The Footsteps I follow

The mountain lifted up its head and spoke to me in pride “Raise up your aspirations and hard-work to soaring height. The higher you will keep your goal and target, The higher will be your arrow’s flight. Look at me, I stand unaccompanied and persist in every storm, Determination makes me powerful and confidence is my might. And during the tough terrain of this bountiful life Your deeds will be planned and graciously styled.”

Suddenly I heard the thunderous voice of the bottomless sea, Its waves were sparkling brightly and were dancing in glee. “Bring depth in thoughts, park yourself wordlessly and reflect, Is your conduct and dreams to succeed actually complementary? Dive deep and hunt for the flame of conscience within you, For it will seek out righteous behavior which is elementary; To get the pearls of pleasure and contentment, And in this shallow life, development of deep intellect is mandatory. Notice my waves that fall again and again; they are teaching a lesson, Rising with an even greater vigour, after every fall, is necessary.”

And now mother Earth whispered to me from beneath,

“ Look at the load that I bear upon my head with endurance, I don’t ever complaint or lose patience and instead Pull them with gravity, my attractive force, you must have read. Uneasy do lies the head, that wears the crown, But this is not an occasion to grumble and frown. Rather it is an opportunity to demonstrate your productive power and strong will, Like I give grains, pulses and fruitful trees when shred with plough and drills.”

As I turned my eyes towards expanse of the blue sky, It showered on me a wealth of wisdom that no one can ever buy. “Enlarge yourself and spread out and just envelope the whole world, There is huge success to be achieved and infinite secrets to be unfurled. Have clear and transparent intentions, be a shield to humanity, Our real business of life is - benevolence, mercy and charity. Don’t withdraw your protection from people who do wrong, For everyone belongs to you and to everyone you do belong!”

I follow the footsteps of the mountains, the sea, the earth and the sky. To create beautiful footprints on the canvas of my life before I die.

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