• 3 categories of Employees: - Board level executives - Below board level executives - Workmen • Well defined pay structure for each category.


• Compensation structure consists of : o Basic Pay & DA o HRA / Accommodation facilities o Perquisites & Allowances o Performance related payments o Superannuation benefits

• DPE is the nodal Deptt. for issuing guidelines on pay related matters for all CPSEs. • DPE issued the guidelines on pay revision of executives in Nov. ’08 and April ’09, effective from 1.1.07. • Pay scales of Board level executives are as below: Chairman Rs.80000-125000/Directors Rs.75000-100000/4


Pre-Revised Pay Scales
12000 - 17500 13750 -18700 16000 – 20800 17500 – 22300 18500 – 23900 19000 - 24750 19500 - 25600 20500 – 26500 23750 – 28550

Revised Pay Scales
24900 – 50500 29100 – 54500 32900 – 58000 36600 – 62000 43200 – 66000 51300 – 73000 51300 – 73000 51300 – 73000 62000 – 80000

the pay structure is negotiated with unions and a Long Term Settlement (LTS) is signed with the Unions • No.FOR WORKMEN: • Policy guidelines on wage negotiations with unionized workmen is conveyed by DPE. 9 LTSs signed with the Unions.7 pay scales and –Other Divisions --9 pay scales 6 . of LTS : So far. • Pay Scales For Workmen: –Marketing / IBP Division. • Based on General guideline.

29000 11900 .29000 11900 .35000 13800 .24500 10600 .38500 16000 .WORKMEN: revised REFINERIES/PIPELINES/R&D Grade Pay scales I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX 10500 .43700 20000 – 49200 (Prospective) I II III IV V VI MARKETING / IBP Grade Pay scales 10500 .32000 12800 .40500 16000 .38500 14800 .26500 10800 .43700 20000 – 49200 (Prospective) 7 .32000 12800 .35000 13800 .24500 10800 .

Officers . if the performance rating is ‘Good’ or above.On promotion to higher grade .Non-Officers @3% of BP • Promotion increment .Non-officers . • Rates of annual increment : .@3% of BP • Stagnation Increment – – Officers: On reaching the maximum of scale. – Non-officers: On reaching the maximum of scale.@3% of BP . a stagnation increment can be granted once every two years.• Annual increment date.Officers . if the performance rating is ‘Satisfactory’ or above. 8 . subject to maximum of three. a stagnation increment can be granted once every two years subject to max of 3.1st January.@3% of BP .

2% of BP 9 .linked with all India index ‘AICPI’ o Revised on quarterly basis. o DA is paid as percentage of Basic Pay. o Rate as on 1.11– 47.e. Basic Pay (BP).Dearness Allowance (DA) o Besides. i. employees are also entitled to Dearness Allowance.04. Jan. April. July & October.

• House Rent Allowance (HRA) q House Rent Allowance is linked to the place of duty.less than 5 lakhs – HRA@30% of BP – HRA@20% of BP – HRA@10% of BP owned/leased q HRA not admissible when Corporation accommodation provided to employee 10 .50 lakhs and above Y class . q Based on population.5-50 lakhs Z class . Cities classified in 03 Category:– X class .

PERKS & ALLOWANCES • • Perks & Allowances would be admissible to officers upto the ceiling of 50% of Basic Pay. 11 • • . attributed to officers have been loaded on pool basis. allowing the officers to choose from set of perks & allowances. In this regard. The cost of infrastructure facilities such as hospitals. and the medical expenses. holiday homes & clubs. a ‘Cafeteria approach’ has been introduced. The current compulsory loading is 6% of BP. The perks & allowances admissible upto the balance of 44% of BP would be on individual basis.

PERKS & ALLOWANCES • List of perks & allowances within 44% of BP would be as under: – Tea Allowance – Reimbursement of lunch/ refreshment expenses – Subsidized Canteen facilities. wherever existing – Washing Allowance – for those who have not been provided with protective clothing – Rationalization Adjustment Allowance (RAA) – Professional Updation Allowance – Children Education Assistance 12 .

PERKS & ALLOWANCES • List of perks & allowances within 44% of BP would be as under: – Furniture items & maintenance reimbursement under Furniture hire Scheme – Interest subsidy on HBA and Conveyance Advance – LFA / LTC – Conveyance Facility – Nominated Hotel Facility – Brief Case/ Electronic Organizer/ Digital Diary 13 .

