Gulf Arabic - Basic Courtesies and Social Phrases Mayor of the City of Houston Trade Mission

(Page 1 of 3 pages) NOTE: 1. Phrases are rendered in both Formal Spoken Arabic ("F" below) and the Gulf Arabic regional dialect ("G") common in Eastern Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. Literal/cultural meanings appear in parentheses. 2. CAPITALS indicate stress/emphasis in pronunciation of words. How to use this phrase sheet: 1. Select the proper English phrase in the left-hand column. 2. Read the transliterated Arabic phrase in the middle column 3. If available, a Gulf Arab friend can read and help with pronouncing the Arabic text in the right-hand column. May the peace be upon you. (F; traditional greeting) (And) May the peace be upon you (F; trad'tl reply) Good morning. (F; May you have a morning of goodness)(Greeting) Good morning. (F: May you have a morning of light)(Reply) May Allah greet you (F/G) May Allah keep you (reply) How are you? (formal; plural) (F; How is your condition) V. informal; used by elders How are you? (G) (Lit: How is your color?) Praise be to Allah, fine. (F) Praise be to Allah, fine. (G) Al-HAMdu-LILLAH, bi-KHAIR Bi-KHAIR, al-HAMDU li-LLAH As-saLAAMU al-LAIKUM

‫السالم عليكم‬ ‫وعليكم السالم‬ ‫صباح الخير‬ ‫صباح النور‬ ‫حياكم أهلل‬ ‫أبقاكم أهلل‬ ‫كيف حالكم؟‬ "‫"تشيف حالك؟‬ ‫أشلونكم؟‬ ‫الحمد هلل , بالخير‬ ‫بخير، الحمد هلل‬

Wa al-LAIKUM as-saLAAM



High-YAAK-um Allah Ab-QAAK-um Allah KAIF HAAL-kum? CHAIF HAAL-uk? Ah-SHLOWN-akum?

Gulf Arabic – Basic Courtesies and Social Phrases
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How is your family? (F) How is your family? (G)

KAIF al-AA'ila? KAIF al-Eye-YAAL?

‫كيف العائلة؟‬ ‫كيف العيال؟‬ ‫إن شاء أهلل كلهم‬ ‫بخير‬ ‫الحمد هلل، كلهم بخير‬ ‫شكرا‬ ‫عفوا‬ ‫تفضلوا‬ ّ ‫تفضل‬ ّ ‫مساء الخير‬

Allah willing, they are all well. In-SHA' Allah, KUL-uhum bi-KHAIR

Praise be to Allah, they are all well. (Reply) Thank you. You are welcome. Please (accept/take this). (=~ s'il vous plais; por favor) Good evening. (F; May you have an evening of goodness)(Greeting) Good evening. (F: May you have an evening of light)(Reply) Welcome. (You are welcomed as easily as one of the family.) (F; traditional greeting)

al-HAMDU-li-LLAH, KUL-uhum bi-KHAIR Shoo-KRAAN Ah-FWAAN ta-FAD-dal-LOO (formal) (ta-FAD-dal)(informal) me-SAA' al-KHAIR

me-SAA' an-NOOR

‫مساء النور‬ ‫أهال وسهال‬

AH-hal-lan wa SA-ha-laan

May Allah bless you (for your Al-LLAh yu-BAAR-ak FEE-kum ‫أهلل يبارك فيكم‬ kindness). (F; traditional reply) What is your name, please? (F) MAA huwa IS-mukum, ‫ما هو إسمكم، من فضلكم؟‬ min FAD-lakum? What is your name, please (G) SHOO IS-muk, min ‫شو إسمك، من فضلك؟‬ FAD-lak?

Gulf Arabic – Basic Courtesies and Social Phrases
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You honor us (by making your acquaintance)(F) Yes (F) Yes (G) No, sorry. (F) Perhaps; maybe; possibly. (G) Thank you very much. (F/G) Don't thank me for doing my duty (to be honest) Reply) That will work; fine, OK (G) Don't worry about that (G) (lit: That doesn't concern you) Goodbye. (I leave you in Allah's safety)(F)(Departee) May you go in Allah's protection (F)(Reply)

(1) ta-shar-RAFNAA (2) SHAR-raf-TOONAA (1) NA'am (2) AYE-wah LAA, ma'a al-AASif MUM-kin; min al-MUM-kin shoo-KRAAN ga-ZEEL-aan LAA shukar ala WAA-jib

‫تشرفنا‬ ّ ‫شرفتونا‬ ّ )‫نعم… (فصحى‬ )‫أيوه … (خليجي‬ ‫ال، مع األسف‬ ‫ممكن؛ من الممكن‬ ‫شكرا جزيال‬ ‫ال شكر على واجب‬ ‫طيب، زين، خوش‬ ‫ما يهمك‬ ‫مع السالمة‬ ‫في إمان أهلل‬

TAI-yib; KWAIS; KHOsh MAA yu-HIM-mak

MA' as-sa-LAAM-at


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