’s house where I was living with my daughter.. Carolyn King and you will find this adorable set. 1916 . her weight plummeted and the memories of her life were erased from her mind.July 1. just in time for fall. After she was first diagnosed. 100% of my proceeds from the set (Whimsical Autumn) will be sent to the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. my family has been saying goodbye to my grandmother for years. Click on Stamps. This stamp set is available at www. Stamps by Artist. I had just finished drawing the images for this set when I received a call from my mother telling me that my grandmother passed away. . I saw first-hand how devastating this disease can be. .This is an excerpt from Carolyn King’s Blog.as her energy diminished.ginakdesigns. I wrote about it here.. .. 2008 For those of you who read my blog. . Always. Although part of me was rejoicing because she suffered too long…the selfish part of me was wishing for just one more visit. After returning from Pennsylvania and getting back to work—I had a resurgence of energy for this (new) set. What you may not know is that for the past 12 years of her life. I decided the best way for me to honor my Grandmother’s memory was to give back. 2008 In Loving Memory Of Clare Lyons “Mamo” September 26. In many ways. she was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.95 . .com.. I saw my grandmother go from a completely independent and meticulous women to a completely dependent person who lost all of the wonderful memories her life created. And so. .

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