PERKS & ALLOWANCES • Optional / new allowances : – – – – House Maintenance / Upkeep Allowance Fitness Allowance Professional Attire Allowance Sundry Allowance 14 .

– NPA 15 . subject to approval of Ministry.• List of perks & allowances outside the purview of perks ceiling of 50% of BP – North East Allowance – 12.5% of BP – Special Allowance upto 10% of BP for serving in the difficult and far flung areas.

• Depends on grade /nature of assignments & some other condition etc.WORK RELATED ALLOWANCES • Not uniformly admissible to all the employees. • Revision Cycle: 04 years 16 .

Rs.• Shift allowance for employees in rotating shift o Rates per shift for actually performing shift duty: – Officers – Gd.130 per shift (night) – Gd.150 per .100 per shift .Rs.Rs. C & above (mor/eve) shift (night) 17 .80 per shift (mor/eve) .Rs. A&B .

m. 18 .& amount diverted towards SABF.sta p.• Washing allowance: Payable rates:. 25 provided(eg. Payable rates Category Payable rates Officers Work – men Where uniform 105 p.m.m.) 85 p./medical etc. 14 p.m. tu.

o SCO encashment includes BP. (officers) o 9 SCOs per quarter automatically encashed in the first month after the quarter. DA. Stagnation Increments.• Special Compensatory Off (SCO) for 48 hrs. 19 .

¾ Workmen: Overtime for performing duty beyond 48 hr.250-Rs.250/. For 36.• Compensation for performing duty beyond normal hrs.For 48 hrs.25 hrs. vary from Rs.-Rs.1400/-.900/o Compensatory off in certain Rs.per week duty: o Compensated by hourly overtime wages double the normal rate 20 . when called from home o Compensation. of work – Officers: Transport / out-of-pocket expenses for performing duty on: – On holidays / closed days or weekly rest days – Extended duty on regular working day – Emergency duty after office hrs.

D-F-14.B&C--Rs.) o 2–Wheeler: – Actual Cost –recoverable in 96 inst. 2. o Ceilings–Gr.service.65 Lac( recoverable in 144 inst. • Interest rate – 2.Conveyance advance: For Gr. (Simple Interest on diminishing Principal amount) House building Advance(HBA) o Eligibility: After completion of 5 yrs. ‘A’ officers o CAR – Rs.12Lac. G & above-16Lac----recoverable in 25yrs. Or balance service period 21 .a.5% p. A.

58800 p. Rs.1506 p. 22 .4970 pm • Grade D Rs.7700 pm • H& above Rs.72240 p. Rs.16800 pm o Rates for Scooter/ Motor-Cycles: Rs.6020 pm • Grade E Rs.201600 pa Rs.92400 p.6160 pm • Grade F Rs.a. Rs.a.a. Rs.37800 p.73920 p.• Reimbursement of Conveyance Running & Maintenance expenses: to those officers who own cars/scooter /MotorCycles & utilize same for official duties/purpose: o Rates for cars: Annual ceiling for each grade have been fixed based on prescribed mileage rate for distance: • Grade A Rs.a.59640 p.m. Rs.a.a. Rs.88200 p.7350 pm • Grade G Rs..3150 pm • Grade B Rs.4900 pm • Grade C Rs.a. Rs.

Any Indian make/mode Car up to Rs. 23 .6. would be entitled to Company car with driver : § Grade-H.16800 pm. charges of Rs.5 lacs. Executives: – Those heading the key functions considered as equivalent to projects.8000 pm and Misc. Driver charges of Rs.5 lacs .7.Conveyance facility for Sr. .3000 pm is allowed. § Grade I .Any Indian make/model Car up to Rs.Other Sr. Executives would be using their own car : § for which reimbursement towards conveyance R&M of Rs.

50.000/1.m.000/75.40.) A B C D E F G H/I 40.a. • Replenishment – after 7 yrs.000/1.000/- 55/60/65/70/80/85/90/100/110/- • Repair & Maintenance (R&M) .@ 10% p.Furniture Scheme on Hire • Officers are entitled to procure furniture items as G under: rade Ceiling (in Rs.000/1.000/60.15.000/1. 24 .00.000/50.) Hire charges (p.

000/o Hardware /Software reimbursement up to supported by vouchers. o Maintenance and internet connectivityreimbursement up to Rs.5.a. up-gradationsRs.200/. 25 .000/.p. on self-certification.Rs.p.a.35.• Home – Desk Top PC Scheme / LAPTOP o Cost ceiling .12.

• Long Service Award to Employees: o Awarded with 24 carat gold coin For rendering good and satisfactory service : 15 yrs. 20 gm. Gold coin 25 yrs. 10 gm. Gold coin Superannuation 25 gm. 5 gm. Gold coin 35 yrs. 20 gm. Gold coin 30 yrs. Gold coin 26 .

200 to Rs. ‘D’ & Above – By Air • Daily allow. • Officers in GD.800 to Rs.A to C – By 2ND AC-Mail/Exp. Other than certain specified sectors in work-exigencies.1100 per day • Local Conveyance –Varies from Rs.• Traveling entitlement: • Officers in Gd.300 per Day 27 .Train • By air in certain specified sectors. – Varies from Rs.

p. Fare is restricted to farthest point mainland in India from the place of posting.m.) o Frequency: Once in a block of 2 calendar years.2009-2010. D & above can also visit abroad once in alternate block. spouse. o Place :Home town/any place in India by shortest route.3000/.. dependent eligible children and wholly dependent parents (residing under same roof & income not exceeding Rs.LEAVE TRAVEL CONCESSION o Eligibility: Self. o Present block yr. o Foreign visit on LTC: Gd. 28 .

7700/.per ticket. 29 . o Gd. for self/family members for maxi.oExp. oLTC Encashment Rate: o Gd.‘D & above’ -Rs. on hiring accommodation – Can draw 100% DA amt. A/B/C – Rs. 10 nights.4532/.per ticket.

Employee & family members may visit home town once in two yrs. o In addition to normal LTC . 30 .• Additional LTC facilities East(NE) locations at North- o Employees posted at NE locations having home-town outside NE states can avail liberalized LTC facility.

00 times of actual BP+DA of one month 2. Officers in Gd.00 time of actual BP+DA of one month 1. amount is admissible as under: Category/Grade Lump-sum entitlement 1. Lump-sum Sl.Lump sum LFA in Lieu of LTC o Employees can opt for lump-sum LFA in lieu of LTC entitlement. G. A.25 times of 1. Officers in Gd. Officers in Gd. D.50 times of actual BP+DA of 31 5.15440/-& 3. E & F 1. Workmen with BP less than Rs. B & C above 4.50 time of actual actual BP+DA of BP+DA of one one month month 2. H & I .15440/2 Workmen with BP of Rs.

Puri. Mahabaleshwar.• Holiday Homes – Nainital. Mussoorie. Kodaikanal. Lonavala. • Nominated Hotels for officers & Family o members: Once in two yrs. for 04 days. • Nominated Hotels: Mumbai. Kovalam.50/. @Rs. Udaipur. Darjelling. Port. Ooty. Jodhpur & Gangtok 32 . Maxi. Simla & Manali.Blair.per day.Goa.

33 . o For specialized treatment which cannot be treated in hospital. outdoor & investigative facilities and equipped to meet all emergencies requirement. viz.• Medical Benefits o Eligibility: Employees & family members.9000/-&should permanently reside with the employee under the same roof. Spouse. townships having indoor. o Parents’ eligibility–Combined monthly income not to exceed Rs. § At Refinery locations: o Hospitals are maintained in Ref. the patient may be referred to an outside nominated hospital/specialist. wholly dependent children and parents to be declared dependent by employees.

Medical Facility other than Refinery locations: o AMA: May take treatment from an Authorized Medical Attendant (AMA) either under Allopathic or Homeopathic system only. 34 . o Domiciliary & hospitalization treatment: may be obtained in any nursing home/ hospital or from specialist of choice.

where treatment may be obtained directly or on reference from office. dental treatment. : As per actuals subject to rules. o Reimbursement of expend.o Nominated Hospitals: Almost all Super Specialty/reputed Hospitals are nominated at various locations. consultation charges. 35 . o Ceiling of charges: Ceilings on bed charges. have been laid down. physiotherapy treatment etc.

o Life memberships / One time – RS.2000: For obtaining membership of any professional body/society relevant to profession.§ MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES o Reimbursement of Annual fees @ Rs.6000/- 36 . o Reimbursement of Annual fees @ $ 150 0R Rs.7000: For obtaining membership of any international professional body/society relevant to profession.

A : Reimbursed up to Rs. A Officers -reimbursement of cost of Mobile Handset @ 7000.for cycle of 02 months. 37 .§ MOBILE PHONE TO OFFICERS o Gr. at depreciated value @ 5% and new handset can be bought. o Call charges for Gr.1400/. o Buy back: Old handset can be bought back after 04 yrs.

– 60% of PRP will be given with a ceiling of 3% of PBT. – Total PRP.o Performance Related Pay (PRP) o MOU rating / performance of the Co. o Incremental profit of the Co. o Performance of the individual officer o Grade of the individual officer o ‘Bell curve approach’ in grading the officers 38 . will be limited to 5 % of the years PBT. – 40% of PRP will come from 10% of incremental profit. o Profit Before Tax of the Co. however.

PRP %age linked to: o MOU rating – (40% to 100%). No PRP for Poor rating o Grade of the individual officer – (40% to 200%) 39 . No PRP for Poor rating o Performance of the individual officer (40% to 100%).

30% of BP & DA o Superannuation Benefits: Will be under ‘defined contribution scheme’. 40 .’s contribution .• Superannuation Benefits (under review) o Co.

• Superannuation Benefit Fund Scheme (SABF) o It is a Employees’ Fund o Benefits: Accrue to members on following conditions: o On attaining age of superannuation o Death / permanent total disablement 41 .

etc. o Rate: For age group up to 38 years-. o Indirect contribution: Diversion of money equivalent of Uniform facility and some allowances / benefits like Tea Allowance.2% of BP+DA. DA & Non-Pract. Allow. Washing Allowance. 42 . § Benefits: Monthly cash payments: After superannuation -40% of BP.o Monthly direct contribution: Based on agegroup of employee at the time of joining the scheme.

o Thereafter.• § Rehabilitation scheme under SABF – in case of death or permanent total disablemento Option-1 – Monthly payment of @ 40% of last drawn salary to nominee -assuming notional superannuation of Empl. benefit would be based on the actual years of service put in by the deceased employee. Leave Encashment & Group Insurance amount. 43 . dues can be withdrawn by nominee) o Option-2–Monthly payment of full last drawn salary of employee to spouse till notional date of superannuation. subject to deposit of PF. (PF etc. Gratuity.

44 .Option-3 – Employment to one of the suitable and dependent wards who possess the prescribed qualifications. fulfills the job specifications and meets other eligibility criteria of recruitment including medical fitness.

5250-9000 / 2600) for self. costly investigations. dependent parents & spastic child. health check-up. etc.63000 pa.12000 to Rs. o Annual Hospitalization ceilings : Ranges from Rs. Availed in 2 yearly block – if not utilized.25500 to Rs. spouse. o Hospitalization ceiling: Can be utilized for chronic OPD ailments. o Annual Domiciliary ceilings– Ranges from Rs. 45 .28000 pa.• Post Retirement Medical Scheme(PRMS) o Enrolment & contribution: Enroll. carried forward to next. against vouchers. done at retirement time by paying one time contribution (Rs.

o In case of hospitalization in non nominated hospitals.Expenses shall be reimbursed limited to prescribed Hospitalization ceiling.85% reimbursement. o For treatment specified ailments : 100% reimbursement. 46 . subject to conditions. subject to conditions. o For other ailments.

o Company contribution : Equal amount is paid.Provident Fund (PF) o Own PF Trustee : IOC has its own Provident Fund run by PF Trusts o Employees’ Contribution : @ 12% of B. o Refund of contribution: Employees' and corporation's contribution. may retain the Fund 47 beyond retirement for 8 years. is refunded at the time of retirement. together with interest.a. on the accumulation. . o Interest Rate : @ 8. o Refundable / non-refundable loans: Can be drawn for specified needs subject to specified conditions. o Retention of fund: The retiree at his option. Pay & DA.5% p.

) o Maximum ceiling: Rs.Gratuity o Gratuity rules . o Payable at the time of separation: Provided 48 .as per Payment of Gratuity Act. ser. X monthly emolu. yr. Of India from time to time. 1972 o Rate: Payable @15/26 of monthly emoluments for each completed year of service or part thereof in excess of six months(15/26XComted.10 lacs o Ceiling Revision: by Govt.


50 .